5 Common moving mistakes and How to avoid them

We have successfully performed more than 7000 moves, we have seen multiple ways move done right and wrong. We have summarized customers’ most common moving mistakes in this post. Make sure to read this guide before planning your move:

  1. Packing too much stuff.
    Over the years, you have accumulated multiple books, clothes, electronics and other valuable belongings. First of all,  categorize your belongings in 3 types: will move, will not move, maybe. After you finished with categorizing work on the pile “Maybe”, sort it in “Will move”, “Not move”. This method will help you evaluate what thing you really need. Removing redundant stuff is not only liberating but also saves you money and time.
  2. Schedule your move in advance.
    During 2012, 36 million people moved, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Last 7 days of the month and first days of the month are the busiest days for moving companies. Moving companies do increase their prices during rush hours to increase their profit. Planning ahead will not only save you money but also gives you a lot of time to prepare for the move.
  3. Pack ahead of time.
    We strongly advise our customers to pack ahead of time. Labeling boxes and keeping inventory will help you keep track of things you pack.Number the boxes and label their contents, as well as what room of your new house they should go, so you’ll have a grasp on where your stuff is.  Inventory will help you ensure that the movers didn’t leave anything behind.
  4. Doing everything yourself.
    The web is full of Do-It-Yourself manuals on how to pack and move everything. We encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible about moving process. Moving companies provide a lot more than labor, moving services include insurance, valuation protection, packing services for delicate items such as antique, not mentioning physical injuries you might get while attempting to move heavy furniture.
  5. Notify your landlord, your utility company, your post company about the move.
    Fill out the change of address form at the post office website. This service is paid, but it certainly worth less than lost packages.


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