How to prepare an apartment for moving?

Are you ready for the move?  No, no, do not check if the list of things is correctly composedorclarify if the furniture is securely packed. These actions, as a rule, are the most important.  But there are other, less obvious parts of this complex process.  One of them is the preparation of the premises for the move.  As practice shows, it is the most often forgotten thing by people. Which room do we mean?  In most cases, the final destination of your trip – a new home or workplace – needs to be prepared.  In other words, the room in which you are moving.  It is better to prepare for it in advance, when there are still a few days left before the transportation of things.

Why it is important to prepare the premises for the move?

– to protect floor and walls from damage;

– tomake unloading and arrangement of things easier;

– in order to adapt quickly to a new location.

The preparation of an apartment, country house and office for a move is different, so it’s worth thinking about each category separately.

Preparing a room for an apartment move

The wider the premises in an apartment, the less hassle you will have with their preparation for the move.  Unfortunately, the layout of the modern apartments often are very narrow. Moving furniture on such narrow hallways, without damaging neither things, nor walls, sometimes it is extremely difficult.  The most difficult case is moving to a small apartment with a good and expensive maintenance.  Doors can be protected from damage by wrapping them with polyethylene film.

In some cases, you have to dismantle the door frames, if the furniture does not pass into a narrow opening.  It is recommended to lay on the floor a strong polyethylene film, cardboard, in extreme cases – old carpets.  In this case, your parquet or laminate will not suffer, even if the loaders drop something on the floor.  Also this approach helps to secure moving process if the floor, for example, in the hallway, is covered with slippery tiles. Thehardest issue is to protect the walls and ceiling from damage. It is impossible to cover them by polyethylene or cardboard, they do not stick.  Here it is necessary to use “auxiliary methods”.

Think in advance how and where you will place your furniture and other items.  Write down or draw a scheme of the arrangement of things on paper and show it to the movers. Measure the width and height of doorways, and arches (if you have them).  Perhaps, some items will not pass into the low or narrow opening.  Then you would have to either widen the aisle, or dismantle the furniture, and this also requires additional time.  Take into account “high risk areas”, where special approach is needed. These can be low arches, narrow openings or areas, finished with especially good materials. Wrap the sharp parts of furniture with packing material with good cushioning properties.  This can be a soft foamed polyethylene film or air-bubble film.  Paper and stretch film in this case are not good option – they don’t have enough thickness and can tear.

On the eve of moving into the apartment, you should clean all the rooms.Take out all unnecessary items, and put the necessary thingsin some safe place. If you don’t want to turn yourexpensivefurniture into a heap of debris, get rid of all building materials and other distracting elements on the floor so that loaders could easily move your items.If there are curtains on the aisles, low-hanging lamps and other things that can be an obstacle for moving,it is better to remove them for the time of moving. Also it is highly recommended to removemirrors and ornaments made of fragile materials from the walls at the time of moving.

Preparations for country house moving

When you have a dacha moving, you rarely have to worry about the expensive floor or walls.  However, always keep good coordination of movements – it is possible to tear down the door frame by furniture. You can take precautions and widen the doorways in advance.  The second option is to dismantle the furniture, but it’s also better to do at home, and not in the grass near the dacha. It is important to check out the strength and quality of floor coverings on the upper floors of your country house.There are a lot of curious stories about how attics and stairs break through under the weight of brought things. Dust, mold and insects – that’s who willingly occupies your country house and is not going to leave it.  Moreover – they can bother you at the time of moving and having rest there. Dust will rise in the air during loading operations, it may spoil clothes and cause an unpleasant allergic reaction. Mold and insects willingly would settle in your new furniture or other items.  About a week before moving to the country house, it is worth to make a wet cleaning work to get rid of dust and cobwebs.  To get rid of insects, you can use special chemicals.

Who should prepare the premises for the move?  “No one will do it better than us!” – say the owners.  In such statements, self-confidence is sometimes three times greater than experience.   Would you be able to widen the doorway by yourself?  Or make protectivecovering for expensive flooring?  In light cases, the hosts themselves will prepare the premises for the move.  However it is better to entrustdifficult moving issues to professionals.

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