How to Pack Your Special Items

Anticipating a forthcoming house move, multiple people are worried and puzzled with the relocation challenges. The common nightmares include broken dishes, china, lost collectibles, dents and scratches on the fashionable, luxurious furniture. Moving scams and extra charges that can exhaust not only the relocation but the total family budget also often frighten the people before the move.

Meanwhile, all of these issues and problems can be avoided by the proper planning, tasks scheduling and vigilance. Opting for the reliable local movers, such as Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., you are protected against unfair practices and various frauds. Reading multiple positive customers reviews, checking the MC (Motor Carrier) number, select the most trusted and reliable moving company.

Our professional movers are trained and experienced. We are accurate and diligent. The proven world packing and sorting practices are applied to keep your cherished items undamaged during the loading and transportation. Advanced loading equipment, such as hand trucks, ramps and dollies are available and applied to load the moving truck smoothly and easily.

Several moving insurance coverages are offered to all our customers: limited, added valuation and full-value protection. The indemnification conditions are clearly specified within the contact.

Probably, the opportunity to get money instead of your memorable belongings is not very encouraging. But the experienced house movers handle the possessions as careful and accurate as they can, knowing that the insurance is in force. Our estimates contain no hidden fees; so you can estimate the move budget quite accurately, based on the separate relocation expenses.

Finally, the reliable, professional packing materials and supplies are to be used to protect the items, even the most fragile and delicate ones, during the transportation. So, let’s clarify how the special items are packed and wrapped to ensure their reliable protection and safe delivery to the destination.

1. Mirrors and Pictures

When you investigate your house or apartment, you find a dozen of various mirrors available. Some of them are essential part of furniture, the other ones are independent.

Flat, fragile items, such as mirrors, or pictures, are packed only using the top- quality packing materials. They are placed to the properly-sized, custom-made, thick, padded, corrugated cartons. Only one mirror can be placed into a carton. Additionally, it is necessary to:

  • stick the tape across the mirror’s glass surface, in the “X” shape to adsorb shocks;
  • use corner protectors;
  • cover the surface with a cardboard layer and Styrofoam;
  • label the special “fragile” stickers;
  • keep the mirror always upright.

Being loaded to the truck, the cartons with mirrors are fastened with the straps and surrounded by soft items, pads and blankets. We provide safe and top-quality packing and moving truck loading services in Chicago and Los Angeles, guaranteeing that your dear possessions are delivered in their initial condition.

2. Glassware and Fine China

Every individual item, that is plate, dish, bowl or cup is to be wrapped separately. Bubble wrap is preferable for these purposes. Meanwhile, other materials, including the improvised ones such as newspapers, paper towels, etc. can be used. Additionally, for the packing you’ll need:

  • strong, two-wall corrugated cartons;
  • padding for the bottom;
  • pliable cardboard for the items separating.

The cartons with cardboard partitions and individual cells for every item are recommended, especially for the china and other heirloom houseware. Small ones that are designed for packing the loads that weight not more than 10 lbs. are the best. Using the reliable, professional materials, providing affordable packing services, we guarantee the safe delivery of your cherished belongings.

Meanwhile if you prefer DIY packing and using the materials at hand, no problems. The glassware is to be just properly wrapped, separated and padded, with no gaps or piles of fragile items. If people prefer to wrap the glasses, bowls and cups even by socks, it can be sufficient for the glassware protection; the tableware can be only dirty after the unpacking, so, it’s up to you. Professionals of Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. recommend using, reliable, custom, professional packing materials. Providing top-notch packing services in Illinois and California, we make your move smooth and stress-free.

3. Small-Size Domestic Appliances

Small kitchen appliances such as microwave oven, toaster or coffee maker are to be packed and delivered properly, as well. You need to:

  • disassemble and clean them;
  • remove the fragile and component parts;
  • choose the reliable box of the suitable size;
  • use padding for the bottom;
  • wrap the appliance;
  • place it in the box;
  • fill the gaps;
  • secure and label the packing.

Quite naturally, soft paper or tissues can be used for the padding and wrapping. But bubble wrap is the best. Commonly, the label “kitchen” is used. Additionally, the appliances are to be listed in the inventory. It guarantees that you won’t afraid to have any item lost after the unpacking.

Large kitchen appliances are packed and protected in the similar ways. But these works are done only by the experienced professionals, using the special packing supplies, as the challenge is extremely demanding.

Packing materials are diverse. Sometimes, it’s not sufficient to use just the new and professional ones. When we estimate the stuff volume, we measure the special items and order the custom-made corrugated cartons of the special dimensions.

Our professional packing and moving services are really affordable. When you select this relocation option, you can be sure that the packing process is well-organized, the delivery is properly scheduled, your dear possessions are delivered safe and stress-free.

Quite naturally, we can’t eliminate traffic jams, but our experienced drivers are trained to skip them around to arrive at the destination in time. So, with Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. you have nothing to worry about; just be prepared for your smooth and stress-free move and select the suitable packing options.

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