Transportation of stove

Moving of your kitchen stove

Kitchen is a place where many dishes are prepared, that’s why it is very important to have this room clean anв tidy. First of all, home appliances should be in a good condition, because taste of dishes mostly depends on kitchen cooker. Although it is very convenient and multifunctional item, it is very fragile for transportation. Once you want to replace your cooker for a new one or to transport it to new place you would better turn to professionals, who would do it effectively and without any problems.

Essential rules of moving stove

Before you start to bring out your kitchen cooker from your home call well-prepared specialist so that he could disconnect stove from gas pipeline. Don’t do it on your own if you don’t have appropriate experience. After disconnection take cooker to pieces as much as it possible and fix all mobile details on cooker’s shell. It could be done very well by packing adhesive tape. It is very necessary to prevent small and large details from hitting against each other, surrounding items or other parts of stove.

It is recommended to wrap your stove by foamed polyethylene or air-pimply film in order to protect from water or rough pushes. Make sure that you fixed all sides of package firmly by adhesive tape or special supporting items. Afterwards your cooker is ready to transportation.

Moving of electrical stove

The same rules can be used for moving of electrical stove. It is undoubtedly that it is easier to handle with electrical one, because there is no gas pipeline and consequently there is no need to call specialist who would disconnect it. It is enough to pull out power cord from supply network. Power cord also should be fixed firmly on stove’s shell before loading it into car. If stove is brand new, it is much easier than to move old one. Brand new stove is wrapped by production package, which is the most safe and solid protection for such a fragile and heavy item.

Our company will help you to transport your kitchen cooker to new place or deliver brand new one from appliance shop. We also offer you our services of bringing out your old or broken home appliances to utilization.

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