Anticipating a residential move in Illinois or Los Angeles, you probably select the summer season for this significant event. Summer offers a number of apparent benefits for relocations such as perfect weather conditions, sports season and school year gaps, real estate market peak and the great time for house renovations. Meanwhile, due to high demand for professional, local moving services, virtually all reliable and reputed relocation companies in California and Illinois offer higher rates during the peak season.

Therefore, it’s preferable to schedule the house move in beforehand, hire flexible and customer oriented local movers that offer full-scope move-related services at affordable rates. Summer surcharges of large corporations can make up to 25-50% while our moving rates are honest, transparent and competitive.

Obvious Benefits of Moving Your Home in Summer

According to the recent studies, conducted by the US Bureau (of Labor Statistics) in 2015, more than 50% of house moves are scheduled for summer months. Up to 20% of newcomers select May and September for their relocations.

The busiest days of the year are the 31 st of July, the 30 th of July and the 1 st of June. Weekends and holidays are also beneficial for the families to change their locations as it wouldn’t make you ask for vacations or a leave of absence.

Summer months are the best for:

  • the kids to change their schools or kindergartens;
  • garage sales;
  • selling, buying or renting apartments;
  • house renovations;
  • meeting the neighbors and making delicious barbeques.

Additionally, the roads are free of ice and snow; therefore, it’s safe and easy to load the possessions; the truck can arrive at the new destination without any obstacles; the weather conditions are predictable and pleasant.

Therefore, the schedules of reliable and experienced house movers are very tight during these days. So, it’s better to book the suitable moving day in beforehand (not later than 4 weeks before the event).

Early Preparations

Start your moving preparations at once as you take the decision about the relocation. It will let you to:

  • avoid stresses and worries about the tasks to complete;
  • book the best moving day at the most affordable cost;
  • select and hire reliable local movers in Los Angeles or Chicago;
  • pack at least a part of your personal belongings by yourself.

This way you can counteract the high, seasonal demand for professional moving companies and get top-quality, affordable moving services just when they are necessary.

Additionally, you’ll manage to select the best, complete and fair offer that comes with competitive relocation rates. When you want to save on the event, choose a suitable day that is not too busy and get rid of all unnecessary items. Sometimes, it’d be profitable to sell your old bulky stuff such as household appliances or furniture and buy new, fashionable products in a new place than to deliver a lot of belongings, especially, for a long distance. Make a quick calculation, estimating your total expenses and revenues in both cases and draw conclusions.

Your dedicated and trained movers help you with all packing, furniture assembly, truck loading and moving issues at affordable rates, so, it’s not the most recommended area for savings. It’d be primary to think about saving your precious time, efforts and nerves.

However, relocating to another state or city, book a good hotel for your family in beforehand, especially in California. About 7 million tourists visit the state every year, staying in the local hotels. Additionally, traffic jams may be common, for example, on the road to Yosemite Village or Redwood Park. Some roads may be closed for the festivals or special events. Research all of these aspects in beforehand and take into account when scheduling the trip.

How to Pack Heat Sensitive Items?

Your special possessions such as your cherished musical instruments are delivered only in summer but for the emergency cases. For example, your precious piano can’t stand draughts and frosts; it gets untuned and its musical performance might deteriorate.

Meanwhile, moving the special items, pack them carefully, and wrap, protecting from extremely high temperatures. To avoid any worries, stresses or uncertainties, order our professional packing services. Our trained, dedicated movers ensure the proper procedure, according to the best world and national packing and moving practices; and we guarantee safe and efficient delivery to your new address and destination.

The special care is necessary for:

  • sensitive electronics;
  • DVD or CD discs;
  • musical instruments;
  • artwork;
  • special collections;
  • household appliances;
  • wooden and leather furniture.

As the temperature within the truck may be extremely high, it’s preferable to pack large electronic devices into the original cartons. Small ones such as smartphones together with CD and DVD discs, photographs and plants are to be delivered by yourself.

Avoid items that melt like candles, perishable food, batteries, flammable liquids. Our experienced house movers will certainly check it before making the inventory and labeling the cartons. Thus, any accidents with the stuff are eliminated; your possessions are secured and insured.

Moving with Kids and Other Family Members

Scheduling your own trip and packing the suitcase, don’t forget about the heat and sunshine. But for your essentials and documents, take along:

  • the suitable sunscreen cream;
  • a lot of bottled water;
  • light-colored, lightweight clothes;
  • the favorite toys to entertain the kids.

Finally, even if you feel vigorous and inspired in summer, don’t overestimate your time, capabilities and energies. Find out the detailed costs for professional furniture assembly and packing services. Make sure that they are really affordable, our local movers are accurate and friendly and call Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. asap.

Move itself is commonly a time-consuming, stressful and challenging event. Looking forward to the positive changes in their lives, newcomers still need to solve a lot of tasks during the limited span of time. Packing, preparations and cleaning are essential and exhausting chores that can cause some problems like nervous breakdown when they are not properly scheduled and planned.

Meanwhile, an office move is a much more responsible and demanding event. The customers should not even notice any changes, and especially mess and fuss within the company office. Any service operations should not be postponed or delayed, as the final purpose of every business activity is the customers’ satisfaction. Small companies value and cherish every buyer or client, striving for winning their loyalty.

Therefore, moving out from Chicago or Los Angeles, order our professional office moving services that are affordable and top-quality.

Top Reasons for Commercial Relocations

Americans move their houses due to the need for a better apartment (17,4%). Young families leave parental homes, establishing new, own household (12,2%); professionals look for the beneficial job opportunities (10,8%). Cheaper housing, easy commute or various family reasons are among the basic necessities that make American residents change their city or state, ordering affordable house moving services.

Meanwhile, offices, even the small ones, relocate due to entirely different reasons.The basic (most common) ones are:

  • business expansion or contraction;
  • lease agreement expiration;
  • infrastructure, market or industry changes;
  • the need to reduce utility or rent costs;
  • outdated facilities;
  • the wish to be closer and nearer to the local customers and buyers.

Certainly, your business can relocate to the new facilities due to the high rent or unfavorable neighborhood, for example, because of high crime rate in Cabrini-Green in Chicago and relocate, for example, to Edison Park, that is much safer. Businessman and entrepreneurs in California may change the offices’ locations due to very high leases. Meanwhile, these cases are not frequent, as the businesses strive for being near the customers, serving them fast and perfectly.

The Need to Hire Professional Office Movers

When the senior manager makes the principal decision about the company location change, the project leader and the responsible performers are appointed, starting the necessary office move planning. The executives are to:

  • determine the moving date;
  • find the new, suitable premises to rent;
  • set up the moving budget;
  • prepare the relevant timetable for the moving tasks.

Thus, regardless of the multiple employees that are available in every office every day, being able to help with packing and loading the truck, professional office moving services are essential. According to the recent national statistics, 38% of orders, sent to various moving companies, are made by commercial customers.

Computers, office equipment and electronics make 20% of all items that are moved to the other locations (as of October 2017). Therefore, hiring reliable, honest and experienced, local office movers is extremely important for the businesses.

Basic Duties and Tasks

Your diligent employees are to be informed about their responsibilities and roles in beforehand, getting any kind of motivations to be inspired by the forthcoming event. According to their positions and duties, they are to:

  • inform the customers, business partners, suppliers and services’ providers about the address change;
  • work on the new rent agreement;
  • make changes in the company website;
  • select the most reputed local movers;
  • order phone lines and internet access for the new office;
  • inform the local authorities such as customs or tax agencies about the relocation, modifying the basic documents;
  • order new personal business cards for every employee;
  • select and buy new furniture, if necessary.

The number of important and minor tasks is enormous. You are to schedule the building inspection according to your actual rent agreement, arrange cleaning, order keys for the new office rooms for all employees.

Professional Office Moving Services

Thus, every member of your professional team will be extremely busy during at least 2-3 months. Fortunately, you may not worry about the necessary office moving servicesincluding:

  • cartons, blankets, furniture covers and other packing materials supply;
  • furniture disassembly, wrapping and assembly;
  • inventory making;
  • office equipment disconnecting and dismantling;
  • the necessary stuff and goods packing and delivery.

You are certainly asked to work out a good floor plan for your new, beautiful and functional office that meets your requirements and various needs. You’ll have to supervise the works, being available in the office during the weekend. Professional movers that are experienced and trained do the job fast and proficiently, completing a local move within several days, ensuring fast and safe relocation.

We deliver the stuff to the new business location, unpack the possessions, assemble and move the furniture according to the floor plan, assemble and connect the office equipment. Therefore, the next day, in the morning, your system administrator will only have to check the network connections and the setting for the computers and the printers, and you can start working and serving your valued customers comprehensively.

Additionally, our intrastate and long distance office moving services are affordable. Ordering them, you avoid any damages, injuries, fatigue and excess hours’ surcharges for your employees.

Additional Tips for a Safe and Smooth Office Move

A fast an efficient move is a must for every business that strives for increasing the sales, profit and loyal customers’ number. Taking into account our professional experience, we would recommend you to:

  • start planning and preparations in beforehand;
  • make a detailed checklist;
  • appoint the responsible performer for every task;
  • don’t forget about the daily routine;
  • include cleaners in your relocation plan;
  • inform the building engineers about the moving day in advance.

The engineers are to provide you complete access to the loading docks and elevators. Don’t forget about your customers and the authorities, updating the contact information in all documents, letters and cards. When you provide for all moving aspects and details, the relocation is really smooth and well-coordinated.

As to the packing, truck loading and furniture assembly issues, you definitely have nothing to worry about. We will solve them proficiently, in time and at the affordable cost. Just call Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. and inform our diligent professionals about your forthcoming move. We help you to continue working without any break in operations due to efficient and safe office moving services.

Moving out of California or Illinois, across your treasured country, you can feel puzzled with all of the great challenges you face. Actually, an interstate relocation is much more complex, difficult and expensive than a local move. But for the standard house cleaning, belongings sorting and packing issues, you are to deal with some special challenges, such as the climate change, the new environment,
your own trip preparations, kids and pets transportation.

Quite naturally, you are to schedule all tasks properly, find reliable, experienced and trusted long-distance movers, change your address and inform all your calling parties about it, think about your new job, house and medical centers. Meanwhile, an interstate relocation is more complex than a move within your city or metropolitan area.

You won’t come back easily to your old house anytime, pack your belonging and deliver the cartons in your own, small car by partial loads. Therefore, professional long-distance moving services are essential to avoid stresses, excessive exercise, injuries, damages and unforeseen expenses.

Difference Between Local and Interstate Relocations

According to FMCSA, long-distance move is the relocation that is for more than 400 miles, out of your state borders. It’s a complex and time-consuming affair; so, it is to be properly prepared and professionally assisted. Meanwhile, there are some essential, basic differences between the intrastate and long-distance move in terms of preparations, scheduling and moving budgets.

Scheduling and Booking

As your forthcoming relocation is attributed to multiple essential tasks to perform, it is to be scheduled in beforehand. The trip itself can last for 1-2 days, so it requires more time, resources and efforts of your experienced long-distance movers that do the job perfectly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, your own tasks to solve are multiple and complicated.

You are to:

  • find a new, well-paid and interesting job;
  • select a school or a kindergarten for the kids;
  • get rid of all unnecessary stuff;
  • rent or purchase a new apartment or house;
  • opt for the new healthcare center and reliable family physician;
  • transfer the utilities and inform the concerned organizations about the address change.

The moving date is to be selected smartly, avoiding peak seasons, holidays and weekends, if possible. If you doubt about the day to book, call Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., and our dedicated professionals give you a professional, sincere and really good advice.

Moving Budget

Long-distance moving costs are certainly much higher than the ones for a simple, intrastate relocation. The estimates are performed on the basis of:

  • the stuff weight and volume;
  • the distance between your old apartment and the new destination;
  • the labor intensity or the scope of works;
  • the number of the house movers necessary for packing and loading the possessions.

Fuel fees and the packing materials are added, correspondingly.

Meanwhile, calculations on the basis of the hourly rates are possible, but it actually depends on the situation. This method is commonly not cost-efficient for a long-distance move, as the cost might be significantly higher than the affordable fixed rate or the calculation based on the belongings’ weight and volume.

So, the stuff amount commonly matters. It matters if you hire piano moving experts, order furniture moving services, or have just a lot of small items and cartons to load.

Therefore, it’s preferable to invite a professional estimator to visit your house and take into account the special nuances such as the number of floors and stairs, door width and access to the entrance.

Packing Supplies and Procedures

As your personal, memorable belongings are to stand long delivery, many hours of transportation, multiple stresses, various road and weather conditions, it’s recommended to pack the stuff properly. We commonly advise using custom- made, reliable materials and professional packing services for long-distance relocations.

All your possessions, including the clothing and personal items that are packed double wall and reliable, but small boxes, are to be delivered at once. Therefore, the packing preparations are to be completed in beforehand; the items are to be properly sorted, added to the inventory; the cartons are to be labeled.

These procedures are to be performed within several hours. Therefore, we would recommend you to order our affordable packing services to eliminate stress and any stuff damage risks.

Your Own Trip Planning

Leaving for good, take along all of your essentials, documents and valuables; schedule the family trip. You would have to:

  • pack a personal suitcase for every family member;
  • book a hotel room;
  • consider eating out;
  • prepare some food and beverages for several hours, at least;
  • clean your old, rented house and schedule the house owners’ inspection.

You are to transport your kids and pets in a safe way by yourself, and even the most reliable house movers that offer full-scope relocation services can’t help you with these challenges. The special items like plants, jewelry or documents are delivered personally, in your own car and with the greatest care. So, think about all delivery aspects, your kids’ needs, allow multi-chance alternatives for the trip, accommodation and catering.

Interstate Moving Tips

Thus, as the cost for an interstate move is commonly higher than for a local one, it’s desirable to cut the moving expenses. To save efficiently on your move:

  • get rid of unnecessary stuff;
  • select the best moving day;
  • hire affordable long-distance movers;
  • start planning in beforehand (ideally, 4 months before the relocation);
  • make a detailed, accurate floorplan of your new house;
  • research your new and transit towns or cities.

Quite naturally, you can save on packing materials and professional services. But we wouldn’t recommend our valued customers to cut your packing expenses this way, as it could cause stresses, damages and injuries. You are to estimate the scope of works you can do by yourself; so, ask for professional or, at least, friendly assistance in beforehand.

A long-distance move is certainly not easy and not simple. It’s a challenge that is properly met only by your faithful, well-coordinated team of experienced professionals. Meanwhile, when you get our transparent and fair quote and compare it with the other offers, you realize that our rates for moving, furniture assembly and packing services are really affordable and reasonable.

Here, at Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. we work for your deep and complete satisfaction with our professional services, and we’ll make your complex, long-distance move well-planned, stress-free and smooth.

Scheduling a house move or an office relocation in Chicago or Los Angeles, and realizing that your need for the professional moving services is huge and impelling, you certainly start looking for the best, experienced moving company. Since the internet exists, finding reliable helpers for solving any household tasks such as furniture assembling and installation, plumbing or electrical networks repairing, is
really easy. You easily check the fair and recent customers’ reviews, the company’s background, license, etc. Any agents or middlemen are not necessary anymore.

Meanwhile, it’s essential to realize at one who you are actually dealing with, eliminating any confusion or misunderstanding. This article helps you categorize moving brokers and companies by several basic attributes and save your money, nerves, or, at least, time for searching the best house movers and negotiations with scammers and fraud service providers.

How to Detect Moving Brokers?

A company listed among the professionals that offer local moving services may be not a mover, actually. It can be a middleman or a broker that is authorized only to help you find the movers and charge additional costs for their services.

According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) profile, 37% of Realtors nationwide hold brokers’ or broker associates’ licenses. They may help you with various housing and move-related issues. But, before hiring them, think twice if you need the assistance or if you prefer to skip it and save on the agents.

Moving broker is a middleman that arranges for the household stuff delivery, but don’t pack, load or transport the belongings by their own means. These companies differ from the reliable local movers as brokers:

  • are not licensed to deliver household belongings;
  • are not actually registered with FMCSA;
  • don’t have moving equipment and trucks;
  • doesn’t accept responsibility for any damages, delays or accidents;
  • don’t have any well-coordinated, professional team of trained movers;
  • don’t own any packing supplies.

Brokers commonly have no moving experience. They can only schedule your move and estimate the moving cost for you (quite naturally, adding their brokerage). They commonly declare that they can ensure better move reliability, safety and transparency. But do you really trust that a middleman helps you with these issues? Maybe, you would better call us directly and discuss your special moving needs and requirements with your experienced, honest and reputed local movers?

Common Risks and Aspects of Dealing with a Broker

Actually, a broker is just a salesperson that helps professional movers get in touch with their customers. These middlemen commonly have no moving experience, so, they provide only informational assistance. These companies are to hire only the licensed movers that are registered with FCMSA, on the base of the written service or agent’s agreement.

In fact, the brokers may consider your move as their minor or secondary activity, so they are likely to:

  • deal with the local movers that are not experienced or not licensed;
  • offer too low estimates that are not attributed to the real movers’ charges and expenses;
  • ask you for a huge deposit and don’t forward it to the move;
  • avoid liability and responsibility for the household items losses or damages;
  • be unable to find the suitable movers and the trucks for the date and time you need.

Finally, brokers are commonly not competent in the special moving aspects, so it’s preferable to ask the professionals about all move-related issues and negotiate the prices with the people that are experienced and authorized to offer the professional house moving services to you.

If the brokers are experienced and competent, and you are sure that you need these services, you may take the advantage of intermediation. Experienced brokers may know some slight nuances that are not shown online. They may have their extended databases with the smallest possible companies they cooperate for years and negotiate the moving costs on behalf of you. Finally, brokers may be useful for long-distance and complex moves, acting as travel agents and helping you with planning your own trip. However, you are to be sure of the broker’s reputation and experience, checking the agent’s background in beforehand.

Benefits of Reliable Local Movers

When you are planning a move to California or Illinois, contact the best, reliable and customer-oriented house movers directly. Primarily, you can research the market by yourself and take an informed decision, based on multiple concerns and issues.

Negotiating directly with your local movers is beneficial, because:

  • you get exact, clear and fair moving quotes;
  • all special questions are easy to negotiate with the experienced professionals;
  • we insure the stuff we deliver, pack it properly and hold responsibility for our activities;
  • any deposit is necessary;
  • we offer full-scope, affordable moving services.

Quite naturally, you can negotiate the prices with us upon getting a free quote, discussing your specific moving aspects and requirements. For example, our dedicated professionals can advise you the best packing supplies necessary for your special case, moving distance and season you select. We can offer you the moving date that is not too busy and, therefore, coming with a bit more affordable packing and furniture moving services.

We will also offer you several insurance options, clarifying the benefits and drawbacks of any choice. Finally, we are really flexible and customer-oriented, meeting all our clients’ requirements, needs and wants. We guarantee that if your move is scheduled, the truck and the movers arrive in time and do the job.

Nowadays, when every US resident has a 24/7 access to the internet, making your own research of the available local movers, their reputation, rates and experience is very easy. The services of agents are not essential anymore.

Meanwhile, contacting your reliable and honest house movers such as Vitesse Movers & Transfer, Inc., you get the comprehensive and the most affordablec moving services whenever you need and avoiding any additional risks and expenditures.

When you decide on the forthcoming interstate or local move in California or Illinois and schedule the event, you might worry about your memorable possessions safety. Various furniture pieces of all kinds such as sofas, tables, cabinets and beds make the significant part of the belongings that are loaded to a moving truck. They are commonly bulky and heavy. Thus, if you can deliver small cartons with personal possessions, glassware and domestic appliances by yourself, packing and moving the furniture commonly requires professional assistance.

It may seem easy to pack and transport small items that are not fragile and bulky. However, some proven packing and items protection practices exist that help professional house movers to do the job efficiently and fast, avoiding any damages, dents or scratches. Here, at Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., we know how to wrap every piece of furniture, even oversized, non-standard or antique ones, to protect them in the most reliable way. It allows the items to survive any long distance deliveries, at any weather conditions and road circumstances.

Multiple professional aspects are difficult to share, as our experienced local movers complete longtime training programs, trying to foresee any emergent or unexpected situations. Our team of professionals is well-coordinated, being able to solve any challenging task efficiently and fast. However, we will try to highlight some furniture packing basics in this article, enabling you to prepare the stuff properly for your anticipated move, being sure of its complete safety and smooth progress.

Furniture Preparations

When you plan a house move, belongings sorting, packing and wrapping is scheduled among the most labor-intensive, difficult and time-consuming tasks.

Before wrapping the available pieces of furniture into the moving blankets and mattress covers, they are to be empty, clean and disassembled.

Initially, the possessions’ owners are to:

  • take everything out from the wardrobes, nests of drawers, cabinets and cupboards;
  • make an inventory;
  • measure and assess all pieces of furniture;
  • clean the dirty surfaces.

Quite naturally, all small items that were stored in the drawers and cabinets are to be sorted, inventoried, and placed to the separate cartons or boxes. Professional house moving services can include some kinds of packing works, but a part of small, personal items is preferably sorted and apportioned by the owners themselves.

It’s advisable to pack the stuff drawer by drawer or room by room, separating clothes and kitchenware, electronics and footwear. The corresponding labels are commonly attached to the cartons, making it easier to unpack all of these possessions, putting them in order in your new house.

Furniture Disassembling Essentials

To ensure that your valuable belongings are safely delivered, they are to be dismantled and wrapped properly. It’s necessary to remove all protruding parts, fastening, delicate and glass elements.

The arms, attachments, decorations and legs are dissembled accurately, avoiding any damages. Glass doors, shelves and mirrors, are removed and packed properly to the custom, professional and thick packing materials, for example, corrugated double-wall cartons or thick blankets.

Delicate and fragile elements are detached and protected carefully. Bolts, screws and dowels are removed (if it wouldn’t cause any damages to the furniture pieces), and stored in the special bags.

Taking into account our unparalleled experience in packing and furniture assembly, we would advise you to:

  • take photos of every cabinet, chest of drawers or sofa before disassembling it;
  • consult the manuals and instructions;
  • ask for professional, affordable furniture disassembly services for expensive, valuable or delicate items to avoid any risk to damage them.

Packing Supplies and Materials

The sofas and tables are commonly bulky and heavy, they are to be protected, using the special-purpose wrapping materials. The particular, professional supplies include:

  • furniture blankets;
  • bubble and shrink wrap;
  • cardboard sheets;
  • top-quality tape.

Using thick and properly sized blankets is essential. They are to be reliable enough to stand any road dangers and risks, for example, high or low temperatures, vibration, shocks, etc. These materials, their cost or rent, will definitely be included into your moving bill. However, it’s not advisable to save on this expenditure item, as it’s difficult to make any reliable or durable blankets by yourself.

Additionally, if you buy them anywhere, the cost will be much higher than in our company. The reason is that we purchase them with the significant discounts, in great volumes, and offer as additional, collateral services, without making any profit on them. Check your unique move quote and make sure that our packing services are really affordable.

As to the cardboard, bubble wrap or tape, you can certainly use the available materials or find the used ones anywhere. Our professional local movers just apply them efficiently, in an expert manner, ensuring safe furniture transportation.

Some Special Aspects to Consider

Expecting a house move, you may think about protecting the wooden parts of your furniture, as well as fragile, glass elements, corners, legs and moveable parts. Don’t worry, as we use the proven packing practices and guarantee that the furniture pieces are delivered safe and sound.

  1. Glass components are removed carefully, packed into packing paper, large pieces of bubble wrap and blankets. All three layers of packing materials are essential to protect the fragile parts in reliable way.
  2. Delicate and antique ornaments are wrapped in the similar way as the glass elements, adding cardboard materials that absorb shocks.
  3. Moveable parts such as drawers or doors are immobilized by means of plastic wrap and packing tape.
  4. Furniture corners are secured using the special protectors (an expensive option) or cardboards sheets (more affordable). Moving blankets are necessary as the outer layer, anyway.
  5. The legs that are not removable are wrapped in bubble wrap and furniture blankets.
  6. Large table or bed areas are covered by blankets that are fixed by the packing tape.

Thus, when you opt for professional packing services and proper materials, your furniture is completely secured against any damages or scratches. Quite naturally, you can pack your cherished belonging by yourself, using DIY or improvised materials and undertake all the related risks and dangers.

However, before making an informed decision, get a detailed quote from our company, analyze all expenditures and compare them with the alternative options. Order our affordable packing and furniture assembly services to secure your house move, making is smooth and cost-efficient.


Why is moving of pot plants so important?

Moving of pot plants is very important thing when people decide to change their living place. Many people keep pot plants and flowers at their homes. When we are going to move to another place, we start thinking how to move such fragile plants? Apparently, it wouldn’t be difficult to move one plant pot in a car by ourselves. But what to do if there are a lot of pot plants? In order to move plants accurately you should follow the rules which are given below.

Preliminary preparations

The rules of moving of pot plants are very simple. Preparation works are very significant in transportation.  It is recommended to stop watering two days before moving process.  It should be done in order to secure the roots of a plant. Root system can be damaged if they are in a hard and wet soil and in motion in a car. It would be preferable to prepare container before transportation. Deep boxes would be appropriate for fragile flowers and plants. Pot plants ought to stay densely as much as it possible and you should put carton between them. There shouldn’t be any free space in the box, otherwise damages can occur. Free space could be filled by carton or crumpled papers. To prevent spilling of the soil cover it by thick papers or carton.

We can move your plants

It is also not easy to move plants to garden plot. Many people move seedlings to their country houses. Seedlings are more fragile than pot plants. It was written earlier that it is very important to secure roots system. If plant is very high from ground level it is better to fix its stem by sticks. Sticks should be dipped into the soil that would help you to tie plant and sticks by rope. It is highly recommended to cover pots. If plant is very high it is better to put it inside of bag. Preliminary preparations for moving of pot plants is not difficult, but if you are really worried it is better turn to the specialists of our company. Our staff member is very experienced and outgoing which will make your moving process more effective and pleasant.  Our team has all necessary packing materials in order to make secure your pot plants and flowers. Transportation of your plants and flowers is realized by our drivers who carefully carry your pots on time.

Aquarium is a very fragile thing, which means it takes much effort and time to transport it. There are two problems which you would face while transporting. One of these problems is how to transport a storage container without damaging it and the second question is what to do with inhabitants of the tank?

How to prepare aquarium for transportation?

The first thing what should you do is to empty water out of a tank. It is better to pour away water into some specially prepared containers. Later you will know why to do that. If there are some ground and plants in aquarium, you should pull them out, pack up and wrap them in simple water-resisting cellophane. It would be preferable to find very solid cellophane.

The next thing to do is to wipe out inside and outside sides of a reservoir. Afterwards wrap up a tank partly by papers and put it inside big box. It should be firmly fixed inside the box and empty spaces in this box should be filled by foamed polyethylene in order to prevent tank movement while transporting. If you don’t do that there is a risk of cracking of a glass. As you put the box inside the car you should firmly fix it. Thus fragile aquarium is ready for transportation.

Transportation of a tank with fishes

There are a lot of inhabitants like fishes, turtles, snails in any aquarium. It is necessary to put them out of tank and place in any other appropriate container. Glass jar would be very good for that. In the beginning of this article it was said to pour away water into specially prepared containers like can or bottle, because this water is very necessary for inhabitants of aquarium. As you transport your tank to the place where you want, you should pour water back inside the tank from can or bottles.

Why it is necessary to save water? Because if you fill a reservoir by chlorinated tap water it would be very dangerous for fishes. They could die because of this water. If you don’t have any opportunity to transport water from the tank in bottles it is recommended to use bottled water.

We can help you with aquarium transportation.

This process would be very difficult for people who have never transported aquariums. In order to prevent mistakes take a chance and use the services of our company. Our staff member has much experience of transporting of different fragile load. Our team has all necessary packing materials and guarantee you accurate driving.

Marking of your loads

Before transportation of different loads in car or any other transport it is highly recommended to make solid packaging for them. The most suitable items for that are boxes, packages, metallic containers, barrels and so on.  Before loading your packed goods into a car it would be very sufficient to make a special marking.

 How to make a marking?

Marking is some text, conventional designation or special pictures which help drivers or recipients to get useful and important information about approaches and method for loads which are ready to transport.  There are some requirements for marking-out for loads before transporting them by automobile transport. All the rules and requirements will be described below.

  • Special signs (warning or manipulating signs) have to provide solidity for goods in loading process, transportation and reloading.
  • Marking emphasizes correlation between good and its accompanying document.
  • Signs or inscriptions in marking should have information about keeping goods correctly.

Here is a list of several examples of loads marking which is widely spread everywhere:

  • Keep in dry place
  • Protect from sun
  • It opens here
  • Don’t  roll
  • Attention, fragile one!
  • Up-down

 will help you with marking

All reminded conditions of transportation, mainly, are marked by special signs or pictures. If sender doesn’t know anything about marking-out of loads, he or she can inform driver by simple inscriptions on goods.

In our company you can book special container for packaging of loads (different sizes of carton boxes), adhesive tape, air-pimply film and other goods. You also have opportunity to know all necessary information about marking-out of loads in our official website or from our specialists. That is very necessary in order to create safe conditions for your loads while transportation.

How to start moving?

Moving a chair can bring real difficulties just like moving a couch. These items are usually rather big, moreover they also weigh a lot, of course except for frameless furniture, inside which there is Styrofoam.  To reduce the likelihood of damage and save space in the moving truck, larger objects should be disassembled, as long as construction allows.  You can use the assembly manual attached to the couch or armchair or call our professional loaders from Vitesse Moving &Transfer, Inc., which will help you with moving your furniture.

Basic rules of moving furniture

Soft pillows and mattresses should be protected by a stretch film.  Such type of film will protect upholstery from pollution, dust and smells and prevent the appearance of cuts on the fabric due to the stretching structure. Solid details should be wrapped by air-pimply film, especially if they have a smooth and varnished surface which is vulnerable to dents and scratches.  After loading all parts into the track, make sure that you fix them to the slats on the walls of the body.  After unloading and lifting to the necessary floor, our movers will help you to assemble the furniture and put it where you want.

If a furniture can’t be dismantled

If a sofa or armchair can’t be dismantled, close the walls and door jambs by a protective profile of foamed polyethylene.  It is also recommended to use any other soft material that will prevent the need for cosmetic repairs after removing furniture from the apartment and protect the loaders and the upholstery from nails or chips protruding from the door frame. Don’t forget to pack the legs of armchair in a waterproof material, as they may have to be put on the ground and keep in mind that for other things there will be less space left in a loading track.


Glass is one of the most fragile items and that means there could be problems with its transportation. Anyone who does such type of work on their own might face some difficulties. That’s why it would be better to find some professionals to do such a careful work. Specialists of our company have huge experience and know all aspects and rules of glass transportation. You can be sure that such a fragile load will be delivered without any damages.

Transportation of sheet glass

The one of the most difficult items to move is sheet glass. Usually such type of glass is very large and bulky. Make sure that you follow some rules which are given below until you start process of transportation.

  1. Solid and correct packaging is the most important aspect. Glass should be wrapped by a pimpled film. Afterwards this construction has to be wrapped by a scotch tape.
  2. If size of lading is not large, it is preferable to transport it in metallic and wooden boxes. You should fill empty spaces in boxes by foamed polyethylene in order to prevent moving of glass inside the containers. Boxes have to be fixed firmly on the body of a car. You can use solid strapping for fixation.
  3. Large sheet glasses should be placed on special racks. All vehicles of our company can be equipped by such constructions.

We use cars from our own vehicle park for transportation of sheet glass. Our vehicles are regularly inspected for technical control.

Transportation of windows

We use special metallic construction, which is called pyramid, for transportation of windows. It is an aluminum frame with convenient fastenings which is widely used by many logistic organizations. Glasses in such frame don’t contact and touch each other while driving a car. That’s why there is no risk of damaging and cracking of a glass. Plastic doors also can be transported by such constructions.

We can help you with transportation

If you use services of our company you wouldn’t have any problems with glass moving. There is no need to look for appropriate packing materials and to worry about necessary frames. We have all essential packing materials available in our store. Moreover, we can offer you appropriate car from our own vehicle park for glass moving.