Loads marking-out for transportation

Marking of your loads

Before transportation of different loads in car or any other transport it is highly recommended to make solid packaging for them. The most suitable items for that are boxes, packages, metallic containers, barrels and so on.  Before loading your packed goods into a car it would be very sufficient to make a special marking.

 How to make a marking?

Marking is some text, conventional designation or special pictures which help drivers or recipients to get useful and important information about approaches and method for loads which are ready to transport.  There are some requirements for marking-out for loads before transporting them by automobile transport. All the rules and requirements will be described below.

  • Special signs (warning or manipulating signs) have to provide solidity for goods in loading process, transportation and reloading.
  • Marking emphasizes correlation between good and its accompanying document.
  • Signs or inscriptions in marking should have information about keeping goods correctly.

Here is a list of several examples of loads marking which is widely spread everywhere:

  • Keep in dry place
  • Protect from sun
  • It opens here
  • Don’t  roll
  • Attention, fragile one!
  • Up-down

 will help you with marking

All reminded conditions of transportation, mainly, are marked by special signs or pictures. If sender doesn’t know anything about marking-out of loads, he or she can inform driver by simple inscriptions on goods.

In our company you can book special container for packaging of loads (different sizes of carton boxes), adhesive tape, air-pimply film and other goods. You also have opportunity to know all necessary information about marking-out of loads in our official website or from our specialists. That is very necessary in order to create safe conditions for your loads while transportation.

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