Tips for moving fragile chandeliers

Everyone, who is going to organize a move, whether it is apartment or office move, wants all things to come to a new place intact and safe.  As a rule, lamps are very fragile items. In addition, they are created not only for lighting the room, but also for its decoration. The slightest crack or a small chop – and an expensive chandelier will have to be thrown out.  Therefore, it is necessary to transport luminaires with extreme caution, following certain rules.

Prepare the packing boxes in advance.  Each lamp must be packed in a separate box.  If the chandelier or lamp can not be dismantled into parts, then the box should be slightly larger than the lamp itself.  The walls of the box must not come in contact with the lamp. If the chandelier or floor lamp can be disassembled, it is desirable for the ceiling lights to single out one box, and for all other parts – another.

Chandeliers, built-in lamps and some types of sconces must be properly dismantled.  If the family does not have an electrician, then for this purpose it is better to invite a specialist.  Lamps must be necessarily turned out, and all available parts of lamps wiped from dust. Then all the details must be wrapped up with some packing material (paper, cloth, film, newspaper).  For glass shades, an air bubble film is best suited.

Separate parts of the luminaires must be stacked in the boxes so that they do not come in contact with each other, but at the same time fix them very firmly.  The void should be filled with cushioning material. It can be foam rubber, crumpled paper or newspapers, foam. It is very convenient for this purpose to use foamed polypropylene.  You can install cardboard partitions between the parts.

Make sure that you mark all boxes with lamps and other details. To save time in a new place and not to look for the necessary details on all the boxes, descriptors like “living room, chandelier”, “living room, chandelier, plafonds” are desirable.  And for movers you need warning labels – “cautiously, glass”. Such inscriptions should be bright enough, and they need to be done from several sides. The boxes in the car must be placed on top of all other things; otherwise a well-packed lamp can be damaged.

Professional and well-trained movers from Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc are well aware of all the features of the transportation of such easily beating objects as chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps.  They are familiar with the subtleties of transportation of antiques – even the old lamps will reach the new place unharmed. Our company will provide all the necessary packaging material, and its qualified specialists will perform all the work and will transport any lamps so that you will not have to buy new ones. We offer you high-class services at affordable prices.

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