Transportation of glasses

Glass is one of the most fragile items and that means there could be problems with its transportation. Anyone who does such type of work on their own might face some difficulties. That’s why it would be better to find some professionals to do such a careful work. Specialists of our company have huge experience and know all aspects and rules of glass transportation. You can be sure that such a fragile load will be delivered without any damages.

Transportation of sheet glass

The one of the most difficult items to move is sheet glass. Usually such type of glass is very large and bulky. Make sure that you follow some rules which are given below until you start process of transportation.

  1. Solid and correct packaging is the most important aspect. Glass should be wrapped by a pimpled film. Afterwards this construction has to be wrapped by a scotch tape.
  2. If size of lading is not large, it is preferable to transport it in metallic and wooden boxes. You should fill empty spaces in boxes by foamed polyethylene in order to prevent moving of glass inside the containers. Boxes have to be fixed firmly on the body of a car. You can use solid strapping for fixation.
  3. Large sheet glasses should be placed on special racks. All vehicles of our company can be equipped by such constructions.

We use cars from our own vehicle park for transportation of sheet glass. Our vehicles are regularly inspected for technical control.

Transportation of windows

We use special metallic construction, which is called pyramid, for transportation of windows. It is an aluminum frame with convenient fastenings which is widely used by many logistic organizations. Glasses in such frame don’t contact and touch each other while driving a car. That’s why there is no risk of damaging and cracking of a glass. Plastic doors also can be transported by such constructions.

We can help you with transportation

If you use services of our company you wouldn’t have any problems with glass moving. There is no need to look for appropriate packing materials and to worry about necessary frames. We have all essential packing materials available in our store. Moreover, we can offer you appropriate car from our own vehicle park for glass moving.

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