Tips for choosing the right cargo van for moving

On the day of move you will need vehicle for transportation of all your items, furniture and other equipment. It’s very important to choose the right transport depending on the type of items to move. If you know what cargo van you need, you can save a lot of money and time. Here we prepared some essential recommendations which can help you when moving. The cost of moving directly depends on which car the things are transported on.  The difference can be significant. For example, the price for renting a 1.5-ton cargo van can start from 50$ per hour, and a 5-ton truck – from 100$ per hour.

Dimension and loadability

These parameters should be chosen based on the volume and the total weight of the goods. The employees of the moving company usually help to find the appropriate characteristics of the car.  But you can make a choice by yourself, considering the purpose of renting a car. Transportation of a small number of things, small furniture doesn’t require big vans. Suitable car with a carrying capacity of 500-600 kg for example, Renault Kangoo would be very good. To implement moving house, small office or one-room apartment you will need a bigger car. Usually the best option is a van with a body volume of 500 ft³. Vans with a body of 250-300 ft³are also proper vehicle for a minimal amount of items to move. For example it can be Ford Transit, Freightliner & Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, Ram ProMaster, Nissan NV. Moving office, two or three-room apartment (provided that there are many things) requires hiring a big truck.  Suitable transport is a truck with a body volume of 800-900ft³ and a carrying capacity of up to 3 tons.  If you need to lift heavy objects, for example, safe – it is better to choose a car with a tailboard. Moving the cottage or a large office is one of the most challenging and difficult tasks and requires the biggest truck. The best option is a truck with a body volume of 1200ft³ and a carrying capacity of up to 5 tons.  Such models vary in size: the length can be 5-6 m, the height and width – 2-2.4 m. Such trucks are also used when moving warehouses, shops and restaurants.If you transport a refrigerator, pay special attention to the height of the body of the truck. The refrigerator is recommended to be transported in the standing position – otherwise there is a risk of pipes breaking, damage to the compressor, etc. Repair in such cases is sometimes more expensive than the transportation itself.  That’s why you need to consider that the refrigerator should easily fit in the body in an upright position. Thus in this case you should order high roof cargo vans.

Also consider that the body volume of a vehicle is better to choose “with a margin”.  Otherwise, there is a risk that things will not fit in the truck and it will be necessary to organize the transportation twice, and this will significantly increase the cost of moving. Don’t overload the truck, as it can be the reason for problems with safety andtechnical malfunctions (suspension, engine and so on). When overloading, the risk of accidents increases.

Additional elements of a car

It is about a tailboard, clamps and an internal covering of a body. The tail lift is necessary for loading heavy objects, which are very difficult to lift manually.  Such equipment allows you to speed up loading and unloading – which means reducing the time of moving.

Clamps are used to fasten objects inside the body of a truck. These elements must necessarily be in a good car – thanks to them home appliances, furniture and boxes with things do not fall, even with a sharp braking.

If you plan to transport equipment and furniture, it is desirable that the car had a high-quality interior trim.  It is needed to protect items, especially soft furniture from sharp parts, metal elements. Most often vans are sheathed by plywood. In addition, the car for moving should be clean inside, properly functioning.  However, if you contact a reliable moving company, you can be sure that you will be provided with such a car.

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