Essential tips for packing and moving home appliances

Moving home appliances can be challenging and not easy, because there are a lot of fragile items which can get damages while transporting. It is very essential to know how to pack and move your home appliances in order to avoid any breakages and follow simple rules given in this article.

Kitchen appliances moving

Kitchen is a room where we keep more home appliances than in any other room. The most suitable package for kitchen techniques is the original box in which you bought them. Such boxes are perfectly sized and best for long-distance moving. That’s why firstly look around your apartment and warehouse to find such boxes. It is recommended to start by reading your kitchen appliances’ instruction manuals. There are much useful information about packing and moving your items. If you don’t have sufficient number of original boxes try to find appropriate packing materials for your items. Before you start to pack your kitchen appliance make sure that you cleaned each item very well. It is better to wash it and let it dry the day before the move.  If kettle or coffee machine contains water, remove all liquid. Pack all appliances in a bubble wrap and fasten them by adhesive tape. Make sure that boxes, where you are going to put your kitchen appliances, are solid and have no holes or damages. It is recommended to put some packing peanuts inside the boxes in order to make a soft cushion for kitchen items. Fasten all flaps on the boxes by adhesive tape to prevent appliances from going out. Put your devices into the boxes and check whether there are empty spaces in the boxes or not. If you notice some empty space, fill it with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or soft towels. When small boxes with your kitchen devices are ready, prepare bigger moving box in order to place all small boxes into the big one. Carefully label all small and big boxes in order to make your unpacking process easier. When loading boxes to the truck choose the safest place in the van.

Dishwasher moving tips

If everything is done correctly, then your dishwasher will not even feel moving. Before you start packing the dishwasher, it should be prepared.  Make sure all dishes and cutlery are removed from inside, before you move it. If your dishwasher is embedded in the kitchen, remove screws and bolts keeping it in place so that you could slide the device out of its place.You need to fix the drum of the machine with special fixing bolts, and also pack the fastening couplings and hoses.Remove all small removable components such as hoses of the device to avoid damaging them while moving. Put all details separately into a box and label it so that you can remember to find all necessary parts in the process of setting up. When all components of dishwasher are removed, you can wrap it in a soft blanket or put it in the original packaging. To secure it it’s recommended to tie a rope around the device. This is necessary to protect the device from scratches and any other damages. Put your dishwasher on a dolly which has large basement so that you can take your device out of your home. Now you can start loading. The dishwasher should be transported only in an upright position.  Choose the most protected place in the truck when loading your dishwasher.  As you come to your new place, unpack the dishwasher and check its operability.

Other appliances moving tips

If you are going to move your microwave oven, firstly clean and wipe out it.  If your device has the glass carousel plate, take it out and wrap it in a bubble wrap or towels. Pack it separately and place it in a small appropriate box.As you unplug the device,fix firmly the power cord to the back of the microwave oven by packing tape. If you still have at your home the original box for your device, put the appliance into this box and tape it. Make sure that empty spaces inside the box are filled by bubble wrap or a layer of foam to prevent your device from shifting around inside the box. It is recommended to pay much attention to the labeling as it would help you when unpacking the devices. If you don’t have appropriate box for your microwave oven wrap a blanket around it and secure with adhesive tape.                              Small electronic devices like cameras can be transported in special packages from air-bubble film with antistatic additives.  Such material does not allow static electricity to accumulate on the devices; in addition it absorbs vibration and prevents external impacts.The vacuum cleaner must also be transported in disassembled condition: the unit itself,hoses and brushes separately.  If you have a washing vacuum cleaner in your house, make sure that the water tank is empty.

If you feel that you can’t move your home appliances on your own use the services of our company. Our professional movers from Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc.are highly qualified and have much experience. We can guarantee you the safe transportation of home appliances without any damages and difficulties.

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