Moving of your kitchen stove

Kitchen is a place where many dishes are prepared, that’s why it is very important to have this room clean anв tidy. First of all, home appliances should be in a good condition, because taste of dishes mostly depends on kitchen cooker. Although it is very convenient and multifunctional item, it is very fragile for transportation. Once you want to replace your cooker for a new one or to transport it to new place you would better turn to professionals, who would do it effectively and without any problems.

Essential rules of moving stove

Before you start to bring out your kitchen cooker from your home call well-prepared specialist so that he could disconnect stove from gas pipeline. Don’t do it on your own if you don’t have appropriate experience. After disconnection take cooker to pieces as much as it possible and fix all mobile details on cooker’s shell. It could be done very well by packing adhesive tape. It is very necessary to prevent small and large details from hitting against each other, surrounding items or other parts of stove.

It is recommended to wrap your stove by foamed polyethylene or air-pimply film in order to protect from water or rough pushes. Make sure that you fixed all sides of package firmly by adhesive tape or special supporting items. Afterwards your cooker is ready to transportation.

Moving of electrical stove

The same rules can be used for moving of electrical stove. It is undoubtedly that it is easier to handle with electrical one, because there is no gas pipeline and consequently there is no need to call specialist who would disconnect it. It is enough to pull out power cord from supply network. Power cord also should be fixed firmly on stove’s shell before loading it into car. If stove is brand new, it is much easier than to move old one. Brand new stove is wrapped by production package, which is the most safe and solid protection for such a fragile and heavy item.

Our company will help you to transport your kitchen cooker to new place or deliver brand new one from appliance shop. We also offer you our services of bringing out your old or broken home appliances to utilization.

One of the most difficult tasks of moving is to solve the problem of transportation of refrigerator. Despite its impressive size, this is a very fragile device.  When a new refrigerator is purchased, there are no problems with transportation because the trading companies themselves deliver cumbersome home appliances.  This is done by specially trained employees who know how to move home appliances, how to carry it through the stairwells without bringing damage to them. During the move, many owners have to solve the problem of transportation of device on their own, because not everyone has the opportunity to use the services of professional movers and an equipped car. Here we prepared for you some moving tips which would be very useful for you. The refrigerator can be transported, if only it is properly prepared.  Several consecutive simple measures will allow transportation to be carried out, keeping the equipment in excellent condition.

How to prepare the fridge for moving

Empty your fridge completely of all drawers, shelves and any removable details. Freezer also should be free of food, ice cube trays and so on. It is important to remove everything that can shift around inside and outside the fridge, even magnets. Glass shelves should be removed and transported more carefully. If there is a huge amount of frost has accumulated in the freezer, it is necessary to defrost it for several hours. Thus, it is preferable to check the day before the move whether there are much frost or not in the freezer. Wipe out the inner chambers and make them dry. Even if you are going to move the device to another room it is necessary to empty it anyway. To protect the shelves and small details wrap them into soft blanket or towels. Fasten all the doors of the fridge using solid rope. It is recommended to wrap the technique by packing material to protect its surface from scratches and cracks. If you can’t find suitable wrapping material on the entire surface of the device, you need to protect at least the outer corners. Don’t move the fridge on your own; find some helpers to assist you because it is important to consider doors, corners and downstairs in the process of moving. Take moving rollers end set up them under the feet of the refrigerator so that you can slide it. Moving dolly with large base would be also preferable. The fridges have very fragile and sensitive inner mechanism that’s why keep it only in the upright position to avoid leaking coolant and pressure on the compressor.

Transportation in a moving truck or sedan

When the fridge is on the dolly, roll it carefully to the truck. Make sure that you don’t tilt the refrigerator too much when loading it into the truck, because the oil in the compressor may leak into the cooling tubes when the device is tilted too much. If it is moving truck then it would be easier to load the fridge as such vehicle has a truck ramp that gives you opportunity to roll your device up without difficulties. Lift the fridge slowly into the truck and strap it by rope or bungees so that it doesn’t move from braking or sudden turning. Before transporting it is also important to pay attention to the compressor.  Many manufacturers equip the devices with special transport bolts, which simply need to be tightened.  If they are absent, the compressor is fixed with the cardboard pads.

If you move the device into the sedan and laying the refrigerator on its side is unavoidable, it can be a headache. This is where the question arises – how to transport the refrigerator in a horizontal position, if you have no another option? You can decrease the risk of damage to a minimum following the rules given below:

  • In order not to damage the surface of the refrigerator, the bottom of the truck should be covered with a thick blanket, foam or several layers of soft cardboard.
  • Don’t lay the refrigerator on its back or on its doors. It is possible to lay it only on its sides.
  • Try to lay the device so that its pipes are directed upwards.

Setting up your device

When you bring your refrigerator to a new place it is still necessary to clarify when you can turn on the device after transportation. It takes some time for the oil to return to the compressor.  The duration of waiting after carriage is usually indicated by the manufacturer in the documentation.  If the passport of the equipment is lost, you should know that the time of the switching-on of the refrigerator after delivery depends on several factors, the most important of which are the position of the device during transportation and the temperature of the air in the street. It is recommended to wait at least for 3 hours before plugging it in to allow the oil to move back to the compressor. Following the tips given in this article you can easily move your refrigerator without any difficulties and damages.

When we move to another apartment our pets get stressed as well as we do. They subtly feel the mood of the owner before moving, notice a change in their familiar surroundings, usual things and furniture. These moments can be very traumatic for them.  On the day of the moving, unfamiliar people and smells invade their territory. To get a new home is very hard and stressful for them. They get stressed because they don’t know where we all are moving. They feel fear and panic. Unfortunately, our pets have little opportunity to let us know something about their feelings.

Prepare your pet for moving process

First of all prepare for the move and make special plan. That would be much easier if you make moving schedule in order not to get complicated. In order to prevent your little friend from a huge stress you should keep it in a special hotel for animals or leave for a short time with relatives or close friends. If you do not have such an opportunity, at least try to place pets in a separate emptying room which is free from working activity, noise of moving furniture and much boxes. Even though you are having moving process try to save some sense of a routine. That will make your pet feel better. Any transportation causes serious stress in animals, that’s why we recommend you to get consultation with a vet in advance about the possibility of using special medications or natural remedies to make your pet feel good.  A doctor can prescribe a course of sedatives a week before moving, which will relieve the tension of your little friend.  Make sure that you have all necessary information about proper dosages. If your pet has some problems with health you should tell your vet about it so that they could prevent worsening of its condition. Get the health certificate from the vet, make all necessary vaccinations strictly one month before the trip. If you are traveling by train or plane, your pets have to get vaccine against rabies and the kennel cough vaccine in the clinic. It is important to mention the name of the vaccination in the passport of the animal. Don’t forget to ask your vet if they know a vet in your new place they can recommend. Psychological condition of your little friend is very important. Don’t let them feel unloved and try to play with them much and treat them more tenderly than you do it usually. In order to improve their spirit you can go for a walk with them, give their favorite food and let them sleep in bed. Sometimes animals refuse to eat in stressful situations, that’s why to minimize their stress try to follow recommendations given above.

Transportation of your little friend

Transporting your cosset to a new location can be a headache for you and one of the most difficult problems. Here are some tips that will make your pet’s move much easier:

Take into consideration the route if you are traveling by car and make sure that you carefully study it. Try to choose the route where you could find zones for recreation and pet friendly hotels. Book the room in advance and mention the staff of the hotel that you come with your pet to stay with. If you have a dog try not to leave it alone because it can bark and make everyone worried because of your absence.  These nuances will provide a good rest for your pet as well as for you. Pet carrier will help to cope with the level of anxiety of the animal during the trip and it would be useful in your new home on the first days after moving.  And this is exactly necessary, if you have a dog and a cat traveling together, these friends need to be kept separately.

Most likely, riding a car will upset animals’ stomachs.  Before the trip, it is recommended to keep four-legged friends on a starving diet for about 10 hours.  It is necessary to limit drinking water for 2 hours before transportation. Prepare a special drink in the car or a plastic bowl.  Don’t forget to check time by time whether the animal wants to drink or not. In unfamiliar surroundings if a dog find itself without a leash it will try to run towards the house.  If your dog is too energetic or aggressive make sure that you have an extension leash for it. It is good to make technical stops while driving a car. For cats you need to have a toilet filler with yourself.

Make your pet feel good

Pick up all necessary accessories for your pet and put them into a bag. Make a list of necessary things you will need. The most important and vital things are dry pet food, drinking water, hygiene products, medicine, plastic bags, a scoop, sleep station for an animal, especially if you stay at the hotel.  If your cosset has some special food preferences make sure you pick it up before you leave. When you get your new home, give your pet a time to explore all the rooms.  Many animals, especially cats, enjoy this process.  Another strategy should be used for dogs. It is recommended to give a dog meaty snack for a sense of safety in a new place. Lay out your pet’s favorite items, such as bed or toys. Make it feel that this is a good place to live. When you are in new apartment, don’t forget to pay much attention to your pets and play with them. That will make them feel good and safe. Make sure that the windows and doors in the house are securely closed.  Apparently сats and dogs would try to return to their old places. It is good if you don’t take the dog off the leash for several weeks while walking in a new place.

If you follow the tips given above your pet gets through moving process without any difficulties.

Models with a kinescope are transported easily, without the risk of damage to the internal device, you just need to protect the screen from mechanical influences and fix the device motionlessly in the car.  LCD TVs require a more careful attitude.  Their manufacturers pay great attention to packaging, trying to protect the device from any negative external factors – low temperatures, hits, vibration, because its matrix and inner components are ​​very sensitive. Such factors can damage pixels or generally lead to the failure of all devices. The first thing you should do is to take picture of back of your TV so that you could remember which cable goes where when you’re setting it up after transportation. Unplug them carefully and pick up all cables and power cord and wrap them by matching tape, if you feel that you can be complicated while setting it up label all cables on tape so that you can remember placement of all cables. Don’t put all cables and power cord into box with TV as they can shift around and damage it. It is better to put them into a separate box or in a zip lock bag. Clean your device and wipe it with a soft cloth before packing it. Your TV’s manual can be your helper in this situation.

Packing preparations

Flat-panel TVs are extremely fragile devices. If device is 50″ or larger, call someone to help you with packing and transporting. Don’t take the risk and do everything on yourself. Before you load your TV into a car carefully pack it following the rules below:

As the TV is very sensitive to every external factor you should pack it in an appropriate box. The most suitable is TV’s original box or any other one with matching size. Box should have enough space for all details and be a little bigger than TV, but not too big. If the device is mounted to the wall detach it carefully and put the screws in the box with cables. Covering of your TV helps you to prevent your device from any mechanical damages, scratches and cracks, that’s why try to find the best variant of cover. Use original cover which comes with TV if possible. Some moving companies sell special boxes for the TV. If you can’t buy such cover take a towels or a thick soft cloth and wrap your device.  If there is nothing or not suitable for size in your apartment, use bed linens – sheets, duvet covers or soft blankets. You will need at least two blankets depending on the size of your TV.Here the main thing is to pack the TV in order to protect its screen from possible scratches that may appear from contact with other objects and things.  For this purpose, foam sheets and a bubble film can also be used.  These packing materials will be needed to protect the corners – they also often suffer during transportation. After that wrap the device by packing tape but make sure that tape doesn’t touch the screen.  As you place your TV into the box, empty space inside the box should be filled by foamed polyethylene and protective covering. Finally, make sure that the TV is firmly fixed and not moving inside the box.If it is still moving use bubble wrap to fill in the gaps.It is very important to keep the TV upright only. If flat-panel TV isn’t kept in the upright position, there can be damages because of pressure on the lightweight glass. The box should be sealed by solid packing tape in horizontal and vertical directions. Don’t forget to write “fragile” on the box to make movers transport it more carefully. Finally, your device is ready for moving.

Transportation of the TV

Place the TV into the track on the safe and smooth surface. As it was written above, don’t do it on your own and find someone to assist you. There shouldn’t be any sharp or rough items between the technique and the surface of the vehicle.  It is better to put the device closer to the driver’s cab to lessen shakes on bumps. If there are some mattresses in the truck you can place the device between them.  You can also transport the TV in the passenger compartment of the car in the back seat and fix it by seatbelts. Don’t put anything heavy on the top of the box. Transportation is possible only in a vertical position, especially it’s about modern models. If the device can’t be transported in the upright position, remember that it can’t be laid down with a “matrix down”.  The larger diagonal of the screen, the more cautious you should be. Try not to expose the device to the humidity, especially on rainy days, because it can damage some electronic details. You need to drive the car smoothly, carefully and not very quickly avoiding sudden shocks at the beginning of movement and braking.

Setting up your TV in new location

When you bring your device to new destination don’t turn on it for a while. Let the technique adapt to room temperature. Turn back to the picture of back of your TV which you have made in the beginning. Now you can plug all cables and power cord according to their placement on the picture. Wipe out one more time the screen to remove dust or any other dirty elements.

If you follow these simple tips on the day of move the process of the TV moving can be easier and without any difficulties.


Transportation of the large home appliances, such as a washing machine, isn’t an easy task.  You may need to transport a washing machine in a few cases.  The first is the purchase of a new unit in the store.  The second is moving from one apartment to another.  In the first case the buyer practically does not care about the delivery of the goods to his home.  Most often this is the work of the store staff.  The new machine is transported in a special factory package, reinforced with cushioning materials, so the full safety of the machine is guaranteed.  But if the device has already worked for a while, the question arises, how to transport the washing machine on your own without bringing damages to its mechanism?

Essential preparations

First thing you need to do is to check if there is any water in the machine after use.  Even if you have not switched on the washing machine for a long time, it may contain a small fraction of the liquid.  Therefore, first it is necessary to unscrew the drain hose and place a bucket underneath it for draining.  If it is necessary the machine can be tilted slightly.  If the tank has water, leave the valves open for a while to dry the inside of the machine.  While the machine dries start to make the following steps: twist the cord and hose carefully, it is preferable to wrap them in packing material.  Wrap with adhesive tape or other suitable material the powder containers to prevent them from opening during transportation.

Protecting all components of a washer                                              

The purpose of the preparatory stage is to protect as much as possible all the components from the vibrations that can be fatal.  One of the most fragile mechanisms in a washing machine is a drum.  Therefore, you need to be especially careful with it, otherwise it can damage the inside of the washing machine while it is moving in the truck. On the back of the washing machine you can see special holes designed for the shipping bolts which come as component parts in any washing machine.  These are the bolts that are used to fix the drum from the back of the machine.  It is enough simply to screw the bolts into the special holes on the rear panel.  If you find the bolts at home, screw them firmly to the rear wall.  Unfortunately, most often bolts are lost or accidentally thrown away.  In this case, you can try to buy them in the stores of household appliances.  If you still can not find the bolts, you can use the method of fixing the drum without the shipping bolts:

– Remove the horizontal covering of the machine.

– Put the Styrofoam between the drum and the valves.

– Check whether the drum is fixed firmly or not.

The most important thing is to prevent the drum from shifting around inside the machine, as this can cause cracks in the tank and other serious damage to the equipment. The washing machine must be wrapped in a protective covering such as air-bubble film. If there is no film, use blankets and other soft materials that can protect machine from possible hits and cracks.

The way of transportation

A washing machine is not lightweight item.  In order to move it from one place to another, you need the strength of two strong men.  And some manufacturers produce washers with a weight of 100 kg or more, such devices can only be lifted by three persons. You need to take out the washing machine from the apartment only directly, without turning it over.  Only a slight tilt is allowed.  If there is no elevator in the building, you can use the services of professionals.  It is better to transfer and transport the washing machine with the loaders, who have both the relevant experience and the necessary equipment for this.  You can also buy or rent utility cart to move your washer if you do that on your own. An important part of the process is the loading of the washer.  It is highly recommended to transport the machine in an upright position.  In passenger cars it is almost impossible, so sometimes owners have to put the device on its side.  This way of transportation can cause the failure in machine’s system. However if you transport the machine horizontally, then put a soft layer of a blanket under it and lay it on the back panel.  Carriage on the side – this is an extreme measure, in which you need to be especially careful. During the transportation it is necessary to avoid sharp turns and braking, to choose a smooth road and to go as accurately as possible.

These rules will help you avoid breakages during transportation.  When installing the machine in a new apartment, do not forget to remove the shipping bolts beforehand.  If you do not have the opportunity to transport the washing machine by yourself, use services of our team. Our experienced and high qualified staff will help you to move your washing machine and any other home appliances to a new place without difficulties and damages.

If you have planned to move, it is better to prepare all necessary packing materials in advance.  First of all, you will need cardboard boxes and simple wooden boxes, which can be purchased at any store.  Boxes should be of medium size, and their height should be only a couple of centimeters more than the diameter of the plates. You should place the plates in the box on the rib as you do it while drying, tightly pressing them together, after wrapping each plate with paper. Pay attention that the usual way for everyone to fold plates wrapped on paper on each other has its bad side: often the bottom plates crack under the weight of the entire stack.  Another important material is the foam sheets: it is highly recommended to put a piece of foam plastic in a box and make holes on it according to the diameter of items for better protection. Holes can be done with the help of a knife. As a result, we get a beautiful and, above all, absolutely safe container for carrying cups, glasses, footed tumblers and vases. If there is no foam sheet at hand, wrap the glasses with crumpled paper or cloth – the glasses should not touch each other. They should be placed on the legs.  Often an irreplaceable material when packing dishes is a bubble film that perfectly preserves the integrity of fragile products, playing the role of a kind of shock absorber. Well, and for many years undoubted leader among the packaging materials is the ordinary paper.

Tips that will be useful when transporting dishes

Before packing the dishes, put hard cardboard or any hard litter on the bottom of the box and wrap the box walls with adhesive tape, that will strengthen the box and prevent it from falling apart suddenly. When preparing fragile things for transportation, you need to wrap each item separately.  Wrap the dishes best in special wrapping paper. If you wet the paper with water, then wrap it with fragile items and allow it to dry for a few hours, then you will get the dishes in a safe hard case. If the paper is wet before packing, then when it dries it forms a more reliable protective layer. You can replace the paper with an ordinary newspaper, however, in this case, do not wet it, because printing paint can ruin your crockery. Dripping pans and saucepans don’t require special packaging: it is enough to rewind them with newspaper or ordinary paper and put them into a pan or other boxes.

Thus you can pack them into each other and fill empty spaces with wrapped spoons, forks and other small items. When transporting enamel dishes, try to avoid hits, as the enamel easily damages, leaving behind black spots that not only spoil the appearance of the dishes, but also cause the appearing of a hole. Pack the dishes only in solid boxes that don’t have any dents.  Use much adhesive tape, it will prevent the box from bursting of a seam. Put the marking on the box in the form of an arrow to the up or down to prevent it from turning upside down during transportation.

Loading your crockery into the truck

When packing your utensils try to pick the boxes by size, don’t try to place a lot of small things into one big box. Boxes and cases with crockery shouldn’t be heavier than 30 kg: a heavy box is easier to drop, which will make owner upset.  If you are helped by friends or hired loaders, always label boxes as a “glass”. Packaged items will be easier to find in boxes, if to write its contents on each box. When you are loading boxes into the car, don’t put heavy things on the boxes with crockery.  However, even if you follow this rule, make sure that the boxes in which you put together the fragile things will withstand the possible load. If you transport items in an open van, cover them with plastic wrap, which will protect the boxes from getting wet. These tips are true in relation to both house and office moving.  It will take some minutes to study this approach to moving, but this approach will save hours of your time on the day of move. If you want your moving process to go fast, hire our professional movers. We offer service of high quality and affordable house and office moving, packing and unpacking, truck loading and delivery, unpacking and other moving services. Our professional and trained movers will make your move comfortable and pleasant.

If you are going to move your favorite bicycle then you should pack it with care. Here we prepared for you some tips which will make your process of your bike moving easier.

Situations when it is necessary to transport a bicycle on the car

1. You don’t want to pedal in a dense stream of cars.

2. If the only road to the place is the highway, because it is forbidden to go by bicycle on it.

3. If you decide to go for a drive after work, but do not have time to go home at all.

4. If you need to get cross-country training on the track, which is located far from the city.

5. If you want to conduct road training outside the city in the vicinity of the forest, villages and a small stream of traffic.

6. If you only ride down, then to get to the place of destination is hard enough.

7. You decided to go for a ride with the whole family.

8. When going to competitions or other events.

There is a plenty of variants to transport a bicycle on the car. Let’s start with the most budgetary one.

Carriage inside the car

If you have a minivan transportation of you bike can be very comfortable. If you fold rear row of seats, your bike will fit without problems, it does not even have to be dismantled, except that the saddle must be lowered. If you don’t have any desire to fold saddle or the some passengers travel with you, then the bicycle will also fit inside the truck with the front wheel removed.If you have a sedan, a hatchback, or a compact crossover and you do not want to fold the seats, then you have to put a bicycle in the backseat. You do not have to worry, because if you take off the front wheel, theneven a large growth a bicycle will fit behind. Put it on its back wheelfrom the rear door behind the driver.  The rear wheel must be put on the rug behind the passenger seat.Rotate the bicycle slightly diagonally to fit the steering wheel – both doors will close. This method is good enough because the chain will not touch the seat. Don’t forget to put some unnecessary blanket or cover to avoid messing up and damaging the upholstery. The bike will fit easily the rear row directly to the floor or to the seats, if you remove both wheels.  In this case, you can drive a few bicycles.  There are some type of cars which allow you to transport your bicycle in the trunk.

Significant disadvantages of such transportation are:

1. The need to assemble and disassemble the bicycle every time, which can lead to the damaging of brakes.

2. The need to put spacers between the pads, if you have a disk hydraulic brakes.

3. The possibility of contamination or damage the upholstery.

4. Impossibility to take passengers to the back seat.

Carriage at the back of the car

Owners of pickup truckscan afford a rare, but beautiful way of transportation of bikes.  But in other cases, you will need a special device to fasten the bike, which will make you spend some money. But the installation of a bicycle on such a device does not take much time and you can take a few bicycles with you and go riding with a group of several people. If there are several bicycles, find the old cameras from the cars, pump them up a little and put them between bicycles. Fix the frame of the bike with a belt.  Thus, you will get a solid construction which will save all parts of the bike from damaging. However, the ways of fastening on the back side are also different. One of the methods is fastening on the tow bar. The main disadvantage of it is that not everyone has a tow bar.  And still, if your car isn’t a sedan, it will be impossible to open the fifth door. There is still an option for such vehicles.  For those who did not get a tow bar, it’s recommended to use the following option.  Fastening on a back cover of a trunk would be ideal for crossovers, station wagons and hatchbacks. However, a serious inconvenience is the difficulty or impossibility of opening the boot lid until the moment you put out the bikes. Some manufacturers have built-in attachments in their cars, which are pushed out of its rear for bikes.

Common disadvantages of such fasteners

1. Significant increase in fuel consumption due to increased air resistance.

2. You need to be careful in driving a car, because if the bikes have a long base, they will increase the lateral dimensions, let alone the fact that they occupy enough space on the back.

3. Overlapping the rear light signals, as well as numbers.  However, many manufacturers of such fastenings take care of this and offer a remote shelf with turn signals and stop signals and the possibility of setting the number.

4. In wet weather, bicycles will be completely covered with a layer of dirt.

5. The risk of not taking the bikes to their destination, because you can’t be sure that the inattentive driver is not going behind you.

 Carriage on the roof of the car

This is the most common and safe transportation option.  On the roof you can transport a bicycle even on the grandfather’s trunk. If you put a mattress, the losses from transportation will be minimal.  It is more reliable, of course, to have special trunks for fixing a bicycle.  They must be installed on pre-attached crossbars. The essence of the trunks is simple: 2 places for installation and fastening of wheels and bracket, which captures and holds the lower tube of the frame. There is a variant of fastening to the roof without a front wheel, which should give the rigidity of the structure.  You can attach a bicycle up wheels. When transporting a bicycle on the roof, remember that your bicycle is protected from inattentive drivers, only now you shouldn’t forget that the dimensions of the car increased in height.  Remember this, especially if you go into the garage or car wash.

Essential rules of moving plumbing

Transportation of plumbing equipment is a quite complicated and responsible operation.  It is good that we don’t have to change the toilet and bath too often!  But from time to time, almost everyone face the problem of moving of these irreplaceable everyday objects. Bathroom equipment moving may be necessary in case of ordering goods in hypermarkets or online stores.  Also, sometimes when moving, people want to save the previously purchased expensive plumbing.  When planning a moving, it is important to take into account a number of nuances.  How to organize the process correctly, so that you don’t have to throw out a lot of money for new plumbing again? There are several rules that you must certainly take into consideration when moving, and thus simplify your work.  The first thing to do, you need to disconnect all plumbing from the water pipe and divide all the items that need packaging: bath accessories, furniture, hoses and so on.

Moving toilet bowl

Plumbing is represented by several items.  Each of them requires a special approach in packaging.  Toilet bowl is bulky item, that’s why it takes enough efforts to move it. The equipment made of ceramics is extremely fragile and it’s very important to protect it from any blows and hits, otherwise a split can occur.  In the beginning a toilet bowl should be wrapped in a bubble wrap or a soft cloth. Afterwards the item should be placed in a cardboard container. Make sure that a toilet bowl is securely placed inside the box and cover it with a foam plastic.  The item shouldn’t swing freely in the box and there shouldn’t be any excess space left. The tank must be packed in a similar way and placed in a separate box.  The lid is also wrapped in the bubble film separately.  Ceramic components of equipment shouldn’t touch each other inside the container.Wrap carefully all boxes with adhesive tape to avoid their rupture or opening. Both truck and passenger cars are suitable for transportation of the toilet bowl. Choose the safest place in a truck and load the item on a soft cloth and fix with ropes or straps. It is highly recommended to transport a toilet bowl separately from other items; thereby you minimize the risks of damaging.

If your sink is made of ceramics, then the packing rules are the same: wrap the product with a bubble wrap or soft cloth; carefully put it in the cardboard;  cover the sink with foam plastic;  rewind the box with packing tape.  If your sink is on the leg, then it is recommended to pack its leg in a separate container. Items must be fixed separately in the truck with the help of ropes or elastic straps.  Don’t forget to put a soft cloth under the sink. If the sink is made of stainless steel, then such item is much easier to transport.  It will be enough to rewind its sides by the film, and its top – by tape.

Transportation of bath and shower cabin

To deliver such bulky items as bath reservoir and shower cabin, trucks must be involved.  Rules of transportation depend on the material of the bath reservoir: cast iron one should be wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap, stretched with adhesive tape and packed in cardboard; metallic one should be packed in the same way; acrylic one must be placed in a wooden container and fixed with foam plastic.  As acrylic bath is very fragile, you need to make sure that it stands in the car separately and firmly secured.  Don’t put anything inside of it, otherwise a crack may appear in it under the weight and due to vibration. Legs of the equipment must be packed and transported separately.

As shower cabin consists of a lot of components, its transportation can be more complicated. It is necessary to avoid strong compression of the cabin during storage and transportation. Cabin must be transported in disassembled form, which helps to protect fragile parts from damaging.  If you disassemble your shower cabin, it is possible to transport it in a simple passenger car without involving large truck. All parts of shower cabin must be packed in several layers of protective materials.  If your cabin is equipped by electronics make sure that it is securely protected. Pack carefully glass and other fragile elements of shower cabin and load into the car so that they don’t move during the ride.

Hire our professional movers and loaders to make your move easier. Our staff is experienced and well trained. Vitesse Moving &Transfer, Inc offers top-quality and affordable moving services, packing and unpacking, truck loading, delivery and assembly.

Buying a new home is something that makes people very happy.  But on the other side moving is a difficult and stressful process, it takes a lot of time.  It is unlikely that someone will want to transport old furniture, dishes or bathroom equipment.  The situation is different with trees and shrubs planted near the house with your own hands.  If you want to transport your whole garden, it would very difficult without help of professional movers.

Preparing for the process

To leave the flowers and trees on your garden is not always good decision.  Perhaps, taking care of plants, you put your soul in them, spent a lot of time.  In a new place, you have to start everything from the beginning.  Favorite bushes, flowers and even trees can be transported to a new location.  Please note that it will not be possible to do this on your own.  Experts are confident that the transportation of the garden can be easy and fast.  It is necessary to prepare well for the process, to think things over beforehand.  The first thing to do is to think of the packaging that will be used when transporting the garden.  You can buy materials on yourself, but only after consulting with professionals.  They will tell you which packaging is suitable for trees, garden figures, flowers.  In most cases cardboard boxes of unequal sizes are used for transportation.

When transporting the garden, different containers are used.  Some boxes are good for packaging decorative items, others are for small flowers.  Trees and bushes also need to be protected from different damages during transportation.  Cardboard boxes for these purposes are not suitable.  Experts recommend using air-bubble wrap.  It has many advantages: it fixes sticking branches and leaves; allows plants to “breathe”; retains a high level of protective properties at any temperature; it is light in weight; does not contain toxic substances.  Packaging plants in such a film must be very careful and accurate.  Such precautionary measures will prevent the bushes and treesfrom the death.  If the budget for transportation of the garden is limited, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend time searching for materials for packaging.  If you have enough money for transportation, there wouldn’t be any problems with the choice of packaging.

Renting a car

After all the preparatory work is finished, it is worthwhile to think about renting a car to transport your garden.  There are a lot of companies that offer rental vehicles. You need to choose an offer that suits you in all parameters.  It is very important to take into consideration the amount of cargo that needs to be transported to a new place.  If your garden is young, and a small number of plants are planted, then a compact minivan will be suitable for their transportation.  Perhaps you own a huge garden, which is planted with different trees and shrubs.  In this case, even two large cargo vehicles will not be enough.

Important nuances

It is important to be properly prepared for the transportation of the garden.  Firstly, you should excavate flowers and carefully transplant the ornamental plants into pots.  This will minimize the likelihood of dying of the flower.  Secondly, you need to pack decorative items.  Gnomes, birds, squirrels and other figures must be wrapped in air-bubble wrap.  After that, put them into cardboard boxes and transport to the destination.  Do not try to put all the decorative elements in one container.  It is better to take 3-4 boxes, which will be appropriate forloading into the truck.  The figures will remain intact, and loading and unloading operations will take a little time with this approach. If there are gazebos and fountains in your garden, they need to be packed in advance.  Of course, first you need to dismantle the elements.  There can be difficulties in the process of their dismantling, which takes some time.Don’t postpone everything until the last moment.

The next stage is the protection of decorative elements with air-bubbly film or other material.  A few weeks before the move garden plants do not need watering.The consequences can be unpredictable if you do not follow this recommendation.  It is very important to hire a person who will accompany the plants during their transportation.  You can do it yourself if you have free time.  If the flower pot was broken or the cardboard box was deformed, you would have time to “save” the plants.  In the hot season it is highly recommended to spray plants by water during moving.  It is better to contact specialists for organizing the transportation of the garden. Vitesse moving company can offer you affordable garden moving involving our professional movers and other necessary equipment. If you use the services of our company, we deliver your plants to a new place without any damages on time.

Office moving is very responsible task.  It includes not only the transportation of office furniture, documentation, personal belongings of employees, but, of course, office equipment, without which the work of any enterprise, irrespective of its size, is impossible.  Printers, monitors, laptops, multifunction devices, computers cost much money, so when transporting such equipment you should move them especially carefully. There are much important information stored in computers, the loss of which can stop the work of the company and even cause irreparable harm. That’s why you should observe a number of simple rules during the office move.

Conduct inventory of equipment

This is the first thing to do at the very beginning of the project, if you do not want to forget something in the old office.  The inventory of all items completely excludes the possibility of losing them.  Each employee can independently conduct an inventory of his workplace.

 Choose the right time for moving

If possible, you should schedule the transportation for an early morning or a day off.  Of course, not all employees of the office will be delighted with this idea, but this is the only optimal time that will help to avoid traffic jams.  The longer the car gets to its destination, the longer the company is out of the work.The longer the company does not work,more money it loses.  This is called loss of profit.

Assign responsible persons

To avoid chaos, it is necessary to distribute responsibilities.  Each employee should be responsible for one of the preparatory stages, each of which is implemented in strict sequence.  For example, all at first are engaged in packing and marking and only then loading, instead of doing what you want at the moment.

 Dismantling the equipment       

All office equipment must be dismantled, remove moving parts and wires.  Wires should be placed in a bag and signed it, so that you do not have to rack your brains for a long time, to which device it fits.  In the end result, all equipment should take the form as it came from the store.

Carefully pack

The safety of machinery depends on the quality of its packaging.  Don’t you have original boxes?  It’s not a problem.  Today there are shops where you can buy packaging material.  If you hired a specialized company to organize the relocation of the office, then there is nothing to worry about at all. The workers will bring everything they need with them.  LCD monitors, system blocks, plasma panels, scanners and printers should first be wrapped in air-bubble wrap and then placed in a box.  Formed empty spaces should be filled with foam or crumpled paper to fix the technique and exclude the possibility of damage.  Do not overload the boxes:  put just the contents of the employee’s workplace along with the monitor. Photos, figurines, vases add extra grams and even kilograms.  The container may not withstand the load and burst.  Don’t forget to label all the boxes.  On each box you need to specify not only its content, but also the name of the employee.  This will help you to sort things out and get started to work.

Decide whether it is necessary to use riggers and special equipment or not

Offices can be different.  Sometimes the technique has solid dimensions, especially when it comes to printing or server equipment.  The latter is the information heart of any office.  Thanks to it, all employees have access to the Internet, communicate on the internal network, exchange documents and information.  The servers store important data, the loss of which can be a disaster.  In such cases, it is advisable to attract riggers who have a serious baggage of knowledge.  They easily move equipment, safely bypassing all obstacles in its path, using not only brute physical force, but also special devices.

Observe loading procedure

During loading operations, it is necessary to follow the rule of placing items in the body of the truck.The heaviest objects should be loaded first of all. It is possible to put lighter boxes and fragile items on heavy boxes.To avoid confusion, look at the markings.  It will tell you how to do it.

Make some space at parking

To make loading and unloading operations quickly, you need to make the space free from the cars before entering the office building.  If your company is the sole owner of the building – this is not a problem.  If the premises are rented in the office center, then it is recommended to start moving early in the morning, while parking is not occupied.

Make a plan for a new office space

If a large organization with a large number of employees moves, it is not superfluous to draw up a plan for the future office. It is highly recommended to write down in that plan not only new working places, but also arrangement of office equipment. This is especially true in cases where 2 or 3 MFPs serve a whole department, performing a number of necessary functions – from printing documents to scanning.  Devices should be approximately at an equal distance from all employees.  Sockets should be installed in close proximity, so as not to pull the wires from the nearest power source.  All these nuances should be thought in advance to put boxes with equipment not in one place, but immediately in the places of its future place.

To choose the right freight transport

We mention once again that office equipment is expensive, so you need to pick the right truck.  It should have a special fastening system to prevent the falling or shaking of valuable equipment, and it is better to have a soft upholstery designed to protect the fragile items.

If you are having any problems with your office move you can always use the services of our company Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. Our professional and trained movers offer affordable office move, thus with us you have nothing to worry about; just be prepared for your smooth and stress-free move.