Helpful tips for apartment moving

Living in the apartment, even if a short period, any family certainly gets a lot of different things accumulated. And when there is a need to change the place of living, moving the apartment becomes a genuine natural disaster.  In order to streamline this process and not to transfer to a new place unrecognizable fragments and debris, plan everything in advance.

First, decide which things you take with you, and what is easier to give, sell or throw away.  Perhaps, your old sofa which you have inherited from your grandmother will not withstand the change of the apartment.  Or kitchen set, built-in or cumbersome cabinets should be left to new tenants. Moving is often an excellent opportunity to get rid of the rubbish accumulated on balconies, loggias and in pantries.

For packing of the property chosen for transportation, stock up with paper or polyethylene bags, strong cardboard boxes of different sizes, old newspapers, wide tape, hemp twine or ropes, pieces of foam plastic. Pack clothes, linen, stuffed toys in bags.  Books are quite heavy, they are desirable to be placed in small sturdy boxes of cardboard, having previously hardened the bottom of boxes with scotch tape. Each small glass piece must be wrapped with a piece of newspaper, and then densely lay all the objects prepared in this way in cardboard boxes.  After filling each box tie with twine and write on top of what is in it – this will help properly unload things when transporting. Do not stack glass or fragile products together with heavy objects! If the drawer is not filled up to the top, for consolidation add to it pieces of foam or crumpled newspapers.

Call a specialist to turn off and disconnect the washing machine, cooker, built-in appliances. Place TV, music center, computer in suitable sized cardboard boxes.  Protect screens with bubble wrap and add polystyrene pieces or other sealant to the boxes for reliability so that the equipment does not “hang out” in their packages.

The refrigerator must be switched off and wiped dry. Dismantle large furniture to make their transportation easier. Surround glass shelves and mirrors with sheets of corrugated cardboard and tie them with ropes. Lock the doors of the cabinets with adhesive tape, assemble the accessories together in one box.

When the whole cargo is ready, estimate how much space it will occupy during transportation, whether it is possible to transport everything for one trip.  If you need two vehicles or two trips, distribute things in two groups. If there is a possibility, entrust all this laborious and restless process to professional moving company. They have everything you need:

  • great experience in packaging, transportation and unpacking of items, disassembly and assembly of furniture in a new location;

  • packaging material and cardboard corrugated boxes for books, household appliances, special bags for clothes on the shoulders, as well as for the safe transportation of glass and fragile items;

  • skilled loaders;

  • specialized transport, where there are devices for securely fixation of large-sized furniture and equipment.

As a rule, specialists of moving companies are interested in strengthening their image, so your relocation of the apartment will be completed on time and with minimal material and psychological costs.

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