Moving Tips: Packing preparations

Any residential move is an exciting and a challenging event. The number of chores to do can discourage every person, even the most experienced and disciplined one. You are to find a house to purchase or rent, a new job, a school and a kindergarten for your children. Arranging the documents, informing the local utilities and other authorities about the move is essential. Additionally, you are to pack all your personal belongings, avoiding mess and fuss within your house. It’s difficult, isn’t it?

Fortunately, Vitesse Moving &Transfer, Inc can help you with packing, furniture moving and assembly. We provide affordable packing services, handling your memorable and cherished belongings accurately and professionally. Our friendly movers are well-trained, experienced in safe and fast packing, loading and delivery of furniture, pianos, domestic appliances and fragile items.

Meanwhile, you are certainly free to do the sorting and packing by yourself. It can help you to cut your moving cost. But don’t overleap yourself, avoid stresses and over fatigue. So, how to arrange a successful DIY house packing? We’ll offer several expert tips for you.

Professional or improvised packing materials?

Professional packing supplies such as heavy-duty, corrugated cartons, bubble wrap, mattress covers, packing paper are highly recommended for safe and secure loading and delivery. However, all house-proud householders strive for saving the family budget. The professional packing materials usage recommendation can be compromised for:

  • short distance, local house moves;
  • old and not fragile items;
  • clothes, footwear and personal stuff;
  • books and minor papers.

According to the Census Bureau, Americans prefer moving to the suburbs nowadays, hiring reliable local movers. Suburban areas have reported the net annual population gain of 2.2 million people. Large cities experience 1.7 million net population loss.

The principal reasons are better opportunities for raising families and kids, better schools, affordable housing rates. Young families like privacy, comfort, natural attractions and multiple outdoor activities. As 35% of households within the USA own 3 cars or more, commute to the nearest cities is not a problem.

Thus, if you are moving your house to the neighbor town or urban district and suppose coming back with your own or friend’s car or van, get used moving boxes for free. They can be found:

  • near liqueur, book or grocery stores;
  • at Starbucks or McDonald’s;
  • at your kid’s schools;
  • at your workplace.

The cartons are to be heavy-duty and clean. The ones that are designed for books or bottles with alcoholic beverages are well-suited. Meanwhile, the items are to be properly packed, labeled and insured. Only in this case we guarantee safe relocation, providing professional house moving services.

The Packing Process

To make your DIY packing smooth and stress-free, start the preparations in beforehand. Leave only the essentials for last-minute procedures. Make the list of the necessary chores to do and schedule them properly, estimating your free time, duties and unforeseen circumstances such as going out, visits of friends and neighbors.

If you have less than several weeks before the move day, feel tired or spend 10-12 hours in the office, opt for professional packing services. Our diligent local movers will sort and pack all the items within a day, accurately and at affordable cost.

To pack efficiently by yourself:

  1. Gather the reliable packing supplies and materials you need

You’ll need moving boxes and cartons of various sizes, padding and wrapping materials. The essential materials to be at hand are:

  • bubble wrap;
  • scissors;
  • reliable PVC tape;
  • marking pens for labeling;
  • stickers or labels;
  • paper towels, newspaper or tissue paper for fragile items wrapping;
  • packing paper or wrapping sheets.
  1. Schedule the moving tasks

When you prefer packing the boxes by yourself, label every carton and make a detailed inventory. Keep the moving files and inventory together with the important documents in a safe place and take along during the move.

  1. Pack a suitcase with essentials in beforehand

Prepare the essentials, toiletry, some food and water for every family member. Kids and pets need additional stuff and care during the transportation. Think about their comfort, especially if you plan a long-distance move.

  1. Gather and clean the clothes

Sort the stuff as soon as you decide to relocate. Get rid of old and unnecessary items, selling or discarding them. Some clothing can be used for padding, for fragile items, china and glassware wrapping. Wash and iron the other ones, separate the items to be delivered in wardrobe cartons.

  1. Take photos of every item to be delivered

Depict all furniture pieces and appliances to be disassembled. Pack every item in the separate box or package, enclose the list of the parts. If you have any doubts about the ways to do it, the rules, common practices and procedures, hire our professional movers. We offer top-quality and affordable furniture assembly, packing and unpacking, truck loading and delivery, unpacking and furniture moving services. We’ll make the detailed inventory, label every carton or package, deliver the stuff in good condition and arrange it.

Thus, you are to be properly prepared for the moving day, being well-organized and in a good mood. Meanwhile, the packing process is to be completed in beforehand; it is to be properly prepared, with the necessary materials and supplies and a good plan of activities.

To make a decision about the DIY actions or professional packing services, get our quote for free and make sure that our rates are affordable and competitive.

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