Moving to another city: how to get rid of depression?

They say that moving to another city or even a country is like reborn.  This is an excellent opportunity to leave all your failures, hardships and mistakes in the distant past and rush to meet interesting acquaintances and a chance to realize everything that once was not possible.  After all, in a new city nobody treats you with sympathy or disdain – your destiny really is in your hands. On the other hand, changing the situation always keeps up with anxiety and fears: what if they do not accept me there?  In addition, there are usually old friends and relatives living in our old place, which means that it is necessary to leave not only what is annoying, but also what is dear to the heart. How to avoid stress when moving to another city.

Moving to another city

First you need to sit down and say to yourself: emotions – separately, common sense – separately. You should think, but it’s better write down where you are going to go and what will you do. Some people go for a loved one, others for studies, and others for work.  In any case, you already have some purpose, and this is already good. Concentrate on your goal and on the steps to achieve it. If you have to move to another country with your husband or relatives, then for sure you will need to learn the language. You can sign up for courses on its study – in the group you will tie new acquaintances, and therefore, will not be alone.  If you need to go to school or have to move to work – try to learn as much as possible about the infrastructure of the city. Ask what prices there are, what public transport routes, find out the level of crime and what is required to get medical care. If you have to look for work in another city, look through the vacancies online. At a minimum, you can get acquainted with the level of salaries and a list of required skills.  Many questions are really solved in advance, if they are not put off in a long box. It would be nice to take a sheet of paper and make a list of the advantages of your move: perhaps in a new city environment is more favorable, beautiful architecture, lower crime rate and richer cultural traditions. If you are planning to move to a big city, then you might like that it will be connected with the rapid pace of life, the richness of events, a huge variety of entertainment and cultural events. The attractive sides are positively in everything – try to find them, even if the impending homesickness supersedes the thoughts of all the good things that await you.

As a rule, it is very difficult for parents if their child moves to another city.  It is hardly possible to choose words that would save them from anxiety. They just need to pass this test.  However, it can be done a little easier. Try to give them a pet if only one of them does not suffer from allergies.  Caring for a small and helpless creature, giving in return love and warmth, will help them to at least a little to switch from anguish to the child and partially fill the emptiness formed in the house.

Fill your emptiness, for example, with something useful for your health.  You can do sports – it excites the mood perfectly: you exhaust yourself physically, but you get moral relaxation.  It’s very good to just take a shower and sit in the chair after several hours of training.

If nothing helps to get rid of stress, the last resort is to take antidepressants.  But I would like to emphasize – this is an extreme way, to which one should only apply with the permission of a doctor. When all non-medical ways to cope with depression are ineffective, then urgently and necessarily you need to turn to a psychologist.  It’s not embarrassing, not painful and not dangerous. This does not mean a mental illness. It’s just necessary that someone help you to analyze the situation and find a way out of it.

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