Tips for Safe and Efficient House Moving in Summer

Anticipating a residential move in Illinois or Los Angeles, you probably select the summer season for this significant event. Summer offers a number of apparent benefits for relocations such as perfect weather conditions, sports season and school year gaps, real estate market peak and the great time for house renovations. Meanwhile, due to high demand for professional, local moving services, virtually all reliable and reputed relocation companies in California and Illinois offer higher rates during the peak season.

Therefore, it’s preferable to schedule the house move in beforehand, hire flexible and customer oriented local movers that offer full-scope move-related services at affordable rates. Summer surcharges of large corporations can make up to 25-50% while our moving rates are honest, transparent and competitive.

Obvious Benefits of Moving Your Home in Summer

According to the recent studies, conducted by the US Bureau (of Labor Statistics) in 2015, more than 50% of house moves are scheduled for summer months. Up to 20% of newcomers select May and September for their relocations.

The busiest days of the year are the 31 st of July, the 30 th of July and the 1 st of June. Weekends and holidays are also beneficial for the families to change their locations as it wouldn’t make you ask for vacations or a leave of absence.

Summer months are the best for:

  • the kids to change their schools or kindergartens;
  • garage sales;
  • selling, buying or renting apartments;
  • house renovations;
  • meeting the neighbors and making delicious barbeques.

Additionally, the roads are free of ice and snow; therefore, it’s safe and easy to load the possessions; the truck can arrive at the new destination without any obstacles; the weather conditions are predictable and pleasant.

Therefore, the schedules of reliable and experienced house movers are very tight during these days. So, it’s better to book the suitable moving day in beforehand (not later than 4 weeks before the event).

Early Preparations

Start your moving preparations at once as you take the decision about the relocation. It will let you to:

  • avoid stresses and worries about the tasks to complete;
  • book the best moving day at the most affordable cost;
  • select and hire reliable local movers in Los Angeles or Chicago;
  • pack at least a part of your personal belongings by yourself.

This way you can counteract the high, seasonal demand for professional moving companies and get top-quality, affordable moving services just when they are necessary.

Additionally, you’ll manage to select the best, complete and fair offer that comes with competitive relocation rates. When you want to save on the event, choose a suitable day that is not too busy and get rid of all unnecessary items. Sometimes, it’d be profitable to sell your old bulky stuff such as household appliances or furniture and buy new, fashionable products in a new place than to deliver a lot of belongings, especially, for a long distance. Make a quick calculation, estimating your total expenses and revenues in both cases and draw conclusions.

Your dedicated and trained movers help you with all packing, furniture assembly, truck loading and moving issues at affordable rates, so, it’s not the most recommended area for savings. It’d be primary to think about saving your precious time, efforts and nerves.

However, relocating to another state or city, book a good hotel for your family in beforehand, especially in California. About 7 million tourists visit the state every year, staying in the local hotels. Additionally, traffic jams may be common, for example, on the road to Yosemite Village or Redwood Park. Some roads may be closed for the festivals or special events. Research all of these aspects in beforehand and take into account when scheduling the trip.

How to Pack Heat Sensitive Items?

Your special possessions such as your cherished musical instruments are delivered only in summer but for the emergency cases. For example, your precious piano can’t stand draughts and frosts; it gets untuned and its musical performance might deteriorate.

Meanwhile, moving the special items, pack them carefully, and wrap, protecting from extremely high temperatures. To avoid any worries, stresses or uncertainties, order our professional packing services. Our trained, dedicated movers ensure the proper procedure, according to the best world and national packing and moving practices; and we guarantee safe and efficient delivery to your new address and destination.

The special care is necessary for:

  • sensitive electronics;
  • DVD or CD discs;
  • musical instruments;
  • artwork;
  • special collections;
  • household appliances;
  • wooden and leather furniture.

As the temperature within the truck may be extremely high, it’s preferable to pack large electronic devices into the original cartons. Small ones such as smartphones together with CD and DVD discs, photographs and plants are to be delivered by yourself.

Avoid items that melt like candles, perishable food, batteries, flammable liquids. Our experienced house movers will certainly check it before making the inventory and labeling the cartons. Thus, any accidents with the stuff are eliminated; your possessions are secured and insured.

Moving with Kids and Other Family Members

Scheduling your own trip and packing the suitcase, don’t forget about the heat and sunshine. But for your essentials and documents, take along:

  • the suitable sunscreen cream;
  • a lot of bottled water;
  • light-colored, lightweight clothes;
  • the favorite toys to entertain the kids.

Finally, even if you feel vigorous and inspired in summer, don’t overestimate your time, capabilities and energies. Find out the detailed costs for professional furniture assembly and packing services. Make sure that they are really affordable, our local movers are accurate and friendly and call Vitesse Moving & Transfer, Inc. asap.

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