Transportation of a pool table

Each person has his own hobby, which brings him pleasure.  A hobby can be a game of golf or collecting stamps and coins.  Someone likes to play billiards most of all, so eventually they have to think about buying a pool table to enjoy their hobby completely at home.

Peculiarities of table transportation

You can choose and buy a pool table in a specialized store without difficulty.  Who, if not lovers of this fascinating game, know exactly how much it weighs.  Therefore, the issue of its transportation turns into a huge problem, which it becomes very difficult to solve. In this case professional company that specializes in transportation of non-standard cargo can help you.  It is not recommended to use the services of non-professionals (for example, employees from a neighboring office.

It is unlikely that they will be able to carry the dimensional item without damage, place it neatly in a truck, properly pick all its parts at the destination.  It is better to entrust this responsible task to those professionals who know exactly how to transport a billiard table.

 The transportation process in details

The delivery of the main element for playing billiards, ordered in a competent firm, consists of several stages:

  1. Disassembly of the table.  The dismantling of the structure is not always relevant, because the new table when bought in the store is already dismantled.  However, if you move it from an old dwelling to a new home, such a service will definitely come in handy.  Only specialists can correctly disconnect elements.
  2. Delivery of the table to the vehicle.  The table consists of several stone slabs.  Even in disassembled form, their delivery to the car will be complicated, but not for the professional company.  Such companies can offer you riggers who have the knowledge of fast and accurate delivery of heavy objects.  They will be able to move the elements without damaging them.  In addition, questions with the pass ability of the table also arise.  When moving elements often ordinary doorways are not suitable, in this case you should use alternative method: increasing aperture of the doors.  Stairs are a separate item, which should be taken into consideration during transportation.  They are often not at all adapted to move heavy objects.  The company can always find a way out of this situation, which often requires time costs for its employees and additional financial investments of the customer.
  3. The stage of transportation.  It is important to choose the right vehicle. The usual minivan isn’t appropriate for such moving.  In this case, a suitable car should be equipped with a loading system, as well as fixing objects inside the body.  It will be possible to avoid damage to the billiard table during transportation only with such type of vehicle.  Therefore, it is necessary to check beforehand the presence of such a vehicle in the fleet of the company chosen for transportation. There are times when the company rents transport specifically for your needs.  This option is also acceptable, provided that the cost of this service is right for you.
  4. Unloading the object.  The table needs to be shipped from the car and delivered to the room where it will stand.
  5. The last stage is the assembly. One of the crucial stages, since the quality of the game of billiards will depend on this process.

During the assembly of the construction, the accuracy to millimeters is important, since the “behavior” of the balls depends on it.  So that during the game they roll along the trajectory and do not “jump out” of the table, it is necessary to pay special attention to the installation of all the elements of the construction.  Only then you can really enjoy the game on it. The final stage is cleaning the room, picking up working tools, removing debris from the surface of the table.  The whole procedure will take from 3 to 6 hours.  Upon its completion, you can immediately test the table, since after adjusting the playing field, you won’t need any additional settings.

Say “no” to self-carriage

Transporting a pool table on its own is strictly not recommended for several reasons:

  • The process is dangerousfor your health. Working with heavy objects can cause injury, both to the loaders themselves and to surrounding people;
  • Time costs.  For non-professionals in this area, transportation of a billiard table can take a lot of time. This period can be measured not only by hours, but also by days, since loading requires special approach and accuracy;
  • Complexity of installing. You can play billiards perfectly, but you absolutely do not understand how to assemble it and correctly set it up.  So, it is better to entrust the transportation of an expensive billiard table to a professional company that will execute this responsible process as quickly and competently as possible.

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