Moving to a new district or to a new city always pushes people out of the habitual way of life.  It takes several months, and maybe years, to fully adapt to new acquaintances, traffic routes, and also to perceive a new place of residence as their own home.  It is worth noting that sometimes too long adaptation can break stability and a sense of self-confidence. Accordingly, it is necessary to make some efforts to adapt to a new place of living as soon as it possible.  We have prepared several useful tips for you, so that this process will become fast, pleasant and easy for you.


Find out some information

Before you buy a new apartment, you need to clarify with the former owners (or a realtor), where there are buildings of basic necessities: clinic, pharmacy, grocery store, as well as other necessary facilities. However you can get this information on the Internet. Google maps and other searching engines will easily make for you the best routes from your house to the building you need.  Thus, you can find out how far the subway, bus stations, parks, and also other interesting places you want to go are from your home. With the help of city’s official site and forums you can create for yourself a list of addresses that you will often have to use afterwards: various shops, a school, a kindergarten, gas station and so on. To quickly adapt to the new area, it is necessary to thoroughly familiarize with the surrounding area.  You should spend more time outdoors and mark for yourself both positive and negative aspects of the new location. For example, how far is the path from home to the school or to the hardware store or is there a nearby stop for public transport.

Dating with new people

In order to quickly navigate the new residence after moving the apartment, you just need to make new acquaintances with your neighbors who live in this area.  They, like no one else, will be able to show you and tell you all about the most interesting sights in your district, what purchases to make in stores, and other useful questions. Make acquaintances not only with your neighbors, but also with sellers in a store, in a cafe.  You can go to the club or to the educational courses, there will always be people in your interests. If you take the initiative on your own, you don’t notice how quickly you would find new acquaintances and boldly navigate the new territory.

Join some community

Absolutely in any district there are houses of culture and self-governments.  There, without any problems, you can find out information about where is planning to start various events and holidays.  Also there you can find out where the clubs are located, or courses on interests. Today the Internet is very developed, especially social networks and forums.  With the help of the Internet, you can join any community where participants share with novices any information. There you can find out which kindergarten or school it is best to give your child to, or which doctor in the clinic is the most competent.  Usually the participants of such communities periodically gather and hold meetings, thus there you can make new acquaintances and have a great time.

The important thing is a positive attitude in everything

In order to quickly and successfully adapt to the new area, it is very important to maintain a positive mood.  We need to psychologically adjust ourselves in such a way that moving seemed to be a promising step in the future.  It is necessary to build new plans and notice only the most positive moments in a new place of residence. To ensure that the positive mood does not leave you from the very beginning of the moving to a settlement in a new place, you do not need to try to solve all problems in an independent way.  Trust professionals who are happy to take on their shoulders whole working process. Professional movers from Vitesse moving will help you to pack, transport and place all things at your new place of residence.

We have successfully performed more than 7000 moves, we have seen multiple ways move done right and wrong. We have summarized customers’ most common moving mistakes in this post. Make sure to read this guide before planning your move:

  1. Packing too much stuff.
    Over the years, you have accumulated multiple books, clothes, electronics and other valuable belongings. First of all,  categorize your belongings in 3 types: will move, will not move, maybe. After you finished with categorizing work on the pile “Maybe”, sort it in “Will move”, “Not move”. This method will help you evaluate what thing you really need. Removing redundant stuff is not only liberating but also saves you money and time.
  2. Schedule your move in advance.
    During 2012, 36 million people moved, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Last 7 days of the month and first days of the month are the busiest days for moving companies. Moving companies do increase their prices during rush hours to increase their profit. Planning ahead will not only save you money but also gives you a lot of time to prepare for the move.
  3. Pack ahead of time.
    We strongly advise our customers to pack ahead of time. Labeling boxes and keeping inventory will help you keep track of things you pack.Number the boxes and label their contents, as well as what room of your new house they should go, so you’ll have a grasp on where your stuff is.  Inventory will help you ensure that the movers didn’t leave anything behind.
  4. Doing everything yourself.
    The web is full of Do-It-Yourself manuals on how to pack and move everything. We encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible about moving process. Moving companies provide a lot more than labor, moving services include insurance, valuation protection, packing services for delicate items such as antique, not mentioning physical injuries you might get while attempting to move heavy furniture.
  5. Notify your landlord, your utility company, your post company about the move.
    Fill out the change of address form at the post office website. This service is paid, but it certainly worth less than lost packages.


Moving Out Checklist

Planning a residential move in Chicago and Los Angeles, you certainly need to do a lot of important things. Your old house arrangement is among the basic, urgent tasks to solve. Some part of the job such as packing, sorting, loading and delivery of the personal belongings, electronics and furniture is efficiently done by well-trained local movers, on your request. Meanwhile, the moving off people are highly recommended to make a sort of reminder.

According to the Rental Protection Agency, about 112 million people or 33% of Americans (as of January 2018) rent their houses or apartments. The renters’ percentage is the highest in the District of Columbia (59.24%) and New York state (47.01%). Lease holdings are common in Chicago (42.09%); Los Angeles is about the average percentage (32.73%). Thus, going to leave their rental houses for good, the tenants are to be ready for inspections.

Rental Property Reminder

House owners or landlords commonly have their requirements for the property condition. A rider may be duly attached to the rental agreement; the tenants get detailed instructions. Thus, as the moving day is really challenging and laborious, the inspection is generally scheduled 3-5 days prior the departure.

A sample checklist commonly includes:

  • cleaning the house and the windows;
  • personal possessions removing;
  • garbage discarding;
  • light fixtures fixing;
  • the thermostat checking.

The kitchen appliances and heating equipment are to work properly. Additionally, the tenants are to check that the windows are closed, the house is secure and return the keys. These chores are to not time-consuming, but very important. Most of these tasks are to be solved personally by the tenants. Fortunately, our well-coordinated team of accurate and courteous movers can help you with your belongings. We provide comprehensive move-related services, including packing, furniture moving and assembly, loading, delivery and arrangement.

The Things to Do Before Moving

The period before the move can be extremely labor-intensive and rich in daunting tasks. Significant life changes such as birth, marriage, house renovation or move are always stressful for people. Our experienced movers in Chicago or Los Angeles smooth your residential or office move, making it stress-free and easy for you.

Meanwhile, there are several things the people are to remember by themselves; and our customers that schedule their essential chores, are successful and self-confident as they have a complete list to check.

About 2 months before your house move, you are recommended to:

  • get several free, preliminary quotes and compare them;
  • have a small garage sale;
  • inform all concerned parties (relatives, services providers, etc.) about the forthcoming address change;
  • obtain medical records;
  • check the applicable laws in your new city or town;
  • agree about the mode to pay the packing and moving services bill (cash, cheques, cards, etc.);
  • think about the way to transport your pets, pot flowers, etc.;
  • transfer your memberships in clubs, churches and organizations;
  • book your moving day.

Our dedicated, responsible professionals take pictures and inventory of your cherished belongings. Just sign the service and insurance agreements. Our moving rates are really affordable. However, the price factor can’t be decisive. Select Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. as we are reliable and top-rated, upon checking multiple customers’ reviews.

When all basic conditions and services are agreed, 2-4 weeks before the move, you are advised to:

  • schedule the professional estimator’s visit;
  • collect valuables;
  • clean the clothes and carpets;
  • sort your footwear and personal items;
  • start packing the belongings if you prefer DIY operations.

The Moving Day

When the move is properly planed and scheduled by professionals, it is smooth and stress-free. Every detail is foreseen by our experienced dispatchers and movers. So, just:

  • meet the driver, reserving a good parking space for the truck;
  • get rid of all flammable items;
  • pack your documents, jewelry and cash to carry by yourself;
  • prepare the special items, as traveling essentials for the kids;
  • check that all furniture pieces, shelves and cabinets are empty;
  • mark and separate the items that should not be loaded.

Our well-trained, accurate movers will pack, wrap and load the belongings fast and proficiently. Just check the items you carry by yourselves and the house condition. Turn off all the lights, and, finally, close the doors. That’s all!

Quite naturally, long distance moves may require some additional preparations, such as a hotel reservation, finding good restaurants or fast food outlets on the way; renewing your driving license, insurance policy and other legal papers, according to your new state legislation, upon arrival. Meanwhile, if you order our unpacking and furniture assembly services, don’t worry about your new house arrangements. Just think about the parking place for the truck, keep the walkways clear and tell the movers where is the place for every piece of furniture.

Well done! Now it’s the time to check out and sign the relevant documents, acts, etc. We’ll appreciate your positive reviews on our website, Yelp or Thumbtack or if you recommend our services to your neighbors and friends.

Moving Day

The event may seem daunting and stressful for common Americans. Sometimes it may seem a bit difficult even to survive it. However, if your house move in Los Angeles or Chicago is properly scheduled and planned, it’ll be smooth and easy. Just be well-organized, available within the agreed hours, in a good mood and, certainly trust the reliable moving experts you’ve selected.

According to the moving statistics, the busiest moving periods are in summer, during the weekends and holidays. Thus, the busiest moving month in 2016 was June, as 38.2% of people moved within the summer season. The busiest day for relocations is Friday (19.7% of residential and office moves). Therefore, to book the most attractive moving day and time, do it in beforehand. All movers and trucks can be already scheduled for the period. Additionally, the rates for packing, loading and moving services for the busy days and seasons may be 5-10% higher than during the other times.

Things that are to be Already Done

Proper planning is half the forthcoming battle. Our reliable and accurate movers you’ve hired will care about multiple moving aspects. You are just recommended to make some preliminary arrangements:

  • clean up your old house;
  • get rid of the old, unneeded items and trash;
  • fix the lighting fixtures and equipment that are broken;
  • check that the keys are available;
  • agree with the house owners about the inspection;
  • make your new house floor plan;
  • have the moving checklist drawn up;
  • discuss all uncommon issues with our friendly and competent professionals;
  • separate the essentials and hazardous items;
  • defrost the fridge;
  • resolve the parking problems;
  • eliminate all distractions.

Regardless of the moving options you select, most of your cherished belongings are to be already packed. You can order our affordable unpacking and packing services or sort your personal items, making an inventory by yourself. Therefore, the professional or improvised packing materials are supplied several days or weeks before the residential move. Make photos of your furniture, cartons and all your stuff. Additionally, realizing that the moving day is supposed to be tiring and long, prepare some snacks and drinks for all your family members, some food and water for your pets.

The Traveling Essentials

Our courteous and well-trained movers treasure your memories and deliver your dear possessions carefully and accurately. Meanwhile, there are some items you are to deliver by yourself, for example, jewelry, family heirlooms and sensible electronics. Combustible and flammable items such as gas or car batteries are not allowed for transportation at all. So, make a detailed list of the essentials and hazardous items and consult it while sorting or packing the stuff.

Prepare the items you need on the way. They definitely are to include:

  • documents;
  • toiletries;
  • medication;
  • smartphones and charging devices for them;
  • cleaning supplies;
  • kid’s and pet’s items;
  • snacks, water and utensils.

A flashlight and some tools such as a hammer or a screwdriver may be necessary for your new house. If you order our comprehensive unpacking, furniture moving and assembly services, your basic possessions are arranged within the several first hours on arrival. However, you might have to clean the rooms or fix some fixtures in the new apartment. Additionally, you are to look after your dear kids and pets properly. It’s advisable to hire a babysitter for the day and leave the dog or cat with your relatives or friends for several hours, at least.

Long Distance Move Specials

Moving to another state that is several hundred or thousand miles away, you are to be prepared for the long trip. Think about your pets’, kids’ and pot flowers’ proper transportation. Take some food and beverages with you, find good restaurants on the way. The need to find an accommodation in an enroute city or your new town for several nights may be caused by weather conditions, some delays, you wish to see the sights, etc. For example, the house may be not ready for living yet.

So, you are to:

  • book the hotel rooms in beforehand;
  • have a suitable interactive map on hand;
  • pack a suitcase with personal items and some clothing;
  • have a flexible, open-ended timeline, planning for the weather and unforeseen circumstances.

Agree about the delivery time with your reliable moving company representatives. Your possessions may be stored for several days if you arrive later. We can unpack your belongings and assemble the furniture during the day of arrival or just unload the cartons and leave them in the hall or the room you specify.

Packing and Loading Supervising

Our professional local movers will pack, wrap and load the belongings, disassemble and protect the furniture by themselves. We protect the floors and doors, load the bulky and heavy items, using the advanced loading equipment.

You are kindly asked to:

  • prepare the appropriate parking place;
  • be at home when the movers arrive;
  • keep the walkways free;
  • separate the items to be normally packed and delivered.

When you contact Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., be sure that your cherished belongings are delivered to the destination, safe and sound. Our local moving services are top-quality and affordable; our professional movers are trained and efficient. We’ll make the forthcoming move smooth and easy for you!

Moving Process

Anticipating a house move in Chicago or Los Angeles, you may feel nervous due to persistent lack of time, mess and fuss at home and in your life. According to the recent Gallup’s Survey, 24% of Americans move every 5 years, or more often. The common moving reasons are personal (42%) and to take new job positions (40%). You are to find a new, local house to rent or purchase, a good nearby school or a kindergarten for the kids, reliable healthcare facilities for all family members. Everybody strives for making the forthcoming move smooth and stress-free. Fortunately, professional and experienced local movers help you with all packing, sorting, delivery and furniture assembly issues on your request.

Meanwhile, moving process certainly includes several logical, successive steps. We recommend you to contact Vitesse Moving Transfer, Inc. in beforehand to book your moving date. The rates within the busy moving periods that is during the holidays, in summer or during weekends are commonly 5-10% higher than for the low-demand moving dates. Additionally, a small rush surcharge may be added for last minute requests.

  1. Planning

Contacting our reliable moving company, you get a preliminary quote for free. Nevertheless, it’s extremely important to choose the suitable, right truck volume, calculate the accurate volume of belongings, furniture and appliances. Some moving standards exist, for example, for studio apartment, 3-bedroom house, etc. But only an experienced professional can solve this estimation task fast and efficiently. Our specialist is to visit the house to make a survey and assess all conditions such as ease of access, availability of elevator and estimate the exact volume of possessions to deliver. It lets us estimate the precise moving cost, suggest the best moving methods, equipment, number of qualified movers, the right truck size, offer the suitable packing materials.

The detailed moving quote is agreed; the moving date is booked in beforehand. The labor service rates are commonly calculated on hourly basis; the cost of the ordered packing materials and fuel to be consumed is added correspondingly.

  1. Packing

Our well-reputed moving company is customer-oriented. That’s why, we always offer you the best, beneficial options according to your moving needs and budgets. Thus, you can select professional packing services or DIY packing solution, professional or improvised packing materials. The cartons and the blankets are supplied and delivered at least 1-2 days before the planned moving day. All belongings are sorted and packed in beforehand, regardless of the packing method you select. The insurance coverage is also selected according to the situation, the customers’ needs and preferences, the furniture, stuff and appliances value.

  1. Loading and Delivery

The moving day is very important. Please, wait for the truck driver and the movers to arrive at the appointed time. Our dedicated professionals make an inventory, wrap and protect the furniture, load the possessions, using the advanced equipment. Every item is fastened within the truck by the straps to withstand any delivery and weather conditions. Thus, your dear possessions certainly arrive to the destination safe and sound.

  1. Unloading and Unpacking

When the truck arrives to your new, beautiful house, the order is not completed yet. We unload the heavy sofas, tables and shelving units and unpack them. Unloading is performed as carefully as loading as we treasure your belongings and memories.

  1. Furniture Moving and Assembly

Now, when all of these cartons and pieces of furniture are delivered to your perfect, new house, don’t be nervous or afraid to remain unassisted with all of this mess. Our trained movers unpack the stuff, assemble the furniture, move it and arrange the space according to the inventory or the scheme. Just specify it in the form, inform us by phone or by email if you want us to help you or to do this time-consuming job by yourself. If you currently prefer to cut your moving costs, saving on unpacking and furniture assembly services, we certainly don’t mind. But our well-coordinated team of dedicated movers is fast and efficient. We arrange the belongings within several hours, and everything is in order. Additionally, our moving and packing rates are very affordable. Just contact us and find out how competitive our moving services are.

When your cherished belongings are delivered and unpacked, the furniture is assembled and arranged, it’s the time to check out. We accept all basic payment modes: cash, debit or credit cards, online bank transmissions. If you prefer an uncommon payment mode, please, agree on it with our friendly professionals before the forthcoming moving day.

Finally, that’s all! But we work for your satisfaction and we would ask you about your moving experience. We would appreciate if you agree to submit a positive review on our company website, Thumbtack or Yelp and recommend our company to your friends, colleagues or neighbors. We hope, you are completely satisfied with our top-quality, professional moving services and contact us again for your next office or house move.

Any residential move is an exciting and a challenging event. The number of chores to do can discourage every person, even the most experienced and disciplined one. You are to find a house to purchase or rent, a new job, a school and a kindergarten for your children. Arranging the documents, informing the local utilities and other authorities about the move is essential. Additionally, you are to pack all your personal belongings, avoiding mess and fuss within your house. It’s difficult, isn’t it?

Fortunately, Vitesse Moving &Transfer, Inc can help you with packing, furniture moving and assembly. We provide affordable packing services, handling your memorable and cherished belongings accurately and professionally. Our friendly movers are well-trained, experienced in safe and fast packing, loading and delivery of furniture, pianos, domestic appliances and fragile items.

Meanwhile, you are certainly free to do the sorting and packing by yourself. It can help you to cut your moving cost. But don’t overleap yourself, avoid stresses and over fatigue. So, how to arrange a successful DIY house packing? We’ll offer several expert tips for you.

Professional or improvised packing materials?

Professional packing supplies such as heavy-duty, corrugated cartons, bubble wrap, mattress covers, packing paper are highly recommended for safe and secure loading and delivery. However, all house-proud householders strive for saving the family budget. The professional packing materials usage recommendation can be compromised for:

  • short distance, local house moves;
  • old and not fragile items;
  • clothes, footwear and personal stuff;
  • books and minor papers.

According to the Census Bureau, Americans prefer moving to the suburbs nowadays, hiring reliable local movers. Suburban areas have reported the net annual population gain of 2.2 million people. Large cities experience 1.7 million net population loss.

The principal reasons are better opportunities for raising families and kids, better schools, affordable housing rates. Young families like privacy, comfort, natural attractions and multiple outdoor activities. As 35% of households within the USA own 3 cars or more, commute to the nearest cities is not a problem.

Thus, if you are moving your house to the neighbor town or urban district and suppose coming back with your own or friend’s car or van, get used moving boxes for free. They can be found:

  • near liqueur, book or grocery stores;
  • at Starbucks or McDonald’s;
  • at your kid’s schools;
  • at your workplace.

The cartons are to be heavy-duty and clean. The ones that are designed for books or bottles with alcoholic beverages are well-suited. Meanwhile, the items are to be properly packed, labeled and insured. Only in this case we guarantee safe relocation, providing professional house moving services.

The Packing Process

To make your DIY packing smooth and stress-free, start the preparations in beforehand. Leave only the essentials for last-minute procedures. Make the list of the necessary chores to do and schedule them properly, estimating your free time, duties and unforeseen circumstances such as going out, visits of friends and neighbors.

If you have less than several weeks before the move day, feel tired or spend 10-12 hours in the office, opt for professional packing services. Our diligent local movers will sort and pack all the items within a day, accurately and at affordable cost.

To pack efficiently by yourself:

  1. Gather the reliable packing supplies and materials you need

You’ll need moving boxes and cartons of various sizes, padding and wrapping materials. The essential materials to be at hand are:

  • bubble wrap;
  • scissors;
  • reliable PVC tape;
  • marking pens for labeling;
  • stickers or labels;
  • paper towels, newspaper or tissue paper for fragile items wrapping;
  • packing paper or wrapping sheets.
  1. Schedule the moving tasks

When you prefer packing the boxes by yourself, label every carton and make a detailed inventory. Keep the moving files and inventory together with the important documents in a safe place and take along during the move.

  1. Pack a suitcase with essentials in beforehand

Prepare the essentials, toiletry, some food and water for every family member. Kids and pets need additional stuff and care during the transportation. Think about their comfort, especially if you plan a long-distance move.

  1. Gather and clean the clothes

Sort the stuff as soon as you decide to relocate. Get rid of old and unnecessary items, selling or discarding them. Some clothing can be used for padding, for fragile items, china and glassware wrapping. Wash and iron the other ones, separate the items to be delivered in wardrobe cartons.

  1. Take photos of every item to be delivered

Depict all furniture pieces and appliances to be disassembled. Pack every item in the separate box or package, enclose the list of the parts. If you have any doubts about the ways to do it, the rules, common practices and procedures, hire our professional movers. We offer top-quality and affordable furniture assembly, packing and unpacking, truck loading and delivery, unpacking and furniture moving services. We’ll make the detailed inventory, label every carton or package, deliver the stuff in good condition and arrange it.

Thus, you are to be properly prepared for the moving day, being well-organized and in a good mood. Meanwhile, the packing process is to be completed in beforehand; it is to be properly prepared, with the necessary materials and supplies and a good plan of activities.

To make a decision about the DIY actions or professional packing services, get our quote for free and make sure that our rates are affordable and competitive.

A residential move can be really exhausting and nervous for common people. You are to make millions of important decisions that change whole your life. The number of essential tasks to solve is also enormous: preparations, documents and domestic stuff handling can take a lot of time.

Meanwhile, you have your own, personal life, professional and family duties, the certain ambitions, needs and wants. The forthcoming move in Chicago or Los Angeles should not enfetter you, becoming all-consuming, exhausting, messy and fussy. Therefore, it’s necessary to hire the most reliable local movers that make your relocation safe and smooth.

The Crucial Moving Distance Factor

A move within your city or state is not as complex and tiring as a long-distance move. Intrastate relocations are much easier than long-distance ones in terms of the documents handling, preparations, packing procedures. They are not so time-constrained and pressing. Additionally, short-distance relocations are cheaper than interstate ones, as local moving services in Illinois and California are very affordable and full-scope.

Short moving distance is beneficial, because:

  • you get complete access both to your new and old houses, being able to come back anytime;
  • partial load deliveries are possible (for example, you can move the living room first, paying a lot of attention to your memorable belongings’ sorting and packing, unpacking and moving furniture in your new apartment);
  • you can use improvised packing materials for multiple items that are delivered by your own car or van;
  • local moving services are really affordable due to less time spent, less fuel consumed; they are less complex and labor-intensive;
  • you can hire the professionals or ask relatives to babysit your kids during a day or several hours;
  • your friends or neighbors can also care for your pets during the move (it will relieve the stress and eliminate the possible fuss and mess within your house);
  • you are not forced to plan the trip, book a hotel room and think over the good places for eating out in unknown cities or towns;
  • you can order a small moving truck to make several trips;
  • you have no need to pack a lot of essentials to your suitcase; only a few ones will be necessary for several hours of residential moving procedures.

Therefore, a short-distance relocation is a bit easier, because you are not pressed to leave for good, moving all the cherished and memorable domestic stuff at once. You can divide your moving chores at several stages, selecting the suitable time and coming back when it’s necessary. Additionally, you might not have to change your job, the healthcare center, the college, at least, during the nearest several months.

Why Hire Your Reliable Local Movers for Short Distance Relocations?

As your anticipated intrastate relocation is not complex, simple and easy, you may think about DIY packing, loading and delivery. Meanwhile, you are to know all available options, their benefits and drawbacks and compare them. The primary things to estimate are your efforts and moving cost, taking into account all basic tasks and nuances.

The Efforts and Scope of Work

Quite naturally, it’s easier to entrust your packing, truck loading and furniture moving tasks to a reputed house moving company such as Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. Experienced professionals solve all relocation issues fast and efficiently, help you with professional advice and schedule all tasks properly.

Our accurate local movers know perfectly well how to wrap and pack your cherished pianos, bulky and heavy furniture, mirrors and fragile items, kitchen appliances, pool tables, etc. We are acquainted with the best world packing and loading practices that enable us to avoid any stresses, injuries, damages and scratches. Our professional house movers are accurate, courteous, friendly, motivated, working as a well-coordinated team. We use advanced loading equipment such as dollies, hand trucks and a ramp that facilitate and accelerate loading works.

You may be able to sort, pack, protect and move your small house by yourself, with the kind help of several friends and a small van. But do you want your short- distance relocation to last for several weeks or a month? Will you enjoy sorting and packing your personal possessions during a fortnight, forgetting about your job, family and entertainments?

We will complete the packing procedures within 2-5 hours, unpack your possessions, move the furniture within your new house and put it in order during 1-2 days. Do you think it costs a fortune? Our packing and moving services are really affordable. Don’t you believe it? Let’s compare the moving options and the expenses attributed to them.

How Much is to Hire the Professional Local Movers?

Short-distance relocations are usually charged per every professional mover, per hour. If the moving distance is short, the furniture is not too heavy and the volume of possessions is not too large, the cost will be very low. Additionally, the moving bills commonly include also:

  • the travel fee (that is about 1 additional hour of the labor service);
  • packing and unpacking services;
  • cost of the packing supplies;
  • furniture disassembly and reassembly.

The cost of moving insurance depends on your positions value and the coverage you select; the percentage is not high, and the option is essential as the additional guaranty of the safe loading, delivery and to relieve the stress. The travel fee includes the gas expenses, so, you may estimate that the total, final cost of professional short-distance move is not very high.

Estimating a DIY move, you are to take into account:

  • your and your friends’ time (how much could you actually earn in the office for these hours)?
  • moving truck rent;
  • fuel consumption;
  • the possible dangers and risks.

Your loyal friends may help you during their free time. But having no loading and packing experience, they may be injured, damaging some of your cherished furniture or belongings. Additionally, you are to estimate the truck volume properly that is difficult to do without any experience. Errors and mistakes may happen, causing some stress and worries.

So, before estimating your real moving budget, get a free, fair moving quote shortly and compare it with a DIY option, estimating your time, efforts and available resources. Our moving, packing, truck loading and furniture assembly services are reasonable, affordable and competitive. We’ll make your short-distance relocation in Chicago or Los Angeles safe, fast and smooth!

Anticipating a forthcoming house move, multiple people are worried and puzzled with the relocation challenges. The common nightmares include broken dishes, china, lost collectibles, dents and scratches on the fashionable, luxurious furniture. Moving scams and extra charges that can exhaust not only the relocation but the total family budget also often frighten the people before the move.

Meanwhile, all of these issues and problems can be avoided by the proper planning, tasks scheduling and vigilance. Opting for the reliable local movers, such as Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., you are protected against unfair practices and various frauds. Reading multiple positive customers reviews, checking the MC (Motor Carrier) number, select the most trusted and reliable moving company.

Our professional movers are trained and experienced. We are accurate and diligent. The proven world packing and sorting practices are applied to keep your cherished items undamaged during the loading and transportation. Advanced loading equipment, such as hand trucks, ramps and dollies are available and applied to load the moving truck smoothly and easily.

Several moving insurance coverages are offered to all our customers: limited, added valuation and full-value protection. The indemnification conditions are clearly specified within the contact.

Probably, the opportunity to get money instead of your memorable belongings is not very encouraging. But the experienced house movers handle the possessions as careful and accurate as they can, knowing that the insurance is in force. Our estimates contain no hidden fees; so you can estimate the move budget quite accurately, based on the separate relocation expenses.

Finally, the reliable, professional packing materials and supplies are to be used to protect the items, even the most fragile and delicate ones, during the transportation. So, let’s clarify how the special items are packed and wrapped to ensure their reliable protection and safe delivery to the destination.

1. Mirrors and Pictures

When you investigate your house or apartment, you find a dozen of various mirrors available. Some of them are essential part of furniture, the other ones are independent.

Flat, fragile items, such as mirrors, or pictures, are packed only using the top- quality packing materials. They are placed to the properly-sized, custom-made, thick, padded, corrugated cartons. Only one mirror can be placed into a carton. Additionally, it is necessary to:

  • stick the tape across the mirror’s glass surface, in the “X” shape to adsorb shocks;
  • use corner protectors;
  • cover the surface with a cardboard layer and Styrofoam;
  • label the special “fragile” stickers;
  • keep the mirror always upright.

Being loaded to the truck, the cartons with mirrors are fastened with the straps and surrounded by soft items, pads and blankets. We provide safe and top-quality packing and moving truck loading services in Chicago and Los Angeles, guaranteeing that your dear possessions are delivered in their initial condition.

2. Glassware and Fine China

Every individual item, that is plate, dish, bowl or cup is to be wrapped separately. Bubble wrap is preferable for these purposes. Meanwhile, other materials, including the improvised ones such as newspapers, paper towels, etc. can be used. Additionally, for the packing you’ll need:

  • strong, two-wall corrugated cartons;
  • padding for the bottom;
  • pliable cardboard for the items separating.

The cartons with cardboard partitions and individual cells for every item are recommended, especially for the china and other heirloom houseware. Small ones that are designed for packing the loads that weight not more than 10 lbs. are the best. Using the reliable, professional materials, providing affordable packing services, we guarantee the safe delivery of your cherished belongings.

Meanwhile if you prefer DIY packing and using the materials at hand, no problems. The glassware is to be just properly wrapped, separated and padded, with no gaps or piles of fragile items. If people prefer to wrap the glasses, bowls and cups even by socks, it can be sufficient for the glassware protection; the tableware can be only dirty after the unpacking, so, it’s up to you. Professionals of Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. recommend using, reliable, custom, professional packing materials. Providing top-notch packing services in Illinois and California, we make your move smooth and stress-free.

3. Small-Size Domestic Appliances

Small kitchen appliances such as microwave oven, toaster or coffee maker are to be packed and delivered properly, as well. You need to:

  • disassemble and clean them;
  • remove the fragile and component parts;
  • choose the reliable box of the suitable size;
  • use padding for the bottom;
  • wrap the appliance;
  • place it in the box;
  • fill the gaps;
  • secure and label the packing.

Quite naturally, soft paper or tissues can be used for the padding and wrapping. But bubble wrap is the best. Commonly, the label “kitchen” is used. Additionally, the appliances are to be listed in the inventory. It guarantees that you won’t afraid to have any item lost after the unpacking.

Large kitchen appliances are packed and protected in the similar ways. But these works are done only by the experienced professionals, using the special packing supplies, as the challenge is extremely demanding.

Packing materials are diverse. Sometimes, it’s not sufficient to use just the new and professional ones. When we estimate the stuff volume, we measure the special items and order the custom-made corrugated cartons of the special dimensions.

Our professional packing and moving services are really affordable. When you select this relocation option, you can be sure that the packing process is well-organized, the delivery is properly scheduled, your dear possessions are delivered safe and stress-free.

Quite naturally, we can’t eliminate traffic jams, but our experienced drivers are trained to skip them around to arrive at the destination in time. So, with Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. you have nothing to worry about; just be prepared for your smooth and stress-free move and select the suitable packing options.

Anticipating a residential move, Illinois and California residents are to make a lot of various decisions. They concern the job positions, the healthcare services, the documents handling, the address changing and the new apartment selection.

Quite naturally, you would think about hiring a reliable moving company to relieve your moving stress. Its size, reputation and experience certainly matter. Meanwhile, going to move a small apartment such as a 3-bedroom family house or a studio, it’s preferable to hire small local moving companies like Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. This choice is better in comparison with large corporations as it has a number of undeniable advantages in multiple situations.


Our moving rates are really affordable. The costs are calculated proficiently and honestly, on the transparent basis of actual weight and volume of the furniture, appliances and possessions. The distance between your new and old homes, the number of professional movers are the basic price forming factors that determine the final moving cost. Top-quality packing and unpacking, furniture moving and assembly services’ costs are added correspondingly, proportionally to the efficient working hours spent on the specified works.

Commonly, intrastate or long-distance movers ask their customers to specify the anticipated moving data as it can also influence the final moving cost. The rates can be 5-10% higher during the holidays, summer months and weekends due to:

  • enormous demand for the fast and reliable moving services;
  • traffic jams;
  • overtime bonuses for the unsociable hours for the employees.

Large corporations can add a significant, up to 20-25% surcharge for the peak season moves. Our approach is much more flexible. Additionally, our hourly moving rates are very affordable. They are the most competitive in Illinois and California metropolitan areas. Our quotes are fair and transparent, without hidden fees. Therefore, you can get significant savings on your move with small house movers.

We commonly advise our valued customers to select the most beneficial moving time and date to cut down your relocation expenses. These professional tips can be very helpful for the households as they are sincere and based on long-time experience.

Minimal Order Admission

Large corporations serve only the moves that are not less than the specified truck volume. Small, partial loads or apartments like studios or one-bedroom houses are not within their field of interest.

We serve house and office moves of all sizes, starting with a studio or one-room commercial relocations. We cherish all our customers regardless of the order amount, being polite and attentive.

Full-Scope Services

Specializing in the local moves that fail to meet large corporations’ or van-line minimums, we help your customers to solve all, complex and simple move-related issues. We offer comprehensive services, including:

  • packing, wrapping and crating;
  • piano and furniture moving;
  • partial loads and single items delivery;
  • furniture assembly;
  • items storage;
  • corporate relocations.

We supply professional, reliable packing materials, help you with sorting and packing your memorable belongings, make the detailed inventories, offer comprehensive customer support and consulting services.

Our dedicated local movers disconnect and properly pack your large and small kitchen appliances, disassemble modular, bulky and heavy furniture, move your cherished musical instruments carefully and proficiently.

Quite naturally, we offer several moving insurance coverages. Ordering at least a basic insurance coverage is necessary as it’s an additional guaranty of your moving safety and possessions integrity.

On arrival, we can unpack and arrange your possessions, assemble the furniture, move your tables, cabinets or sofas within your new, large or small house, making it cozy and well-organized. Therefore, we help you comprehensively, with all moving tasks that is loading moving truck, stuff volume estimation, planning and scheduling.

Services Quality and Flexibility

Ordering full-scope and affordable moving services, you save your time and money. You might be out for a business trip, extremely busy with your professional duties or focus on your daily chores. Our professional, accurate and trained house movers will do all the packing and sorting job for you, making your forthcoming relocation smooth, safe and stress-free.

We handle your cherished items with the greatest care, striving for every customer’s satisfaction with the recent move. Competing with large, long-standing and well-known companies, we provide outstanding, top-notch, excellent moving and packing services, striving for building strong, long-lasting relationships with you, getting the customer’s loyalty.

Additionally, we are flexible and customer-oriented, easy to deal with. Large companies impose a lot of various regulations and rules that are obligatory for all clients to meet. We have fewer compulsive procedures and policies. Therefore, if you hate red tape, negotiate with our friendly and courteous professionals easily.

We certainly serve long-distance moves, helping our customers with complex, interstate relocations. They commonly demand more intensive and time-consuming preparations than local ones. So, we’ll help you to make them well-organized, smooth and affordable.

Office or interstate relocations may require custom, reliable and professional packing materials. We can supply them for you, protecting your valuable possessions against all road risks and stresses. We have got the necessary loading equipment that is advanced and professional.

Thus, hiring Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. for your forthcoming relocation, you save your family budget and time. We provide full-scope moving services for you at really affordable rates, so, you won’t need to call other helpers, for example, for the furniture assembly or for the piano moving.

It will alleviate your moving stress, let you just relax and focus on your professional or personal activities. So, just call Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. or write a short message, and we’ll make your relocation safe, smooth and stress-free.

According to the recent (2015) study undertaken by the US Bureau, about 50% of Americans prefer moving in summer. Hot season is beneficial in terms of weather, due to the holidays, better housing options and garage sales opportunities. Summer is a busy time for all professional local movers, including Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc.

Meanwhile, if you still decide to move your house in winter due to an emergency, think about the advantages of this choice and try to solve all seasonal issues decently. Read this article and try to be prepared for all hardships, following our short, expert tips.

Seasonal Moving Trends in California and Illinois

According to the survey, published by MyMovingReview, California is the first; Illinois is the fifth US state in terms of local movers’ number (as of 2015). Chicago and Los Angeles are within 5 top cities, holding the second and the fourth places (after New York and Houston). These services are quite popular here, while the residents commonly move within their native states. Additionally, Illinois leads the disconsolate list of the outbound cities, but Los Angeles is within top 10 moved-to metropolitan areas. Therefore, reliable house movers in our cities are always in high demand, especially in summer.

Meanwhile, the climate and the weather conditions in these two states are quite different in winter, thus the residents face quite dissimilar moving challenges.

Unfortunately, California is losing residents nowadays. According to IRS (Internal Revenue Service), 5 million people have left the state (from 2004 to 2013). The basic reasons are extremely high housing prices, tax rates and enormous cost of living. NAR (the National Realtors’ Association) states that housing prices have risen by 71% since 2011.

Meanwhile, the most popular moving destinations for the former California residents are Texas and the nearest Arizona, so the climate changes and not too significant. The people who move to Washington and the other northern states, ordering our affordable long distance (interstate) moving services, may face some acclimatization challenges. The residents that grew in warm California climate, are to be ready to stand cold northern winters. Additionally, it’s preferable to select another season for the house move to the north.

Moreover, California climate is mild; frosts and snowfalls are infrequent in Los Angeles. Therefore, peak season for local moving services here lasts from April to October, and the first weeks of November may be still quite busy.

As to Illinois residents, seasonal trends are vibrant in Chicago. Due to harsh winters, peak season here lasts from May to September. Thus, when you are forced to move within the state due to any family or professional needs or emergencies, please, follow the tips stated below and consult your experienced house movers about all challenging issues.

Winter Moving Preparations

Thus, if you are pressed to move in winter and want to make is safe, follow several simple moving tips:

  • start planning early;
  • check the weather;
  • clean the walkways of snow and melt the ice;
  • hire professional local movers.

As the days are shorter in winter, you may feel not as vigorous and cheerful as in summer, and the list of essential tasks is a bit longer, try to start preparations a month or two before the event.

Safety is to be certainly ensured, so the trips during blizzards and storms are to be postponed until the weather improves. Thus, your house moving schedule is to be extremely flexible, including plans B and C, several scenarios and having a lot of time devoted.

Keep the driveways and paths to the house clear, using salt and sand, melting the ice before the truck arrives. Prepare the parking space, checking that it’s clean, free of snow and ice. There should be enough place for dollies and hand trucks and the paths are to be safe for the local movers to load the moving truck fast and efficiently.

Additionally, a DIY house move in winter could be dangerous and complicated. Experienced movers are able to make the relocation safe even at the extremely low temperatures outdoors, eliminating and illnesses like cold or injuries. We also use the special packing measures, keeping the belongings from being spoilt in freezing temperatures during the delivery.

Items Packing and House Preparation Specialties

As any seasonal move preparations require, you’ll need to clean your old house, fix all the equipment and schedule a house owner’s inspection. Meanwhile, a winter move is special, pressing you to take some additional measures.

Thus, on the moving day or shortly before it, keep your old house warm. Check that your new house is warm and the utilities such as electricity and hot water are already functioning. Protect the floor, carpets and inside space with cardboard and plastic sheets.

Your furniture and memorable belongings are to be properly wrapped and packed to protect them from moisture and low temperatures. That’s why the cartons, boxes and moving blankets are extremely thick and reliable. Therefore, it’s preferable to order custom wrapping materials and professional packing services to avoid any damages and spoilages.

Your Own Trip Preparations

A trip in winter, especially a long-distance one, may be uneasy and attributed to multiple dangers. That’s why, anticipating a forthcoming day:

  • dress warmly;
  • prepare a lot of hot drinks and snacks to take along;
  • think about eating out every 4 hours on the way;
  • take a lot of warm clothes along;
  • keep your own vehicle maintained and ready for a winter trip;
  • take care of your family members, especially small kids, as well as pets during the move;
  • drive carefully.

Kids may take part in packing preparations, if they want it. However, try to keep your pets and kids away during the bulky furniture and staff loading. During a short-time, local move, it’s preferable to hire a babysitter and ask you neighbors or relatives to board your cat or dog for several hours, at least. A long-distance move requires special preparations and a lot of essentials. So, think through all moving day aspects in beforehand, consult a doctor or a veterinarian, if necessary.

Winter Move Benefits

As your local movers are not as busy in winter as in summer, cold season offers several great moving benefits. Moving in December, January or February, you get:

  • the most affordable moving rates;
  • great selection of moving days available and professional moving companies ready to help you;
  • the best relocation conditions.

In winter, you can get significant discounts and comprehensive range of moving services. The rates offered by multiple house movers are 10-30% lower than in summer.

Meanwhile, here, at Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., we are always flexible, attentive to our valued customers’ requirements and needs. We offer full service moving services, including packing, piano moving, furniture assembly. So, contact us anytime, during any season to get professional moving assistance at affordable cost.

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