Local Movers Vs Brokers: Differences and Benefits

Scheduling a house move or an office relocation in Chicago or Los Angeles, and realizing that your need for the professional moving services is huge and impelling, you certainly start looking for the best, experienced moving company. Since the internet exists, finding reliable helpers for solving any household tasks such as furniture assembling and installation, plumbing or electrical networks repairing, is
really easy. You easily check the fair and recent customers’ reviews, the company’s background, license, etc. Any agents or middlemen are not necessary anymore.

Meanwhile, it’s essential to realize at one who you are actually dealing with, eliminating any confusion or misunderstanding. This article helps you categorize moving brokers and companies by several basic attributes and save your money, nerves, or, at least, time for searching the best house movers and negotiations with scammers and fraud service providers.

How to Detect Moving Brokers?

A company listed among the professionals that offer local moving services may be not a mover, actually. It can be a middleman or a broker that is authorized only to help you find the movers and charge additional costs for their services.

According to the NAR (National Association of Realtors) profile, 37% of Realtors nationwide hold brokers’ or broker associates’ licenses. They may help you with various housing and move-related issues. But, before hiring them, think twice if you need the assistance or if you prefer to skip it and save on the agents.

Moving broker is a middleman that arranges for the household stuff delivery, but don’t pack, load or transport the belongings by their own means. These companies differ from the reliable local movers as brokers:

  • are not licensed to deliver household belongings;
  • are not actually registered with FMCSA;
  • don’t have moving equipment and trucks;
  • doesn’t accept responsibility for any damages, delays or accidents;
  • don’t have any well-coordinated, professional team of trained movers;
  • don’t own any packing supplies.

Brokers commonly have no moving experience. They can only schedule your move and estimate the moving cost for you (quite naturally, adding their brokerage). They commonly declare that they can ensure better move reliability, safety and transparency. But do you really trust that a middleman helps you with these issues? Maybe, you would better call us directly and discuss your special moving needs and requirements with your experienced, honest and reputed local movers?

Common Risks and Aspects of Dealing with a Broker

Actually, a broker is just a salesperson that helps professional movers get in touch with their customers. These middlemen commonly have no moving experience, so, they provide only informational assistance. These companies are to hire only the licensed movers that are registered with FCMSA, on the base of the written service or agent’s agreement.

In fact, the brokers may consider your move as their minor or secondary activity, so they are likely to:

  • deal with the local movers that are not experienced or not licensed;
  • offer too low estimates that are not attributed to the real movers’ charges and expenses;
  • ask you for a huge deposit and don’t forward it to the move;
  • avoid liability and responsibility for the household items losses or damages;
  • be unable to find the suitable movers and the trucks for the date and time you need.

Finally, brokers are commonly not competent in the special moving aspects, so it’s preferable to ask the professionals about all move-related issues and negotiate the prices with the people that are experienced and authorized to offer the professional house moving services to you.

If the brokers are experienced and competent, and you are sure that you need these services, you may take the advantage of intermediation. Experienced brokers may know some slight nuances that are not shown online. They may have their extended databases with the smallest possible companies they cooperate for years and negotiate the moving costs on behalf of you. Finally, brokers may be useful for long-distance and complex moves, acting as travel agents and helping you with planning your own trip. However, you are to be sure of the broker’s reputation and experience, checking the agent’s background in beforehand.

Benefits of Reliable Local Movers

When you are planning a move to California or Illinois, contact the best, reliable and customer-oriented house movers directly. Primarily, you can research the market by yourself and take an informed decision, based on multiple concerns and issues.

Negotiating directly with your local movers is beneficial, because:

  • you get exact, clear and fair moving quotes;
  • all special questions are easy to negotiate with the experienced professionals;
  • we insure the stuff we deliver, pack it properly and hold responsibility for our activities;
  • any deposit is necessary;
  • we offer full-scope, affordable moving services.

Quite naturally, you can negotiate the prices with us upon getting a free quote, discussing your specific moving aspects and requirements. For example, our dedicated professionals can advise you the best packing supplies necessary for your special case, moving distance and season you select. We can offer you the moving date that is not too busy and, therefore, coming with a bit more affordable packing and furniture moving services.

We will also offer you several insurance options, clarifying the benefits and drawbacks of any choice. Finally, we are really flexible and customer-oriented, meeting all our clients’ requirements, needs and wants. We guarantee that if your move is scheduled, the truck and the movers arrive in time and do the job.

Nowadays, when every US resident has a 24/7 access to the internet, making your own research of the available local movers, their reputation, rates and experience is very easy. The services of agents are not essential anymore.

Meanwhile, contacting your reliable and honest house movers such as Vitesse Movers & Transfer, Inc., you get the comprehensive and the most affordablec moving services whenever you need and avoiding any additional risks and expenditures.

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