Tips for an Efficient Small Office Move in Illinois or California

Move itself is commonly a time-consuming, stressful and challenging event. Looking forward to the positive changes in their lives, newcomers still need to solve a lot of tasks during the limited span of time. Packing, preparations and cleaning are essential and exhausting chores that can cause some problems like nervous breakdown when they are not properly scheduled and planned.

Meanwhile, an office move is a much more responsible and demanding event. The customers should not even notice any changes, and especially mess and fuss within the company office. Any service operations should not be postponed or delayed, as the final purpose of every business activity is the customers’ satisfaction. Small companies value and cherish every buyer or client, striving for winning their loyalty.

Therefore, moving out from Chicago or Los Angeles, order our professional office moving services that are affordable and top-quality.

Top Reasons for Commercial Relocations

Americans move their houses due to the need for a better apartment (17,4%). Young families leave parental homes, establishing new, own household (12,2%); professionals look for the beneficial job opportunities (10,8%). Cheaper housing, easy commute or various family reasons are among the basic necessities that make American residents change their city or state, ordering affordable house moving services.

Meanwhile, offices, even the small ones, relocate due to entirely different reasons.The basic (most common) ones are:

  • business expansion or contraction;
  • lease agreement expiration;
  • infrastructure, market or industry changes;
  • the need to reduce utility or rent costs;
  • outdated facilities;
  • the wish to be closer and nearer to the local customers and buyers.

Certainly, your business can relocate to the new facilities due to the high rent or unfavorable neighborhood, for example, because of high crime rate in Cabrini-Green in Chicago and relocate, for example, to Edison Park, that is much safer. Businessman and entrepreneurs in California may change the offices’ locations due to very high leases. Meanwhile, these cases are not frequent, as the businesses strive for being near the customers, serving them fast and perfectly.

The Need to Hire Professional Office Movers

When the senior manager makes the principal decision about the company location change, the project leader and the responsible performers are appointed, starting the necessary office move planning. The executives are to:

  • determine the moving date;
  • find the new, suitable premises to rent;
  • set up the moving budget;
  • prepare the relevant timetable for the moving tasks.

Thus, regardless of the multiple employees that are available in every office every day, being able to help with packing and loading the truck, professional office moving services are essential. According to the recent national statistics, 38% of orders, sent to various moving companies, are made by commercial customers.

Computers, office equipment and electronics make 20% of all items that are moved to the other locations (as of October 2017). Therefore, hiring reliable, honest and experienced, local office movers is extremely important for the businesses.

Basic Duties and Tasks

Your diligent employees are to be informed about their responsibilities and roles in beforehand, getting any kind of motivations to be inspired by the forthcoming event. According to their positions and duties, they are to:

  • inform the customers, business partners, suppliers and services’ providers about the address change;
  • work on the new rent agreement;
  • make changes in the company website;
  • select the most reputed local movers;
  • order phone lines and internet access for the new office;
  • inform the local authorities such as customs or tax agencies about the relocation, modifying the basic documents;
  • order new personal business cards for every employee;
  • select and buy new furniture, if necessary.

The number of important and minor tasks is enormous. You are to schedule the building inspection according to your actual rent agreement, arrange cleaning, order keys for the new office rooms for all employees.

Professional Office Moving Services

Thus, every member of your professional team will be extremely busy during at least 2-3 months. Fortunately, you may not worry about the necessary office moving servicesincluding:

  • cartons, blankets, furniture covers and other packing materials supply;
  • furniture disassembly, wrapping and assembly;
  • inventory making;
  • office equipment disconnecting and dismantling;
  • the necessary stuff and goods packing and delivery.

You are certainly asked to work out a good floor plan for your new, beautiful and functional office that meets your requirements and various needs. You’ll have to supervise the works, being available in the office during the weekend. Professional movers that are experienced and trained do the job fast and proficiently, completing a local move within several days, ensuring fast and safe relocation.

We deliver the stuff to the new business location, unpack the possessions, assemble and move the furniture according to the floor plan, assemble and connect the office equipment. Therefore, the next day, in the morning, your system administrator will only have to check the network connections and the setting for the computers and the printers, and you can start working and serving your valued customers comprehensively.

Additionally, our intrastate and long distance office moving services are affordable. Ordering them, you avoid any damages, injuries, fatigue and excess hours’ surcharges for your employees.

Additional Tips for a Safe and Smooth Office Move

A fast an efficient move is a must for every business that strives for increasing the sales, profit and loyal customers’ number. Taking into account our professional experience, we would recommend you to:

  • start planning and preparations in beforehand;
  • make a detailed checklist;
  • appoint the responsible performer for every task;
  • don’t forget about the daily routine;
  • include cleaners in your relocation plan;
  • inform the building engineers about the moving day in advance.

The engineers are to provide you complete access to the loading docks and elevators. Don’t forget about your customers and the authorities, updating the contact information in all documents, letters and cards. When you provide for all moving aspects and details, the relocation is really smooth and well-coordinated.

As to the packing, truck loading and furniture assembly issues, you definitely have nothing to worry about. We will solve them proficiently, in time and at the affordable cost. Just call Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. and inform our diligent professionals about your forthcoming move. We help you to continue working without any break in operations due to efficient and safe office moving services.

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