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Get Help on Best Chicago Movers Cost & Moving Out Checklist

If you are planning a residential move in Illinois, you certainly need to do a lot of important things. In such situation, we offer you full service moving solution with an affordable Chicago movers cost. Your old house arrangement is one among the basic urgent tasks, we take care first. Some other parts of the job such as packing, sorting, loading and delivery of the personal belongings, electronics and furniture is efficiently done by our well-trained local Chicago movers, on your request. Meanwhile, the moving off people are highly recommended to make a sort of reminder.

According to the Rental Protection Agency, about 112 million people or 33% of Americans (as of January 2018) rent their houses or apartments. The renters’ percentage is the highest in the District of Columbia (59.24%) and New York state (47.01%). Lease holdings are common in California (42.09%); Illinois is about the average percentage (32.73%). Thus, going to leave their rental houses for good, the tenants are to be ready for inspections.

Rental Property Reminder

House owners or landlords commonly have their requirements for the property condition. A rider may be duly attached to the rental agreement; the tenants get detailed instructions. Thus, as the moving day is really challenging and laborious, the inspection is generally scheduled 3-5 days prior the departure.

A sample checklist commonly includes:

  • cleaning the house and the windows
  • personal possessions removing
  • garbage discarding
  • light fixtures fixing
  • the thermostat checking

The kitchen appliances and heating equipment are to work properly. Additionally, the tenants are to check that the windows are closed, the house is secure and return the keys. These chores are to not time-consuming, but very important. Most of these tasks are to be solved personally by the tenants. Fortunately, our well-coordinated team of accurate and courteous movers can help you with your belongings. We provide comprehensive move-related services, including packing, furniture moving and assembly, loading, delivery and arrangement at an affordable Chicago movers cost.

The Traveling Essentials

Our courteous and well-trained movers treasure your memories and deliver your dear possessions carefully and accurately. Meanwhile, there are some items you are to deliver by yourself, for example, jewelry, family heirlooms and sensible electronics. Combustible and flammable items such as gas or car batteries are not allowed for transportation at all. So, make a detailed list of the essentials and hazardous items and consult it while sorting or packing the stuff.

Prepare the items you need on the way. They definitely are to include:

  • documents
  • toiletries
  • medication
  • smartphones and charging devices for them
  • cleaning supplies
  • kid’s and pet’s items
  • snacks, water and utensils.

A flashlight and some tools such as a hammer or a screwdriver may be necessary for your new house. If you order our comprehensive unpacking, furniture moving and assembly services, your basic possessions are arranged within the several first hours on arrival. However, you might have to clean the rooms or fix some fixtures in the new apartment. Additionally, you are to look after your dear kids and pets properly. It’s advisable to hire a babysitter for the day and leave the dog or cat with your relatives or friends for several hours, at least.

The Things to Do Before Moving

The period before the move can be extremely labor-intensive and rich in daunting tasks. Significant life changes such as birth, marriage, house renovation or move are always stressful for people. Our experienced movers in Chicago smooth your residential or office move, making it stress-free and easy for you.

Meanwhile, there are several things the people are to remember by themselves; and our customers that schedule their essential chores, are successful and self-confident as they have a complete list to check.

About 2 months before your house move, you are recommended to:

  • get several free, preliminary quotes and compare them
  • have a small garage sale
  • inform all concerned parties (relatives, services providers, etc.) about the forthcoming address change
  • obtain medical records
  • check the applicable laws in your new city or town
  • agree about the mode to pay the packing and moving services bill (cash,cheques, cards, etc.)
  • think about the way to transport your pets, pot flowers, etc.
  • transfer your memberships in clubs, churches and organizations
  • book your moving day

Our dedicated, responsible professionals take pictures and inventory of your cherished belongings. Just sign the service and insurance agreements. Our Chicago movers cost are really affordable and suits your budget. However, the price factor can’t be decisive.

Select Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. as we are reliable and top-rated, upon checking multiple customers’ reviews.

When all basic conditions and services are agreed, 2-4 weeks before the move, you are advised to:

  • schedule the professional estimator’s visit
  • collect valuables
  • clean the clothes and carpets
  • start packing the belongings if you prefer DIY operations
  • check the applicable laws in your new city or town
  • agree about the mode to pay the packing and moving services bill (cash,cheques, cards, etc.)
  • think about the way to transport your pets, pot flowers, etc.
  • transfer your memberships in clubs, churches and organizations
  • book your moving day

The Moving Day

When the move is properly planed and scheduled by professionals, it is smooth and stress-free. Not only that, also an affordable Chicago movers cost is required for getting the job done. Every detail is foreseen by our experienced dispatchers and movers. So, just:

  • meet the driver, reserving a good parking space for the truck
  • get rid of all flammable items
  • pack your documents, jewelry and cash to carry by yourself
  • prepare the special items, as traveling essentials for the kids
  • check that all furniture pieces, shelves and cabinets are empty;
  • mark and separate the items that should not be loaded.

Our well-trained, accurate movers will pack, wrap and load the belongings fast and proficiently. Just check the items you carry by yourselves and the house condition. Turn off all the lights, and, finally, close the doors. That’s all!

Quite naturally, long distance moves may require some additional preparations, such as a hotel reservation, finding good restaurants or fast food outlets on the way; renewing your driving license, insurance policy and other legal papers, according to your new state legislation, upon arrival. Meanwhile, if you order our unpacking and furniture assembly services, don’t worry about your new house arrangements. Just think about the parking place for the truck, keep the walkways clear and tell the movers where is the place for every piece of furniture. All of the works will be done proficiently and at an affordable Chicago movers cost.

Well done! Now it’s the time to check out and sign the relevant documents, acts, etc. We’ll appreciate your positive reviews on our website, Yelp or Thumbtack or if you recommend our services to your neighbors and friends. For any further query, call us on 773-812-7359 and our experts will get back to you soon.