Aquarium transportation

Aquarium is a very fragile thing, which means it takes much effort and time to transport it. There are two problems which you would face while transporting. One of these problems is how to transport a storage container without damaging it and the second question is what to do with inhabitants of the tank?

How to prepare aquarium for transportation?

The first thing what should you do is to empty water out of a tank. It is better to pour away water into some specially prepared containers. Later you will know why to do that. If there are some ground and plants in aquarium, you should pull them out, pack up and wrap them in simple water-resisting cellophane. It would be preferable to find very solid cellophane.

The next thing to do is to wipe out inside and outside sides of a reservoir. Afterwards wrap up a tank partly by papers and put it inside big box. It should be firmly fixed inside the box and empty spaces in this box should be filled by foamed polyethylene in order to prevent tank movement while transporting. If you don’t do that there is a risk of cracking of a glass. As you put the box inside the car you should firmly fix it. Thus fragile aquarium is ready for transportation.

Transportation of a tank with fishes

There are a lot of inhabitants like fishes, turtles, snails in any aquarium. It is necessary to put them out of tank and place in any other appropriate container. Glass jar would be very good for that. In the beginning of this article it was said to pour away water into specially prepared containers like can or bottle, because this water is very necessary for inhabitants of aquarium. As you transport your tank to the place where you want, you should pour water back inside the tank from can or bottles.

Why it is necessary to save water? Because if you fill a reservoir by chlorinated tap water it would be very dangerous for fishes. They could die because of this water. If you don’t have any opportunity to transport water from the tank in bottles it is recommended to use bottled water.

We can help you with aquarium transportation.

This process would be very difficult for people who have never transported aquariums. In order to prevent mistakes take a chance and use the services of our company. Our staff member has much experience of transporting of different fragile load. Our team has all necessary packing materials and guarantee you accurate driving.

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