How to keep office furniture safe when moving

Issue of office moving in our time is quite relevant.  Some companies are expanding, and they need new premises for offices.  Others, on the contrary, are trying to reduce costs and transfer their offices to cheaper areas.  How to organize the relocation of the office in order to deliver the furniture to a new place in good condition? The best way is to choose a professional carrier company and entrust it with all the worries.  The transportation costs will be less than the purchase of new furniture after a poor transportation.  Especially important is professionalism, if the relocation of executive offices is carried out, since there is usually expensive furniture. If, nevertheless, you decide to move on your own, then observe simple rules that will facilitate the whole process, and also preserve your health and nerves:

  • Take into account the packing material.  You will need corrugated cardboard, scotch tape, protective corners, wrapping paper and film, foam and foam rubber, as well as soft and dense fabric – for example, blankets or covers.
  • Remove all contents from the cabinets, package the documents in boxes and sign them.  Do not carry flammable and combustible substances together with other things!
  • After loading the furniture into the machine, make sure that all items are securely fastened, do not move or collide with each other.  Put between them, if necessary, transportation blankets or any old things.
  • Try not to disassemble the furniture, because even the most accurate dismantling causes the chips to crack and loosen the fasteners.  If moving is implemented not by professionals, but by casual people, furniture in general can appear hopelessly spoiled. Office furniture can withstand up to 6 assembly-disassembly cycles, but it is better to disassemble it only in case of acute need – it will be more intact.  Expensive and antique furniture should not be disassembled at all.
  • If you have moving in winter, do not forget about temperature and humidity changes.  Before loading, furniture should cool in the office with the windows open, and when unloading, you can not immediately bring it into a warm room – in the new place, too, open the windows beforehand.  Especially this applies to furniture made of natural wood and lacquered furniture, as a violation of the temperature regime can cause turbidity of the varnish and the formation of condensation.
  • Furniture must be carried during transport, and not dragged.  Although, of course, it is easier.
  • All glass elements must be removed, packed separately and firmly fixed in the machine.
  • Remove all removable shelves from the cabinets – they will also go separately.
  • Do not open the drawers on the road.  Take them out of the tables and thumbs, and if this is not possible – close it with a key or fix it with adhesive tape.  Also fix the swinging doors of cabinets, pedestals, desks by tape.

Here are the basic rules that must be adhered to when moving.  Despite their simplicity and common knowledge, they should not be neglected.  Then your move will be easy and painless.

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