How to Prepare Your Cherished Furniture for a House Move in Los Angeles or Chicago

When you decide on the forthcoming interstate or local move in California or Illinois and schedule the event, you might worry about your memorable possessions safety. Various furniture pieces of all kinds such as sofas, tables, cabinets and beds make the significant part of the belongings that are loaded to a moving truck. They are commonly bulky and heavy. Thus, if you can deliver small cartons with personal possessions, glassware and domestic appliances by yourself, packing and moving the furniture commonly requires professional assistance.

It may seem easy to pack and transport small items that are not fragile and bulky. However, some proven packing and items protection practices exist that help professional house movers to do the job efficiently and fast, avoiding any damages, dents or scratches. Here, at Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., we know how to wrap every piece of furniture, even oversized, non-standard or antique ones, to protect them in the most reliable way. It allows the items to survive any long distance deliveries, at any weather conditions and road circumstances.

Multiple professional aspects are difficult to share, as our experienced local movers complete longtime training programs, trying to foresee any emergent or unexpected situations. Our team of professionals is well-coordinated, being able to solve any challenging task efficiently and fast. However, we will try to highlight some furniture packing basics in this article, enabling you to prepare the stuff properly for your anticipated move, being sure of its complete safety and smooth progress.

Furniture Preparations

When you plan a house move, belongings sorting, packing and wrapping is scheduled among the most labor-intensive, difficult and time-consuming tasks.

Before wrapping the available pieces of furniture into the moving blankets and mattress covers, they are to be empty, clean and disassembled.

Initially, the possessions’ owners are to:

  • take everything out from the wardrobes, nests of drawers, cabinets and cupboards;
  • make an inventory;
  • measure and assess all pieces of furniture;
  • clean the dirty surfaces.

Quite naturally, all small items that were stored in the drawers and cabinets are to be sorted, inventoried, and placed to the separate cartons or boxes. Professional house moving services can include some kinds of packing works, but a part of small, personal items is preferably sorted and apportioned by the owners themselves.

It’s advisable to pack the stuff drawer by drawer or room by room, separating clothes and kitchenware, electronics and footwear. The corresponding labels are commonly attached to the cartons, making it easier to unpack all of these possessions, putting them in order in your new house.

Furniture Disassembling Essentials

To ensure that your valuable belongings are safely delivered, they are to be dismantled and wrapped properly. It’s necessary to remove all protruding parts, fastening, delicate and glass elements.

The arms, attachments, decorations and legs are dissembled accurately, avoiding any damages. Glass doors, shelves and mirrors, are removed and packed properly to the custom, professional and thick packing materials, for example, corrugated double-wall cartons or thick blankets.

Delicate and fragile elements are detached and protected carefully. Bolts, screws and dowels are removed (if it wouldn’t cause any damages to the furniture pieces), and stored in the special bags.

Taking into account our unparalleled experience in packing and furniture assembly, we would advise you to:

  • take photos of every cabinet, chest of drawers or sofa before disassembling it;
  • consult the manuals and instructions;
  • ask for professional, affordable furniture disassembly services for expensive, valuable or delicate items to avoid any risk to damage them.

Packing Supplies and Materials

The sofas and tables are commonly bulky and heavy, they are to be protected, using the special-purpose wrapping materials. The particular, professional supplies include:

  • furniture blankets;
  • bubble and shrink wrap;
  • cardboard sheets;
  • top-quality tape.

Using thick and properly sized blankets is essential. They are to be reliable enough to stand any road dangers and risks, for example, high or low temperatures, vibration, shocks, etc. These materials, their cost or rent, will definitely be included into your moving bill. However, it’s not advisable to save on this expenditure item, as it’s difficult to make any reliable or durable blankets by yourself.

Additionally, if you buy them anywhere, the cost will be much higher than in our company. The reason is that we purchase them with the significant discounts, in great volumes, and offer as additional, collateral services, without making any profit on them. Check your unique move quote and make sure that our packing services are really affordable.

As to the cardboard, bubble wrap or tape, you can certainly use the available materials or find the used ones anywhere. Our professional local movers just apply them efficiently, in an expert manner, ensuring safe furniture transportation.

Some Special Aspects to Consider

Expecting a house move, you may think about protecting the wooden parts of your furniture, as well as fragile, glass elements, corners, legs and moveable parts. Don’t worry, as we use the proven packing practices and guarantee that the furniture pieces are delivered safe and sound.

  1. Glass components are removed carefully, packed into packing paper, large pieces of bubble wrap and blankets. All three layers of packing materials are essential to protect the fragile parts in reliable way.
  2. Delicate and antique ornaments are wrapped in the similar way as the glass elements, adding cardboard materials that absorb shocks.
  3. Moveable parts such as drawers or doors are immobilized by means of plastic wrap and packing tape.
  4. Furniture corners are secured using the special protectors (an expensive option) or cardboards sheets (more affordable). Moving blankets are necessary as the outer layer, anyway.
  5. The legs that are not removable are wrapped in bubble wrap and furniture blankets.
  6. Large table or bed areas are covered by blankets that are fixed by the packing tape.

Thus, when you opt for professional packing services and proper materials, your furniture is completely secured against any damages or scratches. Quite naturally, you can pack your cherished belonging by yourself, using DIY or improvised materials and undertake all the related risks and dangers.

However, before making an informed decision, get a detailed quote from our company, analyze all expenditures and compare them with the alternative options. Order our affordable packing and furniture assembly services to secure your house move, making is smooth and cost-efficient.


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