How to relocate a store?

The reasons for relocating a store are obvious to any businessman: necessity of widening the territory, choosing a better location in order to attract more customers and maximize sales. Any shopkeeperis willingto complete relocation of a store as quickly as it possible. Even a one-day break in work of a store can result in a significant loss of profits and even customers.  That is why many entrepreneurs and heads of retail outlets are interested in the question: how to organize a store move correctly?  Indeed, what can and should be done to avoid material losses?  How to move quickly and at no extra cost?  Let’s try to formulate some basic rules.


Relocation of a store is a complex multi-stage process, each stage of which requires a professional approach.The first stage is drawing up a plan for moving the store, taking into account the scale and size of the goods. You should decide which services to order in the moving company, and what will you do by yourself.  For example, you can do self-packing or loading.  But professionals advise to order a full moving services, only then you will receive a guarantee for the safety of all your belongings.  Companies specializing in the moving of stores, have the right amount of suitable vehicles.  They will calculate the necessary volume of space for your items.                                                                                                    When planning to organize and implement the relocation of the store, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • the approximate amount of the transported property;
  • type of goods (for example, textiles, or fragile and especially valuable items);
  • quantity, approximate dimensions and other features of commercial ;
  • initial and final addresses, distance of transportation;
  • the allowable time for the work;

This information allows you to properly organize the work, to attract the necessary number of people, special equipment and appropriate loading and unloading equipment. In the beginning, first you need to pack all the products, office equipment and documents, dismantle the equipment, and then you can start dismantling shop windows, cash register, trade furniture, decoration and light boxes. It is not secret that the safety of the transferred valuable goods and equipmentdepends on how securely they are protected at the moment of loading and unloading operations and transportation.  That’s why we offer our customers sorting and professional packaging services.Pack your equipment in boxes and containers.  Fragile items must be protected with air bubble and polyethylene film, tape and cardboard. Don’t forget to label all goods and materials before loading into the truck. After moving, you can always know content of any box.  In order not to damage the cumbersome equipment and large furniture, they must be partially dismantled before transportation, and after the move they should be again assembled.

Office workers and store employees are not professional loaders, builders and electricians, so instead of looking for all these specialists separately, it’s easier to contact a company that offers professional store moving services.The biggest headache in such cases is large-sized trading equipment, which is very difficult to disassemble. If large cabinets, racks, tables can be disassembled into small components without any problems, then it is extremely difficult to organize the move and transportation of upholstered furniture and interior items. The using services of non-professionals can lead to very unpleasant consequences, such as damages, scratches and so on.  It is not worth saving money, risking getting big problems.

But it is not easy to prepare a new room for your store, it is necessary to make it comfortable so that it meets all your requirements.  Most likely, it would be necessary to implement installation of air duct systems, install air conditioners,supply necessary communication systems. Only after the preparation of the premises it is possible to implement the installation of equipment and its connection, hang a sign or canopy on a new building, arrange furniture, assemble commercial equipment.

How can you minimize expenses when relocating a store?

If you are going to organize a storerelocation with minimal financial expenses, it is important to understand the ratio of daily revenue and the cost of freight services:

  • If the daily revenue of the outlet is high enough, you can implement the transportation of the store at night then to avoid losing customers. Working services may be more expensive after 19 pm, but will help not to lose additional trading days.
  • The choice of vehicle also affects the price of the move.  You can rent one car of maximum capacity and carrying capacity and, thus, transport a boutique or a small store on one “flight”.
  • Expensesfor transportation services can be reduced by some increase in the time of moving. If enough time is allocated to the work, the number of specialists (loaders, packers, etc.) involved may be minimal.

It is recommended to transport goods (for example, such as office equipment, lighting, fragile interior items, etc.) preferably in the original packaging. It is better to entrust professionals preparation for moving items that do not have such packaging.

Loading and unloading works

Another condition for safe relocation of your store is professionally performed stage of loading and unloading of equipment.  Our specialists from Vitesse moving use in their work grippers, ties, cables, rigging belts, low lifting jacks, various trolleys (hydraulic forklifts, platform, stairways, transformers) and winches.  Such a variety of equipment and a high level of training of employees allow them to cope with any of the most difficult tasks in the shortest possible time. Accuracy of actions in combination with the professionalism of our professional movers guarantees the safety of your valuables.

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