How to choose the right moving company?

1. Advertising and directories

Reliable companies don’t save money for advertising.  So, they have high-quality websites that are easy to find on the Internet.  They lead an “active lifestyle” in social networks. Indeed, many reliable companies do not save money for SMM-promotion and contextual advertising in Google. They can afford bright design and effective content. Another way to find a competent moving company is to study well-known reference books. But there is one condition.  You can trust only those companies that are placed on popular resources. Pay attention to the logo and contact details – the more fully they are presented, the more reliable the company. Almost half of customers decide to deal with companies after visiting their website, or pages in social networks. Therefore, the website or page should be convenient and simple.  Experienced movers understand this and allocate money for a competent designer, programmer and copywriter. Unprofessional companies order a “self-made” site with a garish and outlandish design and illiterate texts. There can be grammatical and spelling mistakes. There is a high probability that the quality of their services will be of the same low level.

2. Fixed cost of services

A serious company has a fixed price for any of the services including cleaning, loading and unloading or packaging of furniture.  In order not to bore the customer with calculations, many firms offer “packages” of services for the apartment move of different sizes – one-room, two-bedroom, multi-level.  At the same time, the company takes all risks and additional costs. If the company offers an hourly payment for services, it only applies to the work of the loaders and the rental of cars or special equipment.  If you hope to save this way, ask the manager about the possibility to pay for the service by the hour. Meanwhile, do not pursue the cheapest offer.  The price, that the carrier company offers, usually consists of the cost of packaging materials, transportation costs and labor remuneration for carriers.

3. An integrated approach

Competent movers can make moving easy and enjoyable, like a Sunday walk. But this will happen only on one condition – if the company will have all the experts you need: loaders, furniture makers, packers, drivers and even air conditioning specialists. When contacting the company, ask what services are included in the package.  If the company is engaged in a simple transportation of things from point A to point B and can not assemble furniture or pack equipment – look for a more competent moving company.

4. Quality Assurance

When choosing a moving company, be guided by the opinions of colleagues from other companies and the portfolio of companies.  Also, it is recommended to call several companies and just talk with managers. By the level of their competence, you immediately understand who is better to deal with.  Not every manager can convince a wary customer of the reliability of the company. But the reviews of customers can do it. The website of each major company has a section of feedback and recommendations. Some companies can boast of lists of “star” customers – usually their logos are placed in the section “Our customers”. A little more troublesome method is to find out about clients and letters of recommendation in conversation with the manager of the company.  Listen carefully: if the moving company has been working in this sphere for a long time, a couple of large brands can be seen in the list of their customers.

5. A package of documents

The package of documents is another guarantor of quality, which you have the right to demand from any moving company.  The “correct” mover will issue a full set of papers for the move of the apartment. The contract will describe all the details: the cost of work, timing, responsibility of the company and so on.  A company that concludes a detailed contract with the customer, responsibly handles each item that it transports. Perhaps it is papers that will help you get compensation in case of loss or damage to furniture.  Experienced movers rarely make mistakes, but they insure always. Be sure to ask the manager to send you a contract in advance.  Study it with a lawyer. Make sure that there is detailed description of the compensation in case of damage to the goods carried or the failure of the delivery time.  Do not hesitate to demand additional items from the contractor. Make sure that you protect yourself and your times.

6. The level of communication

Employees are the marker by which it is easiest to determine the level of the company.  If you want to entrust your things to accurate competent carriers – listen carefully to managers on the phone.  We need goodwill, competence, competent speech. Ask questions as a competent consultant should answer any of them, keeping the framework of business etiquette.   Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc are ready to help you with apartment and office moving. Our professional and trained movers offer you packing and unpacking services, furniture assemble and disassemble and transportation. Just call us and inform us about your moving dates and we will complete all works on time. Your moving with us will be easy and stress-free.

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