Moving Process in Chicago or Los Angeles

Moving Process

Anticipating a house move in Chicago or Los Angeles, you may feel nervous due to persistent lack of time, mess and fuss at home and in your life. According to the recent Gallup’s Survey, 24% of Americans move every 5 years, or more often. The common moving reasons are personal (42%) and to take new job positions (40%). You are to find a new, local house to rent or purchase, a good nearby school or a kindergarten for the kids, reliable healthcare facilities for all family members. Everybody strives for making the forthcoming move smooth and stress-free. Fortunately, professional and experienced local movers help you with all packing, sorting, delivery and furniture assembly issues on your request.

Meanwhile, moving process certainly includes several logical, successive steps. We recommend you to contact Vitesse Moving Transfer, Inc. in beforehand to book your moving date. The rates within the busy moving periods that is during the holidays, in summer or during weekends are commonly 5-10% higher than for the low-demand moving dates. Additionally, a small rush surcharge may be added for last minute requests.

  1. Planning

Contacting our reliable moving company, you get a preliminary quote for free. Nevertheless, it’s extremely important to choose the suitable, right truck volume, calculate the accurate volume of belongings, furniture and appliances. Some moving standards exist, for example, for studio apartment, 3-bedroom house, etc. But only an experienced professional can solve this estimation task fast and efficiently. Our specialist is to visit the house to make a survey and assess all conditions such as ease of access, availability of elevator and estimate the exact volume of possessions to deliver. It lets us estimate the precise moving cost, suggest the best moving methods, equipment, number of qualified movers, the right truck size, offer the suitable packing materials.

The detailed moving quote is agreed; the moving date is booked in beforehand. The labor service rates are commonly calculated on hourly basis; the cost of the ordered packing materials and fuel to be consumed is added correspondingly.

  1. Packing

Our well-reputed moving company is customer-oriented. That’s why, we always offer you the best, beneficial options according to your moving needs and budgets. Thus, you can select professional packing services or DIY packing solution, professional or improvised packing materials. The cartons and the blankets are supplied and delivered at least 1-2 days before the planned moving day. All belongings are sorted and packed in beforehand, regardless of the packing method you select. The insurance coverage is also selected according to the situation, the customers’ needs and preferences, the furniture, stuff and appliances value.

  1. Loading and Delivery

The moving day is very important. Please, wait for the truck driver and the movers to arrive at the appointed time. Our dedicated professionals make an inventory, wrap and protect the furniture, load the possessions, using the advanced equipment. Every item is fastened within the truck by the straps to withstand any delivery and weather conditions. Thus, your dear possessions certainly arrive to the destination safe and sound.

  1. Unloading and Unpacking

When the truck arrives to your new, beautiful house, the order is not completed yet. We unload the heavy sofas, tables and shelving units and unpack them. Unloading is performed as carefully as loading as we treasure your belongings and memories.

  1. Furniture Moving and Assembly

Now, when all of these cartons and pieces of furniture are delivered to your perfect, new house, don’t be nervous or afraid to remain unassisted with all of this mess. Our trained movers unpack the stuff, assemble the furniture, move it and arrange the space according to the inventory or the scheme. Just specify it in the form, inform us by phone or by email if you want us to help you or to do this time-consuming job by yourself. If you currently prefer to cut your moving costs, saving on unpacking and furniture assembly services, we certainly don’t mind. But our well-coordinated team of dedicated movers is fast and efficient. We arrange the belongings within several hours, and everything is in order. Additionally, our moving and packing rates are very affordable. Just contact us and find out how competitive our moving services are.

When your cherished belongings are delivered and unpacked, the furniture is assembled and arranged, it’s the time to check out. We accept all basic payment modes: cash, debit or credit cards, online bank transmissions. If you prefer an uncommon payment mode, please, agree on it with our friendly professionals before the forthcoming moving day.

Finally, that’s all! But we work for your satisfaction and we would ask you about your moving experience. We would appreciate if you agree to submit a positive review on our company website, Thumbtack or Yelp and recommend our company to your friends, colleagues or neighbors. We hope, you are completely satisfied with our top-quality, professional moving services and contact us again for your next office or house move.

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