Long-Distance, Interstate Moving Tips

Moving out of California or Illinois, across your treasured country, you can feel puzzled with all of the great challenges you face. Actually, an interstate relocation is much more complex, difficult and expensive than a local move. But for the standard house cleaning, belongings sorting and packing issues, you are to deal with some special challenges, such as the climate change, the new environment,
your own trip preparations, kids and pets transportation.

Quite naturally, you are to schedule all tasks properly, find reliable, experienced and trusted long-distance movers, change your address and inform all your calling parties about it, think about your new job, house and medical centers. Meanwhile, an interstate relocation is more complex than a move within your city or metropolitan area.

You won’t come back easily to your old house anytime, pack your belonging and deliver the cartons in your own, small car by partial loads. Therefore, professional long-distance moving services are essential to avoid stresses, excessive exercise, injuries, damages and unforeseen expenses.

Difference Between Local and Interstate Relocations

According to FMCSA, long-distance move is the relocation that is for more than 400 miles, out of your state borders. It’s a complex and time-consuming affair; so, it is to be properly prepared and professionally assisted. Meanwhile, there are some essential, basic differences between the intrastate and long-distance move in terms of preparations, scheduling and moving budgets.

Scheduling and Booking

As your forthcoming relocation is attributed to multiple essential tasks to perform, it is to be scheduled in beforehand. The trip itself can last for 1-2 days, so it requires more time, resources and efforts of your experienced long-distance movers that do the job perfectly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, your own tasks to solve are multiple and complicated.

You are to:

  • find a new, well-paid and interesting job;
  • select a school or a kindergarten for the kids;
  • get rid of all unnecessary stuff;
  • rent or purchase a new apartment or house;
  • opt for the new healthcare center and reliable family physician;
  • transfer the utilities and inform the concerned organizations about the address change.

The moving date is to be selected smartly, avoiding peak seasons, holidays and weekends, if possible. If you doubt about the day to book, call Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc., and our dedicated professionals give you a professional, sincere and really good advice.

Moving Budget

Long-distance moving costs are certainly much higher than the ones for a simple, intrastate relocation. The estimates are performed on the basis of:

  • the stuff weight and volume;
  • the distance between your old apartment and the new destination;
  • the labor intensity or the scope of works;
  • the number of the house movers necessary for packing and loading the possessions.

Fuel fees and the packing materials are added, correspondingly.

Meanwhile, calculations on the basis of the hourly rates are possible, but it actually depends on the situation. This method is commonly not cost-efficient for a long-distance move, as the cost might be significantly higher than the affordable fixed rate or the calculation based on the belongings’ weight and volume.

So, the stuff amount commonly matters. It matters if you hire piano moving experts, order furniture moving services, or have just a lot of small items and cartons to load.

Therefore, it’s preferable to invite a professional estimator to visit your house and take into account the special nuances such as the number of floors and stairs, door width and access to the entrance.

Packing Supplies and Procedures

As your personal, memorable belongings are to stand long delivery, many hours of transportation, multiple stresses, various road and weather conditions, it’s recommended to pack the stuff properly. We commonly advise using custom- made, reliable materials and professional packing services for long-distance relocations.

All your possessions, including the clothing and personal items that are packed double wall and reliable, but small boxes, are to be delivered at once. Therefore, the packing preparations are to be completed in beforehand; the items are to be properly sorted, added to the inventory; the cartons are to be labeled.

These procedures are to be performed within several hours. Therefore, we would recommend you to order our affordable packing services to eliminate stress and any stuff damage risks.

Your Own Trip Planning

Leaving for good, take along all of your essentials, documents and valuables; schedule the family trip. You would have to:

  • pack a personal suitcase for every family member;
  • book a hotel room;
  • consider eating out;
  • prepare some food and beverages for several hours, at least;
  • clean your old, rented house and schedule the house owners’ inspection.

You are to transport your kids and pets in a safe way by yourself, and even the most reliable house movers that offer full-scope relocation services can’t help you with these challenges. The special items like plants, jewelry or documents are delivered personally, in your own car and with the greatest care. So, think about all delivery aspects, your kids’ needs, allow multi-chance alternatives for the trip, accommodation and catering.

Interstate Moving Tips

Thus, as the cost for an interstate move is commonly higher than for a local one, it’s desirable to cut the moving expenses. To save efficiently on your move:

  • get rid of unnecessary stuff;
  • select the best moving day;
  • hire affordable long-distance movers;
  • start planning in beforehand (ideally, 4 months before the relocation);
  • make a detailed, accurate floorplan of your new house;
  • research your new and transit towns or cities.

Quite naturally, you can save on packing materials and professional services. But we wouldn’t recommend our valued customers to cut your packing expenses this way, as it could cause stresses, damages and injuries. You are to estimate the scope of works you can do by yourself; so, ask for professional or, at least, friendly assistance in beforehand.

A long-distance move is certainly not easy and not simple. It’s a challenge that is properly met only by your faithful, well-coordinated team of experienced professionals. Meanwhile, when you get our transparent and fair quote and compare it with the other offers, you realize that our rates for moving, furniture assembly and packing services are really affordable and reasonable.

Here, at Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. we work for your deep and complete satisfaction with our professional services, and we’ll make your complex, long-distance move well-planned, stress-free and smooth.

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