How to move hairdresser’s parlours?

Transportation of items and equipment is a responsible and troublesome issue, which requires special skills and using equipped transport.  It is especially difficult when transporting expensive equipment, machinery, fragile items.  It becomes a challenge to move the hairdresser’s parlour. The need to change the address of the beauty salon may be caused by various reasons.  At the same time, such move involves the packaging and transportation of a large number of diverse items, including fragile, and expensive, and non-standard sizes.

The specifics of the move of a hairdresser salon and its property

The organization of the move and its success involves the proper handling of property that must be transported from one point to another.  Correct packing and placing of things in the body of the truck guarantee the preservation of its integrity and serviceability even after a long trip.  Many  modernhairdresser’s parlourshave a large number of various equipment and professional technologies, the transportation of which requires special attention and caution.  Drying equipment for professional use is distinguished by large and often non-standard dimensions, as well as impressive weight, which causes difficulties with its movement and loading and unloading.

Additional complexity creates sufficient fragility of drying devices, which requires special care in handling, as well as the using of reliable packaging, for example, a packaging film with air bubbles, which can provide an additional depreciation effect.

It is important to choose the right vehicle for transportation, it is advisable to use specialized cars in which it is possible to fix the items, and there should be a soft suspension for quiet and smooth movement even on bad roads.  Fragility is the main feature of mirrors, which are an indispensable item of any beauty salon.  Their transportation requires special care and involves: pre-packing using a film (stretch or air-bubble type), boxes, foam sheets, etc .;  accurate loading in the car and competent placing in a body of a truck with using of soft linings and reliable fixators;  adhering to the speed limit during the journey, which eliminates sudden braking and ensures smooth overcoming of obstacles.

Small equipment (hair dryers, hairbrushes, stylers, etc.)

Small equipment also needs careful handling.  Using boxes to transport is not always the best decision.  The best option is a bag, which has several partitions.  Each device neatly must be placed without contact and interlacing of wires.  This approach to packaging protects the equipment from mechanical damage, and also simplifies its search in a new location.

Cosmetic care products (varnishes, shampoos, paints, etc.)

Perfumery and cosmetics for professional care require careful handling and safety during transport.  When moving, care should be taken not only about reliable packaging, but also protection from the effects of the environment, since freezing and high temperature of the air easily provoke spoilage, making them unfit for use.  For safe transportation, it is advisable to use: boxes with cells for separate placement of each product; bags with pocketsso that you can put all jars in an upright position. Transportation of property inside the cabin or in a car with climate control allows excluding the adverse effects of temperature and the environment.


Furniture for barbershops and hairdressing salons is functional and meets the specifics of its purpose.  That is why when moving there is a need to transport tables, chairs, cabinets, upholstered furniture – everything that is used in the arrangement of the premises and provides convenience and comfort to clients and employees of the establishment.  To prevent damage and harm to property during transportation, it is important to make preliminary dismantling of furniture and its elemental disassembly.  Accessories, small parts, fastenings must be folded and packed apart from the main elements.  Frame and body parts should be wrapped with a stretch film or other packing material in order to prevent damage.To make the subsequent assembly easier, stack the elements of each furniture separately, and mark the boxes and parts. Choose modern vehicles for transportation of furniture, preferably with the upholstery of the body and the fastening system.  If a car has no special equipment, the fixation in the bodywork can be carried out using locally improvised materials: ropes, belts, bands, etc.

How to arrange a hairdresser’s parlor’s move?

Taking into consideration all the above, you can understanding the level of complexity of the process of moving a barbershop.  If you deal with this issue by yourself or with the efforts of salon employees, you can lose a lot of precious time and energy.  People who have no appropriate knowledge and skills can make a mistake, as a result the equipment and supplies will be packaged incorrectly or inaccurately.  The result of such work, most likely, will be additional costs for equipment repair, as well as the purchasing of new cosmetics for the salon.  In order to exclude unpleasant surprises and move smoothly and effectively, it is better to use serviceof professional movers.  Specialized transportation companies will do the task as effectively as possible.  The availability of experience and the necessary equipment allows you to organize a turnkey move.  Professional movers from Vitesse are always ready for any type of moving. We offer you top quality services at an affordable prices.

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