Tips for transportation of bathroom equipment

Essential rules of moving plumbing

Transportation of plumbing equipment is a quite complicated and responsible operation.  It is good that we don’t have to change the toilet and bath too often!  But from time to time, almost everyone face the problem of moving of these irreplaceable everyday objects. Bathroom equipment moving may be necessary in case of ordering goods in hypermarkets or online stores.  Also, sometimes when moving, people want to save the previously purchased expensive plumbing.  When planning a moving, it is important to take into account a number of nuances.  How to organize the process correctly, so that you don’t have to throw out a lot of money for new plumbing again? There are several rules that you must certainly take into consideration when moving, and thus simplify your work.  The first thing to do, you need to disconnect all plumbing from the water pipe and divide all the items that need packaging: bath accessories, furniture, hoses and so on.

Moving toilet bowl

Plumbing is represented by several items.  Each of them requires a special approach in packaging.  Toilet bowl is bulky item, that’s why it takes enough efforts to move it. The equipment made of ceramics is extremely fragile and it’s very important to protect it from any blows and hits, otherwise a split can occur.  In the beginning a toilet bowl should be wrapped in a bubble wrap or a soft cloth. Afterwards the item should be placed in a cardboard container. Make sure that a toilet bowl is securely placed inside the box and cover it with a foam plastic.  The item shouldn’t swing freely in the box and there shouldn’t be any excess space left. The tank must be packed in a similar way and placed in a separate box.  The lid is also wrapped in the bubble film separately.  Ceramic components of equipment shouldn’t touch each other inside the container.Wrap carefully all boxes with adhesive tape to avoid their rupture or opening. Both truck and passenger cars are suitable for transportation of the toilet bowl. Choose the safest place in a truck and load the item on a soft cloth and fix with ropes or straps. It is highly recommended to transport a toilet bowl separately from other items; thereby you minimize the risks of damaging.

If your sink is made of ceramics, then the packing rules are the same: wrap the product with a bubble wrap or soft cloth; carefully put it in the cardboard;  cover the sink with foam plastic;  rewind the box with packing tape.  If your sink is on the leg, then it is recommended to pack its leg in a separate container. Items must be fixed separately in the truck with the help of ropes or elastic straps.  Don’t forget to put a soft cloth under the sink. If the sink is made of stainless steel, then such item is much easier to transport.  It will be enough to rewind its sides by the film, and its top – by tape.

Transportation of bath and shower cabin

To deliver such bulky items as bath reservoir and shower cabin, trucks must be involved.  Rules of transportation depend on the material of the bath reservoir: cast iron one should be wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap, stretched with adhesive tape and packed in cardboard; metallic one should be packed in the same way; acrylic one must be placed in a wooden container and fixed with foam plastic.  As acrylic bath is very fragile, you need to make sure that it stands in the car separately and firmly secured.  Don’t put anything inside of it, otherwise a crack may appear in it under the weight and due to vibration. Legs of the equipment must be packed and transported separately.

As shower cabin consists of a lot of components, its transportation can be more complicated. It is necessary to avoid strong compression of the cabin during storage and transportation. Cabin must be transported in disassembled form, which helps to protect fragile parts from damaging.  If you disassemble your shower cabin, it is possible to transport it in a simple passenger car without involving large truck. All parts of shower cabin must be packed in several layers of protective materials.  If your cabin is equipped by electronics make sure that it is securely protected. Pack carefully glass and other fragile elements of shower cabin and load into the car so that they don’t move during the ride.

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