Transportation of a safe

When the office of the company moves to a new building, the problem of transporting the safe becomes one of the most importantissues. It is difficult to imagine any modern company without this important “iron box”, because it stores all the most valuable items: contracts, labor books, constituent documents, cash, etc. But not only companies are interested in the competent organization of safe transportation.  Ordinary people often keep such equipment at home, so when they move to another apartment they face many difficulties.  It is very difficult to transport a safe without the help of a moving company, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

How to solve the problem of safe transportation?

The difficulty of transporting the safe is both in the big weight ofthis item itself, and in the features of its design.  To make this operation is quite difficult without the using of special equipment and the help of professionals. For this reason, safe owners, who really realize the scale of the problem, immediately turn to the professionals from moving companies for help.  Such companies guarantee fast execution of the order and take full responsibility for the safety of this expensive and high-tech equipment.  The clients can relax and don’t worry about anything at all.

Difficulties of safe transportation

If you decided to move safe on your own, then you should know some essential rules and take appropriate approach.  Employees of moving companies are well aware of all these nuances, but ordinary people don’t know about them. First of all, if your iron box contains very heavy items, you should remove them and put in a special box to make the moving process easier. Don’t forget to protect your fingers and put onspecial protective gloves, and also make sure that you protect your toes and feet. For this reason it is recommended to put on closed and proper footwear. There is a risk of slipping if you wear uncomfortable shoes.  Remember that personal safety is the important thing.

Safes of different sizes – from miniature to huge – require a special approach.  The standard transportation rules for all storage facilities simply do not exist.  In each case, the approach should be individual.  The difference is not only in the size of safes, but also in their mass.  And, the dependence here is not always directly proportional.  Sometimes a small “iron box” can be quite heavy.  Everything depends on the design and materials used in its production.  In addition, it should not be forgotten that there are some safes weighing up to one and a half tons.  It is not realistic to move such a heavy item by yourself.  Most modern safes are equipped with ultra-sensitive locks and other defense mechanisms, which can easily be damaged by careless handling.  Not only the fall of the safe, but also the slightest shake can lead to the damages of the safe.

Dismantling and installation of the safe are much more complicated operations compared with its transportation.  Vaults weighing up to 600 kg should be carried on special straps-fastenings, which are used during rigging.  Heavy safes must be transported on special trolleys with rubber wheels.  Strap your safe in moving dolly so that you could slide it. These devices help to gently move the iron box inside the rooms of the building, without harming both the floor covering and the safe itself. If an iron storage is about to fall when moving it on stairs, try to run away and let it fall – it is not recommended to catch it, because you can get serious injuries.

After competent dismantling, you should think about proper transportation.  You can’t transport safe on usual loading truck.  Professionals use only specially equipped vehicle – cars equipped with special fasteners fixing a heavy load in absolutely immobile condition.

By yourself or with the help of a moving company?

Attempts to transport such a bulky, heavy and at the same time rather fragile iron storageon your ownmay lead to its damage.  Transportation of a safe by a moving company is also good because in case of damage to the equipment the contractor will pay compensation to the customer.  Naturally, if the safe is transported by yourself, there won’t be such insurance.

In addition, attempts to raise a safe weighing 200, 300 or more pounds for an untrained person can lead to the problems with back, and even disability. After acquaintance with the key moments of safe transportation, it becomes obvious that it is worthwhile entrusting such a complicated process to the moving company, which has a lot of experience in this matter.

Our professional and well-trained loaders from Vitesse moving & Transfer, Inc. can offer you affordable safe transportation providing you reliability and high quality of services. Entrust the transportation of your safe to professionals.

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