Moving chair or couch

How to start moving?

Moving a chair can bring real difficulties just like moving a couch. These items are usually rather big, moreover they also weigh a lot, of course except for frameless furniture, inside which there is Styrofoam.  To reduce the likelihood of damage and save space in the moving truck, larger objects should be disassembled, as long as construction allows.  You can use the assembly manual attached to the couch or armchair or call our professional loaders from Vitesse Moving &Transfer, Inc., which will help you with moving your furniture.

Basic rules of moving furniture

Soft pillows and mattresses should be protected by a stretch film.  Such type of film will protect upholstery from pollution, dust and smells and prevent the appearance of cuts on the fabric due to the stretching structure. Solid details should be wrapped by air-pimply film, especially if they have a smooth and varnished surface which is vulnerable to dents and scratches.  After loading all parts into the track, make sure that you fix them to the slats on the walls of the body.  After unloading and lifting to the necessary floor, our movers will help you to assemble the furniture and put it where you want.

If a furniture can’t be dismantled

If a sofa or armchair can’t be dismantled, close the walls and door jambs by a protective profile of foamed polyethylene.  It is also recommended to use any other soft material that will prevent the need for cosmetic repairs after removing furniture from the apartment and protect the loaders and the upholstery from nails or chips protruding from the door frame. Don’t forget to pack the legs of armchair in a waterproof material, as they may have to be put on the ground and keep in mind that for other things there will be less space left in a loading track.


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