Essential tips transportation of doors and windows

The first rule. Get rid of useless things

Definitely, useless item will be handles and all moving parts when transporting doors in a car.  First, doors can damage the car paintwork with insufficient quality packaging. Secondly, the protruding elements can break themselves with inaccurate handling. It is better to put them together in a bag and transport them separately in the salon.

 The second rule.  Packing door leaf

 Before you transport the door, you need to carefully pack the door leaf.  For this we use:

  •  sheets of cardboard;
  •  Styrofoam;
  •  foam rubber;
  •  air-bubble film;
  •  Scotch tape.

Dismantled boxes, old bedspreads and blankets, unnecessary clothes can be cheaper option for packing your doors.

The third rule.  Fix the door inside of the car.

Many modifications of cars allow their owners to lay the doors directly in the saloon.  Open the trunk and fold the rear row seats, so that they horizontally lay in the cabin of the car.  But this is not enough.  According to the rules, carrying a cargo, which is protruding more than one meter from the rear, should be indicated by identification marks.  In addition, it is necessary to secure the door so that it does not move while driving.

The same rules can be used when carrying the doors on the trunk of the car, which is located on top. Here the main criterion of sustainability will be the coincidence of the centers of gravity of the cargo and the vehicle.  It is recommended to use belts, elastic cables and ropes for fastening doors.

Transportation of windows

Nowadays there is a wide range of plastic windows in markets. The choice of the optimal model depends on individual requests and is not difficult.  After making purchase, you will face the issue about how to transport plastic windows, having provided integrity of transported cargo?  There are several ways to solve this issue.

Usually manufacturers provide a service for transporting plastic windows.  If there is a financial opportunity, you can take advantage of a convenient offer. The organization provides special equipment, loaders and an experienced driver for transportation. The company guarantees the safety and integrity of the goods carried.  In case of damage to the windows, the company will replace your door with a new one.

Many people wonder whether it is possible to transport the windows on their own, without damaging them during transportation.  This is possible, but it is necessary to find a suitable vehicle for that.  Transportation in a car or on an upper trunk does not ensure the safety of the double-glazed windows. Minivan, which has enough space inside of it, will be suitable for moving windows. The best option is a Ford Transit. The cost of renting it for a short period of time is relatively inexpensive.

 What to take into consideration?

When transporting double-glazed windows by yourself, chose the vehicle of proper load-carrying capacity. To ensure the safety of windows, it is necessary to transport such fragile cargo correctly. For this, it is necessary to take into account a number of important nuances:

  •  Before transportation, a special device – “pyramid” must be installed in the body of the truck.  It allows you to transport windows in a vertical position, excluding their movement and scratching the body of a car.  Horizontal moving can cause a deflection of the profile.
  •  Fastening of windows to the “pyramid” must be done with the help of special belts.  After fixing the windows, it is necessary to check the reliability of the fastening – the load must not move when driving.
  •  The car must have a closed body or an awning.  This will ensure the protection of double-glazed windows from dust and ingress of pebbles.  Transportation in an open trailer does not guarantee the safety of the items.
  • One window can be transported without a pyramid.  It can be transported lying, while firmly securing it.  A sheet of foam must be laid from the bottom and top of the insulating glass unit.
  •  It is necessary to transport metal-plastic windows at a low speed. Try to avoid sudden shocks and braking while driving a car.
  •  A special approach is necessary for loading and unloading plastic windows. The glass packet without a frame requires more careful handling due to the fragility of the product.

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