Info about Vitesse Moving Company

Vitesse Moving, We are Chicago's Best Choice for Movers - and for Good Reason

Vitesse Moving Moves You and Your Family - if it was our own Family.

After a nightmare move that my family and I unfortunately experienced, It ended up one of the best moments in hindsight and reality.. for it Instilled Vitesse Moving’s High Standards and Quality Hard Work time and again Each and Every Move.

Vitesse Moving knew we had to Give The People a Guaranteed Exceptional Moving Experience, not Headaches and Wallet Pains.

Vitesse Moving Company’s “Mission Statement” is the Promise to Go Above and Beyond Each and Every Move. This became Vitesse Moving code of operation, and our Professionalism sets an Industry Standard it makes choosing Vitesse Moving- the Best Choice. Without a doubt you will be Excited for your Move & new memories to create and having Vitesse Moving we will Move you Reliably and Ease We show with our Word and Action, Moving you in the right way to Move. Vitesse Moving we know its a surreal yet extremely Satisfying Feeling to experience Happy & Moving, not Stress Without a second thought you’ll know Vitesse Moving is THE option in moving Perfection. We can gladly answer or assist any question or concern you may have. Vitesse Moving only knows how to move your life’s most treasured belongings by Really “Setting the Bar” for Vitesse Moving Company values as high as they are with You- number one- to Vitesse Moving.

So in November of 2008, Slava founded Vitesse Moving and Transfer Inc., a moving company, where our primary focus is YOU.  For over 8 years, we have served more than 7000 customers with moves ranging from small apartments to big enterprise moves. Our services include, but not limited to:

At 2017, Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. is serving 2 states (Illinois, California), more than 160 service areas (Chicago and Los Angeles Metropolitan areas). We employ more than 15 employees and growing. Despite being a multistate company, our values hasn’t changed.


  1. We are licensed and insured by Illinois Commerce Commission I11.C.C. 178728 MC
  2. We are trusted by clients. 5 star ratings on Yelp and Thumtack
  3. We hire only professional movers dedicated to providing the best customer service
  4. We can help you move with household moves, office moves, long distance moves.
  5. Our estimates are accurate and detail all of your costs.