Piano moving

Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. is a professional, customer-oriented, reliable moving company. We meet all your relevant, moving needs, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of furniture, household and electronic appliances, glassware, collectibles and your cherished, expensive musical instruments

We provide top-quality piano moving services in Illinois and California, moving all types of valuable musical instruments, such as:

  • spinets
  • uprights
  • studios
  • consoles
  • digitals or electric ones
  • baby grand, concert and specialty pianos

Our dedicated experts are well-versed in all specific aspects of piano moving procedures. We know how delicate, meaningful and expensive your cherished musical instruments are. Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. is fully insured both in Illinois and California, ensuring safe, smooth and fast Piano moving.

We use the best, special-purpose loading equipment (piano dollies, skidboards, tilters) and properly-sized, warm piano blankets. Additionally, we make long and comprehensive preparations to the move, measuring the passages and doorways, see about the proper house and room access.

We guarantee safe and efficient delivery, eliminating any damages, dents or scratches. If the move is scheduled on cold season, you’ll need to have the piano properly tuned upon delivery. Therefore, we highly recommend to move your precious musical instruments in summer. However, we help musicians any time, ensuring secure, warm and reliable piano wrapping.

Why Choose Vitesse Moving & Transfer?

Move of your cherished, heavy and awkward musical instrument is a complex and intricate task. Asking a couple of your strong, bulky friends for help can be insufficient. Our valued customers within Chicago and Los Angeles Metropolitan areas trust their challenging piano moving tasks to our experienced professionals, because:

  • our dedicated, friendly movers are properly trained, accurate and professional
  • Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. has a decade of residential and commercial, impeccable moving experience
  • our company is a well-reputed, reliable and highly rated by our valued customers
  • our piano moving rates are affordable and competitive

We are listed among 10 top residential Chicago movers, being proud of multiple, 5-star ratings and fair, positive reviews. Our pages on Thumbtack, Yelp and Facebook are convincing and viable. Additionally, we provide a complete range of professional, local and long-distance, commercial and residential moving services. We eagerly help you with packing, furniture assembling/disassembling, truck loading and delivery.

We are proud of our membership in IMAWA (Illinois Movers’ & Warehousemen’s Association) and CMSA (California Moving & Storage Association). So, if you search for affordable, fast and efficient piano moving services, we definitely provide them!

What to start your piano moving process with?

If you need to move your large or immense musical instrument to the adjacent room, another city, town or distant US state, don’t be afraid of difficulties and challenges. Just call us or send an email, informing us about your moving dates, addresses and approximate stuff volume. The most detailed information about your piano, its dimensions, brand, condition and year of manufacture is highly appreciated.

We’ll send you a clear, fair and detailed moving estimate soon and for free. Our piano moving rates are very affordable, but for the fact that they require not less than 4 strong, professional movers work, purpose-oriented loading equipment and packing supplies.

Your piano move is smooth, stress-free, safe and fully insured with Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. Just call us and trust your complex and intricate tasks to the professionals and experts.