Essential tips for office moving

Office moving is very responsible task.  It includes not only the transportation of office furniture, documentation, personal belongings of employees, but, of course, office equipment, without which the work of any enterprise, irrespective of its size, is impossible.  Printers, monitors, laptops, multifunction devices, computers cost much money, so when transporting such equipment you should move them especially carefully. There are much important information stored in computers, the loss of which can stop the work of the company and even cause irreparable harm. That’s why you should observe a number of simple rules during the office move.

Conduct inventory of equipment

This is the first thing to do at the very beginning of the project, if you do not want to forget something in the old office.  The inventory of all items completely excludes the possibility of losing them.  Each employee can independently conduct an inventory of his workplace.

 Choose the right time for moving

If possible, you should schedule the transportation for an early morning or a day off.  Of course, not all employees of the office will be delighted with this idea, but this is the only optimal time that will help to avoid traffic jams.  The longer the car gets to its destination, the longer the company is out of the work.The longer the company does not work,more money it loses.  This is called loss of profit.

Assign responsible persons

To avoid chaos, it is necessary to distribute responsibilities.  Each employee should be responsible for one of the preparatory stages, each of which is implemented in strict sequence.  For example, all at first are engaged in packing and marking and only then loading, instead of doing what you want at the moment.

 Dismantling the equipment       

All office equipment must be dismantled, remove moving parts and wires.  Wires should be placed in a bag and signed it, so that you do not have to rack your brains for a long time, to which device it fits.  In the end result, all equipment should take the form as it came from the store.

Carefully pack

The safety of machinery depends on the quality of its packaging.  Don’t you have original boxes?  It’s not a problem.  Today there are shops where you can buy packaging material.  If you hired a specialized company to organize the relocation of the office, then there is nothing to worry about at all. The workers will bring everything they need with them.  LCD monitors, system blocks, plasma panels, scanners and printers should first be wrapped in air-bubble wrap and then placed in a box.  Formed empty spaces should be filled with foam or crumpled paper to fix the technique and exclude the possibility of damage.  Do not overload the boxes:  put just the contents of the employee’s workplace along with the monitor. Photos, figurines, vases add extra grams and even kilograms.  The container may not withstand the load and burst.  Don’t forget to label all the boxes.  On each box you need to specify not only its content, but also the name of the employee.  This will help you to sort things out and get started to work.

Decide whether it is necessary to use riggers and special equipment or not

Offices can be different.  Sometimes the technique has solid dimensions, especially when it comes to printing or server equipment.  The latter is the information heart of any office.  Thanks to it, all employees have access to the Internet, communicate on the internal network, exchange documents and information.  The servers store important data, the loss of which can be a disaster.  In such cases, it is advisable to attract riggers who have a serious baggage of knowledge.  They easily move equipment, safely bypassing all obstacles in its path, using not only brute physical force, but also special devices.

Observe loading procedure

During loading operations, it is necessary to follow the rule of placing items in the body of the truck.The heaviest objects should be loaded first of all. It is possible to put lighter boxes and fragile items on heavy boxes.To avoid confusion, look at the markings.  It will tell you how to do it.

Make some space at parking

To make loading and unloading operations quickly, you need to make the space free from the cars before entering the office building.  If your company is the sole owner of the building – this is not a problem.  If the premises are rented in the office center, then it is recommended to start moving early in the morning, while parking is not occupied.

Make a plan for a new office space

If a large organization with a large number of employees moves, it is not superfluous to draw up a plan for the future office. It is highly recommended to write down in that plan not only new working places, but also arrangement of office equipment. This is especially true in cases where 2 or 3 MFPs serve a whole department, performing a number of necessary functions – from printing documents to scanning.  Devices should be approximately at an equal distance from all employees.  Sockets should be installed in close proximity, so as not to pull the wires from the nearest power source.  All these nuances should be thought in advance to put boxes with equipment not in one place, but immediately in the places of its future place.

To choose the right freight transport

We mention once again that office equipment is expensive, so you need to pick the right truck.  It should have a special fastening system to prevent the falling or shaking of valuable equipment, and it is better to have a soft upholstery designed to protect the fragile items.

If you are having any problems with your office move you can always use the services of our company Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. Our professional and trained movers offer affordable office move, thus with us you have nothing to worry about; just be prepared for your smooth and stress-free move.

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