Furniture Assembly

Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. is a professional, reputed moving company with a decade of seamless experience. We provide comprehensive relocation services within California and Illinois states, and furniture assembly is a great, essential part of our professional work. We are currently serving Chicago and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, specializing in residential relocations of any size. Thus, moving to a large, 6+ bedroom private house, to a small apartment or studio, just contact Vitesse Moving and book a moving day.

We offer turn-key moving services, including truck loading, stuff packing, furniture and pianos rearrangement. Quite naturally, we disassemble your modular, library and bulky furniture, wrap and pack it properly, assemble and arrange on arrival to the new location.

When you purchase some new furniture pieces, we can deliver them and provide onsite, affordable furniture assembly operations, saving your precious time. We deal with all types of furniture, including:

  • bookcases
  • bed frames
  • futons
  • storage racks
  • tables
  • desks
  • shelving units
  • cabinets
  • sofas
  • blackboards

We assemble even fences, grills, bikes, IKEA and deck furniture. Our furniture assembly services are fast, professional, safe and efficient.

Why Choose Us?

Equipment and furniture assembly operations are really time-consuming and challenging. Anticipating a bookcase or cabinet assembly tasks, house owners are to study instructions, understand the layout properly, hold all the parts, screws and shelves down. Our diligent, trained professionals save your precious time, doing the job fast and proficiently.

To sit pretty during the troubled, rich in tasks relocation period, just contact Vitesse Moving & Transfer Company. We have a decade-long experience, professional expertise and unique skills to solve your complex furniture assembly issues fast and comprehensively.

We are in business since 2008, and during these years of intensive and dedicated work, we have got the outstanding reputation and multiple loyal customers. Opt for our professional services, because:

  • we have got multiple 5 star ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp;
  • our company is listed on Thumbtack, among 10 best house movers in Chicago
  • our furniture assembly services rates are fair, affordable and competitive
  • our experienced movers are accurate, trained and courteous
  • our company is insured and licensed, being a proud member of IMAWA and CMSA (Illinois and California Movers Associations)
  • we render a complete range of top-notch moving services, both commercial and residential, long-distance and local ones, including furniture packing and loading, assembly and rearrangement

Our affordable furniture assembly services are top-quality, time-saving and proficient. We make your relocation and furniture rearrangement process safe, seamless and stress-free.

What to start your furniture assembly process with?

DIY furniture assembly process is commonly time-consuming and complicated. Even don’t start studying the instructions. Just trust these challenging tasks to professionals. Our experienced movers know every aspect of modern furniture, the assembly charts and the procedures. We have got the most advanced, reliable tools. Our professionals are trained and efficient; the team is well-coordinated. We always make the complete inventories, knowing perfectly well where every part is at the moment.

So, just call us or send a request, and get a transparent and fair estimate promptly. Make sure that our affordable furniture assembly rates are really reasonable and competitive; the services are top-quality, professional, time-saving and just outstanding.