Essential tips for garden moving

Buying a new home is something that makes people very happy.  But on the other side moving is a difficult and stressful process, it takes a lot of time.  It is unlikely that someone will want to transport old furniture, dishes or bathroom equipment.  The situation is different with trees and shrubs planted near the house with your own hands.  If you want to transport your whole garden, it would very difficult without help of professional movers.

Preparing for the process

To leave the flowers and trees on your garden is not always good decision.  Perhaps, taking care of plants, you put your soul in them, spent a lot of time.  In a new place, you have to start everything from the beginning.  Favorite bushes, flowers and even trees can be transported to a new location.  Please note that it will not be possible to do this on your own.  Experts are confident that the transportation of the garden can be easy and fast.  It is necessary to prepare well for the process, to think things over beforehand.  The first thing to do is to think of the packaging that will be used when transporting the garden.  You can buy materials on yourself, but only after consulting with professionals.  They will tell you which packaging is suitable for trees, garden figures, flowers.  In most cases cardboard boxes of unequal sizes are used for transportation.

When transporting the garden, different containers are used.  Some boxes are good for packaging decorative items, others are for small flowers.  Trees and bushes also need to be protected from different damages during transportation.  Cardboard boxes for these purposes are not suitable.  Experts recommend using air-bubble wrap.  It has many advantages: it fixes sticking branches and leaves; allows plants to “breathe”; retains a high level of protective properties at any temperature; it is light in weight; does not contain toxic substances.  Packaging plants in such a film must be very careful and accurate.  Such precautionary measures will prevent the bushes and treesfrom the death.  If the budget for transportation of the garden is limited, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend time searching for materials for packaging.  If you have enough money for transportation, there wouldn’t be any problems with the choice of packaging.

Renting a car

After all the preparatory work is finished, it is worthwhile to think about renting a car to transport your garden.  There are a lot of companies that offer rental vehicles. You need to choose an offer that suits you in all parameters.  It is very important to take into consideration the amount of cargo that needs to be transported to a new place.  If your garden is young, and a small number of plants are planted, then a compact minivan will be suitable for their transportation.  Perhaps you own a huge garden, which is planted with different trees and shrubs.  In this case, even two large cargo vehicles will not be enough.

Important nuances

It is important to be properly prepared for the transportation of the garden.  Firstly, you should excavate flowers and carefully transplant the ornamental plants into pots.  This will minimize the likelihood of dying of the flower.  Secondly, you need to pack decorative items.  Gnomes, birds, squirrels and other figures must be wrapped in air-bubble wrap.  After that, put them into cardboard boxes and transport to the destination.  Do not try to put all the decorative elements in one container.  It is better to take 3-4 boxes, which will be appropriate forloading into the truck.  The figures will remain intact, and loading and unloading operations will take a little time with this approach. If there are gazebos and fountains in your garden, they need to be packed in advance.  Of course, first you need to dismantle the elements.  There can be difficulties in the process of their dismantling, which takes some time.Don’t postpone everything until the last moment.

The next stage is the protection of decorative elements with air-bubbly film or other material.  A few weeks before the move garden plants do not need watering.The consequences can be unpredictable if you do not follow this recommendation.  It is very important to hire a person who will accompany the plants during their transportation.  You can do it yourself if you have free time.  If the flower pot was broken or the cardboard box was deformed, you would have time to “save” the plants.  In the hot season it is highly recommended to spray plants by water during moving.  It is better to contact specialists for organizing the transportation of the garden. Vitesse moving company can offer you affordable garden moving involving our professional movers and other necessary equipment. If you use the services of our company, we deliver your plants to a new place without any damages on time.

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