Arrangement of furniture at office move

The main difference between an office move and an apartment move is a speed.  If you change an apartment, you have the time and the opportunity to slowly put everything in order.  And even you can do it several times. It’s another matter if the some private company changes the place of working.  Employees should as soon as possible begin their duties in a new place, because every day and even every hour of idle time result in the lost of profit.  Ideally, one day you need to pack everything, transport and place it in the new premises.

Therefore, the installation of equipment and the arrangement of furniture in an office move should take place according to a certain scheme.  Make such a plan in advance, determine the location of employees’ workplaces, as well as cabinets, shelves, safes and other furniture. The main thing is that everyone should be comfortable with work places, as well as with document storage.

Make sure to coordinate the location of furniture with employees: someone can not sit back to the door, someone is afraid of drafts and prefers to stay away from the window and the air conditioner.  Take into account all wishes even before the transportation of furniture, make the necessary changes to your scheme: it’s easier than moving the tables immediately after moving. Make sure that you take into account following questions:

  • Where will the phone lines, computers, office equipment be?
  • How much and where do you need to install outlets (electrical, network, telephone)?
  • If the specificity of the work involves charging mobile devices, determine where these devices will be charged and how many will be.

Even before the move, invite specialists who will lay out wiring and install sockets.  Do not forget about the Internet: sign a contract with the provider, determine the terms of connection.

Separate attention deserves cabinets, shelving and safes.

  • If possible, disassemble and pack large-sized furniture.
  • Measure the width and length of all the doorways (and also the dimensions of the freight elevator, if any) and make sure that large non-separable items (refrigerator, safe, coffee machine, etc.) can be carried to a new location.
  • If you have a safe, make sure that wherever you plan to put it, a sufficiently strong floor.  To transport a heavy safe, invite riggers.

Office move is the case when it is better to trust specialists to save time.  Contact the company Vitesse moving and our professional and well-trained movers will start working in a new place in the shortest possible time.

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