Tips for an Efficient Short-Distance Local Move

A residential move can be really exhausting and nervous for common people. You are to make millions of important decisions that change whole your life. The number of essential tasks to solve is also enormous: preparations, documents and domestic stuff handling can take a lot of time.

Meanwhile, you have your own, personal life, professional and family duties, the certain ambitions, needs and wants. The forthcoming move in Chicago or Los Angeles should not enfetter you, becoming all-consuming, exhausting, messy and fussy. Therefore, it’s necessary to hire the most reliable local movers that make your relocation safe and smooth.

The Crucial Moving Distance Factor

A move within your city or state is not as complex and tiring as a long-distance move. Intrastate relocations are much easier than long-distance ones in terms of the documents handling, preparations, packing procedures. They are not so time-constrained and pressing. Additionally, short-distance relocations are cheaper than interstate ones, as local moving services in Illinois and California are very affordable and full-scope.

Short moving distance is beneficial, because:

  • you get complete access both to your new and old houses, being able to come back anytime;
  • partial load deliveries are possible (for example, you can move the living room first, paying a lot of attention to your memorable belongings’ sorting and packing, unpacking and moving furniture in your new apartment);
  • you can use improvised packing materials for multiple items that are delivered by your own car or van;
  • local moving services are really affordable due to less time spent, less fuel consumed; they are less complex and labor-intensive;
  • you can hire the professionals or ask relatives to babysit your kids during a day or several hours;
  • your friends or neighbors can also care for your pets during the move (it will relieve the stress and eliminate the possible fuss and mess within your house);
  • you are not forced to plan the trip, book a hotel room and think over the good places for eating out in unknown cities or towns;
  • you can order a small moving truck to make several trips;
  • you have no need to pack a lot of essentials to your suitcase; only a few ones will be necessary for several hours of residential moving procedures.

Therefore, a short-distance relocation is a bit easier, because you are not pressed to leave for good, moving all the cherished and memorable domestic stuff at once. You can divide your moving chores at several stages, selecting the suitable time and coming back when it’s necessary. Additionally, you might not have to change your job, the healthcare center, the college, at least, during the nearest several months.

Why Hire Your Reliable Local Movers for Short Distance Relocations?

As your anticipated intrastate relocation is not complex, simple and easy, you may think about DIY packing, loading and delivery. Meanwhile, you are to know all available options, their benefits and drawbacks and compare them. The primary things to estimate are your efforts and moving cost, taking into account all basic tasks and nuances.

The Efforts and Scope of Work

Quite naturally, it’s easier to entrust your packing, truck loading and furniture moving tasks to a reputed house moving company such as Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. Experienced professionals solve all relocation issues fast and efficiently, help you with professional advice and schedule all tasks properly.

Our accurate local movers know perfectly well how to wrap and pack your cherished pianos, bulky and heavy furniture, mirrors and fragile items, kitchen appliances, pool tables, etc. We are acquainted with the best world packing and loading practices that enable us to avoid any stresses, injuries, damages and scratches. Our professional house movers are accurate, courteous, friendly, motivated, working as a well-coordinated team. We use advanced loading equipment such as dollies, hand trucks and a ramp that facilitate and accelerate loading works.

You may be able to sort, pack, protect and move your small house by yourself, with the kind help of several friends and a small van. But do you want your short- distance relocation to last for several weeks or a month? Will you enjoy sorting and packing your personal possessions during a fortnight, forgetting about your job, family and entertainments?

We will complete the packing procedures within 2-5 hours, unpack your possessions, move the furniture within your new house and put it in order during 1-2 days. Do you think it costs a fortune? Our packing and moving services are really affordable. Don’t you believe it? Let’s compare the moving options and the expenses attributed to them.

How Much is to Hire the Professional Local Movers?

Short-distance relocations are usually charged per every professional mover, per hour. If the moving distance is short, the furniture is not too heavy and the volume of possessions is not too large, the cost will be very low. Additionally, the moving bills commonly include also:

  • the travel fee (that is about 1 additional hour of the labor service);
  • packing and unpacking services;
  • cost of the packing supplies;
  • furniture disassembly and reassembly.

The cost of moving insurance depends on your positions value and the coverage you select; the percentage is not high, and the option is essential as the additional guaranty of the safe loading, delivery and to relieve the stress. The travel fee includes the gas expenses, so, you may estimate that the total, final cost of professional short-distance move is not very high.

Estimating a DIY move, you are to take into account:

  • your and your friends’ time (how much could you actually earn in the office for these hours)?
  • moving truck rent;
  • fuel consumption;
  • the possible dangers and risks.

Your loyal friends may help you during their free time. But having no loading and packing experience, they may be injured, damaging some of your cherished furniture or belongings. Additionally, you are to estimate the truck volume properly that is difficult to do without any experience. Errors and mistakes may happen, causing some stress and worries.

So, before estimating your real moving budget, get a free, fair moving quote shortly and compare it with a DIY option, estimating your time, efforts and available resources. Our moving, packing, truck loading and furniture assembly services are reasonable, affordable and competitive. We’ll make your short-distance relocation in Chicago or Los Angeles safe, fast and smooth!

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