How to transport musical instruments?

Any musician or a person who loves music wants to make sure that his or her musical instruments will withstand transportation without damages. Moving musical instruments should be carried out in a way that provides full safety to them, because they cost sufficient amount of money and some of them can be hardly found again in case of their breaking. Even if your musical instrument is an old guitar which doesn’t cost much money, it can be very appreciable for your heart. So, if you don’t want to see your pieces of art damaged or broken, you’ll need to take everything into account and be prepared! Musical instrument must be properly packed before transportation. You should take very careful approach when preparing instruments, it is not enough to write “fragile” on boxes. You need to find appropriate packing materials for each musical instrument individually.
Original hard case is the best packing material for your piece of art. It provides instruments maximal safety. In case of absence such hard case you can use alternative variants for packing:

  • Adhesive tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Carton boxes
  • Packing peanuts

Don’t save on buying packing materials. Good supplies can protect your piece of art from harm. Consequently, if you don’t save money on packing, you get your instruments without any damages after moving.

Bayan and accordion

As we noted below, the best package for bayan and accordion is a factory case.  If you have no such cover for some reason, then you will have to use improvised materials.  Take the box, place a soft cloth or air-bubble film and pack the instrument.


Not all guitarists have special hard cases. A soft cover will be enough only if you carry the guitar with your own hands and will protect it in every possible way from blows and falls.  If you can’t give proper attention to the guitar during transportation, wrap it in an air-bubble film or soft material, and on top – in a cover.  No cover?  Its functions can be performed by a cardboard box of suitable size or plastic foil or dry cleaning bag to keep your instrument safe from water and moisture.  Do not forget to remove the mediators, spare strings and other accessories in a separate pocket of the case or in your bag. It’s recommended to slightly loosen the strings of the guitar. But do it very carefully in order not to damages its neck. If you are not sure how to loosen strings, ask some help at the local musical instruments store.


Percussion instruments are the easiest for moving.  Remove all removable parts of the instrument pack it separately. Drumhead must be properly protected. Shape carton box to it and wrap using adhesive tape to prevent it from damaging. Afterwards, find a box slightly larger than the instrument. Use bubble wrap to pad the top, sides, and bottom, and place the drum inside. Put some packing peanuts and close the box. Put drumsticks and other accessories in the separate box.

Brass instruments

Any musician cares about his brass instruments very much, that’s why it’s very important to follow all the sufficient rules during moving this instrument. Take special approach when packing brass, take out mouthpiece and pack it in a separate box. Bubble wraps must be used to wrap brass and its pieces before placing them inside the box.
If there are large instruments in your collection it’s better to entrust them to professional movers, as such big items could be difficult to transport on your own. However, when packing it by yourself, make sure that you use much padding for protection during transporting.
If you understand that you can move your valuable instruments on your own, choose a moving company with a good reputation. Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. can offer you packing and unpacking, moving, assembling and disassembling services. Our professional movers will provide you an excellent moving of your musical instruments at affordable costs.

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