How to move with pets

When we move to another apartment our pets get stressed as well as we do. They subtly feel the mood of the owner before moving, notice a change in their familiar surroundings, usual things and furniture. These moments can be very traumatic for them.  On the day of the moving, unfamiliar people and smells invade their territory. To get a new home is very hard and stressful for them. They get stressed because they don’t know where we all are moving. They feel fear and panic. Unfortunately, our pets have little opportunity to let us know something about their feelings.

Prepare your pet for moving process

First of all prepare for the move and make special plan. That would be much easier if you make moving schedule in order not to get complicated. In order to prevent your little friend from a huge stress you should keep it in a special hotel for animals or leave for a short time with relatives or close friends. If you do not have such an opportunity, at least try to place pets in a separate emptying room which is free from working activity, noise of moving furniture and much boxes. Even though you are having moving process try to save some sense of a routine. That will make your pet feel better. Any transportation causes serious stress in animals, that’s why we recommend you to get consultation with a vet in advance about the possibility of using special medications or natural remedies to make your pet feel good.  A doctor can prescribe a course of sedatives a week before moving, which will relieve the tension of your little friend.  Make sure that you have all necessary information about proper dosages. If your pet has some problems with health you should tell your vet about it so that they could prevent worsening of its condition. Get the health certificate from the vet, make all necessary vaccinations strictly one month before the trip. If you are traveling by train or plane, your pets have to get vaccine against rabies and the kennel cough vaccine in the clinic. It is important to mention the name of the vaccination in the passport of the animal. Don’t forget to ask your vet if they know a vet in your new place they can recommend. Psychological condition of your little friend is very important. Don’t let them feel unloved and try to play with them much and treat them more tenderly than you do it usually. In order to improve their spirit you can go for a walk with them, give their favorite food and let them sleep in bed. Sometimes animals refuse to eat in stressful situations, that’s why to minimize their stress try to follow recommendations given above.

Transportation of your little friend

Transporting your cosset to a new location can be a headache for you and one of the most difficult problems. Here are some tips that will make your pet’s move much easier:

Take into consideration the route if you are traveling by car and make sure that you carefully study it. Try to choose the route where you could find zones for recreation and pet friendly hotels. Book the room in advance and mention the staff of the hotel that you come with your pet to stay with. If you have a dog try not to leave it alone because it can bark and make everyone worried because of your absence.  These nuances will provide a good rest for your pet as well as for you. Pet carrier will help to cope with the level of anxiety of the animal during the trip and it would be useful in your new home on the first days after moving.  And this is exactly necessary, if you have a dog and a cat traveling together, these friends need to be kept separately.

Most likely, riding a car will upset animals’ stomachs.  Before the trip, it is recommended to keep four-legged friends on a starving diet for about 10 hours.  It is necessary to limit drinking water for 2 hours before transportation. Prepare a special drink in the car or a plastic bowl.  Don’t forget to check time by time whether the animal wants to drink or not. In unfamiliar surroundings if a dog find itself without a leash it will try to run towards the house.  If your dog is too energetic or aggressive make sure that you have an extension leash for it. It is good to make technical stops while driving a car. For cats you need to have a toilet filler with yourself.

Make your pet feel good

Pick up all necessary accessories for your pet and put them into a bag. Make a list of necessary things you will need. The most important and vital things are dry pet food, drinking water, hygiene products, medicine, plastic bags, a scoop, sleep station for an animal, especially if you stay at the hotel.  If your cosset has some special food preferences make sure you pick it up before you leave. When you get your new home, give your pet a time to explore all the rooms.  Many animals, especially cats, enjoy this process.  Another strategy should be used for dogs. It is recommended to give a dog meaty snack for a sense of safety in a new place. Lay out your pet’s favorite items, such as bed or toys. Make it feel that this is a good place to live. When you are in new apartment, don’t forget to pay much attention to your pets and play with them. That will make them feel good and safe. Make sure that the windows and doors in the house are securely closed.  Apparently сats and dogs would try to return to their old places. It is good if you don’t take the dog off the leash for several weeks while walking in a new place.

If you follow the tips given above your pet gets through moving process without any difficulties.

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