Moving of pot plants

Why is moving of pot plants so important?

Moving of pot plants is very important thing when people decide to change their living place. Many people keep pot plants and flowers at their homes. When we are going to move to another place, we start thinking how to move such fragile plants? Apparently, it wouldn’t be difficult to move one plant pot in a car by ourselves. But what to do if there are a lot of pot plants? In order to move plants accurately you should follow the rules which are given below.

Preliminary preparations

The rules of moving of pot plants are very simple. Preparation works are very significant in transportation.  It is recommended to stop watering two days before moving process.  It should be done in order to secure the roots of a plant. Root system can be damaged if they are in a hard and wet soil and in motion in a car. It would be preferable to prepare container before transportation. Deep boxes would be appropriate for fragile flowers and plants. Pot plants ought to stay densely as much as it possible and you should put carton between them. There shouldn’t be any free space in the box, otherwise damages can occur. Free space could be filled by carton or crumpled papers. To prevent spilling of the soil cover it by thick papers or carton.

We can move your plants

It is also not easy to move plants to garden plot. Many people move seedlings to their country houses. Seedlings are more fragile than pot plants. It was written earlier that it is very important to secure roots system. If plant is very high from ground level it is better to fix its stem by sticks. Sticks should be dipped into the soil that would help you to tie plant and sticks by rope. It is highly recommended to cover pots. If plant is very high it is better to put it inside of bag. Preliminary preparations for moving of pot plants is not difficult, but if you are really worried it is better turn to the specialists of our company. Our staff member is very experienced and outgoing which will make your moving process more effective and pleasant.  Our team has all necessary packing materials in order to make secure your pot plants and flowers. Transportation of your plants and flowers is realized by our drivers who carefully carry your pots on time.

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