Benefits of Hiring Small Local Movers in Chicago or Los Angeles

Anticipating a residential move, Illinois and California residents are to make a lot of various decisions. They concern the job positions, the healthcare services, the documents handling, the address changing and the new apartment selection.

Quite naturally, you would think about hiring a reliable moving company to relieve your moving stress. Its size, reputation and experience certainly matter. Meanwhile, going to move a small apartment such as a 3-bedroom family house or a studio, it’s preferable to hire small local moving companies like Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. This choice is better in comparison with large corporations as it has a number of undeniable advantages in multiple situations.


Our moving rates are really affordable. The costs are calculated proficiently and honestly, on the transparent basis of actual weight and volume of the furniture, appliances and possessions. The distance between your new and old homes, the number of professional movers are the basic price forming factors that determine the final moving cost. Top-quality packing and unpacking, furniture moving and assembly services’ costs are added correspondingly, proportionally to the efficient working hours spent on the specified works.

Commonly, intrastate or long-distance movers ask their customers to specify the anticipated moving data as it can also influence the final moving cost. The rates can be 5-10% higher during the holidays, summer months and weekends due to:

  • enormous demand for the fast and reliable moving services;
  • traffic jams;
  • overtime bonuses for the unsociable hours for the employees.

Large corporations can add a significant, up to 20-25% surcharge for the peak season moves. Our approach is much more flexible. Additionally, our hourly moving rates are very affordable. They are the most competitive in Illinois and California metropolitan areas. Our quotes are fair and transparent, without hidden fees. Therefore, you can get significant savings on your move with small house movers.

We commonly advise our valued customers to select the most beneficial moving time and date to cut down your relocation expenses. These professional tips can be very helpful for the households as they are sincere and based on long-time experience.

Minimal Order Admission

Large corporations serve only the moves that are not less than the specified truck volume. Small, partial loads or apartments like studios or one-bedroom houses are not within their field of interest.

We serve house and office moves of all sizes, starting with a studio or one-room commercial relocations. We cherish all our customers regardless of the order amount, being polite and attentive.

Full-Scope Services

Specializing in the local moves that fail to meet large corporations’ or van-line minimums, we help your customers to solve all, complex and simple move-related issues. We offer comprehensive services, including:

  • packing, wrapping and crating;
  • piano and furniture moving;
  • partial loads and single items delivery;
  • furniture assembly;
  • items storage;
  • corporate relocations.

We supply professional, reliable packing materials, help you with sorting and packing your memorable belongings, make the detailed inventories, offer comprehensive customer support and consulting services.

Our dedicated local movers disconnect and properly pack your large and small kitchen appliances, disassemble modular, bulky and heavy furniture, move your cherished musical instruments carefully and proficiently.

Quite naturally, we offer several moving insurance coverages. Ordering at least a basic insurance coverage is necessary as it’s an additional guaranty of your moving safety and possessions integrity.

On arrival, we can unpack and arrange your possessions, assemble the furniture, move your tables, cabinets or sofas within your new, large or small house, making it cozy and well-organized. Therefore, we help you comprehensively, with all moving tasks that is loading moving truck, stuff volume estimation, planning and scheduling.

Services Quality and Flexibility

Ordering full-scope and affordable moving services, you save your time and money. You might be out for a business trip, extremely busy with your professional duties or focus on your daily chores. Our professional, accurate and trained house movers will do all the packing and sorting job for you, making your forthcoming relocation smooth, safe and stress-free.

We handle your cherished items with the greatest care, striving for every customer’s satisfaction with the recent move. Competing with large, long-standing and well-known companies, we provide outstanding, top-notch, excellent moving and packing services, striving for building strong, long-lasting relationships with you, getting the customer’s loyalty.

Additionally, we are flexible and customer-oriented, easy to deal with. Large companies impose a lot of various regulations and rules that are obligatory for all clients to meet. We have fewer compulsive procedures and policies. Therefore, if you hate red tape, negotiate with our friendly and courteous professionals easily.

We certainly serve long-distance moves, helping our customers with complex, interstate relocations. They commonly demand more intensive and time-consuming preparations than local ones. So, we’ll help you to make them well-organized, smooth and affordable.

Office or interstate relocations may require custom, reliable and professional packing materials. We can supply them for you, protecting your valuable possessions against all road risks and stresses. We have got the necessary loading equipment that is advanced and professional.

Thus, hiring Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. for your forthcoming relocation, you save your family budget and time. We provide full-scope moving services for you at really affordable rates, so, you won’t need to call other helpers, for example, for the furniture assembly or for the piano moving.

It will alleviate your moving stress, let you just relax and focus on your professional or personal activities. So, just call Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. or write a short message, and we’ll make your relocation safe, smooth and stress-free.

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