How to move washing machine

Transportation of the large home appliances, such as a washing machine, isn’t an easy task.  You may need to transport a washing machine in a few cases.  The first is the purchase of a new unit in the store.  The second is moving from one apartment to another.  In the first case the buyer practically does not care about the delivery of the goods to his home.  Most often this is the work of the store staff.  The new machine is transported in a special factory package, reinforced with cushioning materials, so the full safety of the machine is guaranteed.  But if the device has already worked for a while, the question arises, how to transport the washing machine on your own without bringing damages to its mechanism?

Essential preparations

First thing you need to do is to check if there is any water in the machine after use.  Even if you have not switched on the washing machine for a long time, it may contain a small fraction of the liquid.  Therefore, first it is necessary to unscrew the drain hose and place a bucket underneath it for draining.  If it is necessary the machine can be tilted slightly.  If the tank has water, leave the valves open for a while to dry the inside of the machine.  While the machine dries start to make the following steps: twist the cord and hose carefully, it is preferable to wrap them in packing material.  Wrap with adhesive tape or other suitable material the powder containers to prevent them from opening during transportation.

Protecting all components of a washer                                              

The purpose of the preparatory stage is to protect as much as possible all the components from the vibrations that can be fatal.  One of the most fragile mechanisms in a washing machine is a drum.  Therefore, you need to be especially careful with it, otherwise it can damage the inside of the washing machine while it is moving in the truck. On the back of the washing machine you can see special holes designed for the shipping bolts which come as component parts in any washing machine.  These are the bolts that are used to fix the drum from the back of the machine.  It is enough simply to screw the bolts into the special holes on the rear panel.  If you find the bolts at home, screw them firmly to the rear wall.  Unfortunately, most often bolts are lost or accidentally thrown away.  In this case, you can try to buy them in the stores of household appliances.  If you still can not find the bolts, you can use the method of fixing the drum without the shipping bolts:

– Remove the horizontal covering of the machine.

– Put the Styrofoam between the drum and the valves.

– Check whether the drum is fixed firmly or not.

The most important thing is to prevent the drum from shifting around inside the machine, as this can cause cracks in the tank and other serious damage to the equipment. The washing machine must be wrapped in a protective covering such as air-bubble film. If there is no film, use blankets and other soft materials that can protect machine from possible hits and cracks.

The way of transportation

A washing machine is not lightweight item.  In order to move it from one place to another, you need the strength of two strong men.  And some manufacturers produce washers with a weight of 100 kg or more, such devices can only be lifted by three persons. You need to take out the washing machine from the apartment only directly, without turning it over.  Only a slight tilt is allowed.  If there is no elevator in the building, you can use the services of professionals.  It is better to transfer and transport the washing machine with the loaders, who have both the relevant experience and the necessary equipment for this.  You can also buy or rent utility cart to move your washer if you do that on your own. An important part of the process is the loading of the washer.  It is highly recommended to transport the machine in an upright position.  In passenger cars it is almost impossible, so sometimes owners have to put the device on its side.  This way of transportation can cause the failure in machine’s system. However if you transport the machine horizontally, then put a soft layer of a blanket under it and lay it on the back panel.  Carriage on the side – this is an extreme measure, in which you need to be especially careful. During the transportation it is necessary to avoid sharp turns and braking, to choose a smooth road and to go as accurately as possible.

These rules will help you avoid breakages during transportation.  When installing the machine in a new apartment, do not forget to remove the shipping bolts beforehand.  If you do not have the opportunity to transport the washing machine by yourself, use services of our team. Our experienced and high qualified staff will help you to move your washing machine and any other home appliances to a new place without difficulties and damages.

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