How to move wardrobe and other furniture?

The interior of any modern living apartment necessarily includes a wardrobe. As a rule, this is a very voluminous, massive object, the transportation of which can itself cause serious difficulties. Very often large wardrobes do not fit into doorways and stairways. So that they could pass through these obstacles they must be disassembled and then reassembled. Especially it is difficult to place it into an elevator. This is a complicated process that requires the availability of relevant knowledge and skills. Sometimes disassembly can even destroy an object – due to the presence of all-in-one components in the item. Experienced and well-trained movers and loaders from Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Chicago or Los Angeles smooth your move and make it stress-free and easy for you.Our professional movers are able to safely and efficiently transport any furniture items. How to transport such a bulky item as wardrobe without damages, saving its functionality?We will give some useful recommendations for you in this article.

Tips for preparation and disassembly

First, decide whether you need to disassemble the furniture or not. There can be several situations in which you may need to disassemble furniture.  The main reasons for the dismantling of furniture:

  • It can’t pass in the doorway because of too large dimensions;
  • There is no elevator in the house, and it is quite problematic to lower the collected furniture from the high floors;
  • The furniture was made to order, and it is non-standard;
  • Built in furniture.

In order to disassemble the furniture you need a special tool.  To save your time, you can combine the disassembly and packing, as soon as something is sorted out, it is immediately packaged. Before correct dismantling the wardrobe for moving, it is necessary to inspect it and determine which parts are to be removed. Small furniture is more preferable and easier to transport in the collected form. Determining the need for disassembly, consider some of the nuances: Antique furniture, which has repeatedly been dismantled and transported, may not withstand the next move. When disassembling it, be especially careful and attentive, preferably contact the professionals. How to transport a wardrobe with a large mirror and a lot of design elements? Prepare the assembly scheme and mark all necessary details. Products from chipboard are not always able to withstand the assembly and disassembly, so when transporting them, remove the minimum number of parts.

How to transport a mirror of a compartment wardrobe and other items without their loss and damage? After finishing the disassembly, fold up all the fasteners together. The rest of the structural elements should be packed with foamed polyethylene, corrugated cardboard or air-bubble film. Packed items should be transferred to the car and well secured. Doors of the wardrobe are not recommended to be removed (glass and mirror ones included): partially dismantled furniture may lose its stability. Leave the doors in their place, but unscrew the handles on them, turn them in and again tighten them firmly. After that, fix all the doors with adhesive tape.

Is it possible to transport furniture like compartment wardrobe?Such furniture is a beautiful, spacious and comfortable item.But when moving, it can create a lot of problems. Pay attention: you can transport only cabinet furniture, which has its walls, ceiling and floor. Built-in products, which are made according to individual order, are often installed “tightly” onceand forever.Disassembly, packaging, and then subsequent assembly and installation of such furniture require a certain skill and participation of several people. To start such work you should have some special skills.

How to assemble furniture after transportation?

When the question of transportation of a wardrobe is solved, we have to assemble wardrobe again. First, determine the place where you are going to put it. It is important not to make mistakes with the parameters: take the tape measure and determine the dimensions of the future element of the interior. Before starting the assembly, cover the floor with a cloth or cardboard. Carefully study the drawings and scheme, determine which elements must be joined together.Set up the furniture by placing the side walls so that the rear imaginary wall could be the floor. This will ensure the most effective and comfortable joining of parts to each other.

Disassembled, marked furniture is better to form into piles that will not be too heavy, for easy carrying.  Mirrors and glass elements of furniture should be packed separately and with special care – they are very fragile.  All items of furniture must be laid out in individual boxes and signed.  If the furniture will be transported in disassembled form, then you need to pull out of it all items that are not fixed – boxes, shelves.  Glass and mirror elements should be removed and packaged separately.                                                                                                                                                                                    It is It is important to know how to transport and pack your furniture correctly before you move, as it helps to prevent any damages to your furniture. If you follow the rules given above you can move your furniture without any difficulties.

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