Tips for moving a mattress

Picking a good and proper mattress is a rather difficult task.  Bedroom accessories must match the size of the bed, have high-quality fillers that will not deteriorate for many years and retain their properties, and, of course, be comfortable.  But choosing a good product is not enough.  It also needs to be taken to your house.

If you have applied to an online store, delivery is likely to fall on the seller’s shoulders.  The system of online work is based on the fact that the buyer does not need to go for the goods far away – your purchase will be brought directly to the right address.  And in this case, you do not need to think about transportation difficulties.  But after all, mattresses are bought not only through the network.  They can also be purchased at a shop across the city.  In addition, even when buying with the help of the Internet, sometimes you have to take delivery to yourself – for example, in order to save money.  And then the issues of cargo transportation of bedding will be of great importance.  And if this is your case, the information below will be very useful for you.

Packing mattresses

The transportation of mattresses directly depends on how they are presented in the store initially.   They are packed in different ways on the factories. Some products are simply covered with a transparent film, which protects them from mechanical damage.  It does not allow the sleeping accessories to break from contact with other objects or to get damaged externally, which is also important.  In addition, this layer does not allow moisture and dust to go inside.  Even during the rain, mattresses can be taken out into the street. Thus you can be sure that they will remain in their original state.

Another type of product is vacuum packed.  This means that a complex mechanism is used to protect it. Firstly it pumps out some of the air from the sleeping accessories, then turns it into a roll and covers it with a film.  As a result it becomes a very compact thing.  In this form it will be stored in the warehouse until the moment of sale.  When someone buys it, they will bring it home, remove the protective film and leave for several hours.  After this time, the mattress will return its forms.  In the future, to fold it compactly, as it was originally packed without special devices would be impossible.

Moving mattresses

And now let’s mention how to deliver each of the two varieties of mattresses home, if this function is not performed by store employees. Let’s start with a simple one – from mattresses packed in vacuum.  Such products are very easy to transport.  If you purchased only one mattress, it can be transported even on a car.  It fits in both the trunk and the back seat, which is very convenient. In this case you shouldn’t be worried about additional protection. Even if you go with a purchase in public transport, the probability of its damage will be minimized.  Accordingly, if you purchased a mattress packed with a vacuum method, it can safely be delivered to your home without someone’s assistance and without the additional expenses.

The situation with another type of sleeping equipment is much more complicated.  First of all, you have to think about protection.  If initially mattress is protected at the factory, you will not need to take any measures.  But often many people use finest film for packaging for mattresses.  It easily breaks and can not protect a thing from mechanical damage, or from the environment: dust, moisture, etc.  And, consequently, you will have to personally purchase other materials. It is best to use a dense air-bubble film for this purpose.  It will perfectly prevent your mattress from all damages that can happen during the process of transportation. The very minimum that you can do is to wrap the mattress with a soft cloth or paper. The last mentioned methods, by the way, are not very popular due to their unreliability.  Remember this when making the final decision.

Find suitable vehicle

When the question of packaging is closed, you will need to think about a suitable vehicle. You can choose a car of different models, depending on what size of sleeping accessory you have purchased. So, for example, usual minivan would be appropriate for transportation of children’s mattress. However, an adult double mattress can not be transported in such a car – it will be necessary to rent more spacious truck. Make sure that you load a mattress in the truck very carefully.  It is important not to catch the product for sharp projections, but it is even better if the transport chosen by you is deprived of such unpleasant nails, corners, etc.  It is desirable to put sleeping accessories horizontally.  If you place the object vertically, it will need to be securely fixed in this position.  And, of course, it is necessary that the mattress is not pressured by other things in the car.  It is preferable to transport this item alone without other devices.

Now you know how to deliver a sleeping accessory to your home.  But, it’s best to trust such task to professionals.  If store employees do not provide transportation services, you can turn to us and get the help of our professional and well-trained movers.  Vitesse moving provides loading and unloading, packing and unpacking services, proper transportation of any type of equipment and furniture at affordable prices.

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