Transportation of dishes

If you have planned to move, it is better to prepare all necessary packing materials in advance.  First of all, you will need cardboard boxes and simple wooden boxes, which can be purchased at any store.  Boxes should be of medium size, and their height should be only a couple of centimeters more than the diameter of the plates. You should place the plates in the box on the rib as you do it while drying, tightly pressing them together, after wrapping each plate with paper. Pay attention that the usual way for everyone to fold plates wrapped on paper on each other has its bad side: often the bottom plates crack under the weight of the entire stack.  Another important material is the foam sheets: it is highly recommended to put a piece of foam plastic in a box and make holes on it according to the diameter of items for better protection. Holes can be done with the help of a knife. As a result, we get a beautiful and, above all, absolutely safe container for carrying cups, glasses, footed tumblers and vases. If there is no foam sheet at hand, wrap the glasses with crumpled paper or cloth – the glasses should not touch each other. They should be placed on the legs.  Often an irreplaceable material when packing dishes is a bubble film that perfectly preserves the integrity of fragile products, playing the role of a kind of shock absorber. Well, and for many years undoubted leader among the packaging materials is the ordinary paper.

Tips that will be useful when transporting dishes

Before packing the dishes, put hard cardboard or any hard litter on the bottom of the box and wrap the box walls with adhesive tape, that will strengthen the box and prevent it from falling apart suddenly. When preparing fragile things for transportation, you need to wrap each item separately.  Wrap the dishes best in special wrapping paper. If you wet the paper with water, then wrap it with fragile items and allow it to dry for a few hours, then you will get the dishes in a safe hard case. If the paper is wet before packing, then when it dries it forms a more reliable protective layer. You can replace the paper with an ordinary newspaper, however, in this case, do not wet it, because printing paint can ruin your crockery. Dripping pans and saucepans don’t require special packaging: it is enough to rewind them with newspaper or ordinary paper and put them into a pan or other boxes.

Thus you can pack them into each other and fill empty spaces with wrapped spoons, forks and other small items. When transporting enamel dishes, try to avoid hits, as the enamel easily damages, leaving behind black spots that not only spoil the appearance of the dishes, but also cause the appearing of a hole. Pack the dishes only in solid boxes that don’t have any dents.  Use much adhesive tape, it will prevent the box from bursting of a seam. Put the marking on the box in the form of an arrow to the up or down to prevent it from turning upside down during transportation.

Loading your crockery into the truck

When packing your utensils try to pick the boxes by size, don’t try to place a lot of small things into one big box. Boxes and cases with crockery shouldn’t be heavier than 30 kg: a heavy box is easier to drop, which will make owner upset.  If you are helped by friends or hired loaders, always label boxes as a “glass”. Packaged items will be easier to find in boxes, if to write its contents on each box. When you are loading boxes into the car, don’t put heavy things on the boxes with crockery.  However, even if you follow this rule, make sure that the boxes in which you put together the fragile things will withstand the possible load. If you transport items in an open van, cover them with plastic wrap, which will protect the boxes from getting wet. These tips are true in relation to both house and office moving.  It will take some minutes to study this approach to moving, but this approach will save hours of your time on the day of move. If you want your moving process to go fast, hire our professional movers. We offer service of high quality and affordable house and office moving, packing and unpacking, truck loading and delivery, unpacking and other moving services. Our professional and trained movers will make your move comfortable and pleasant.

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