Transportation of your library: useful tips

Internet and television have become the main sources of information for many people all over the world.  The times when people kept whole libraries at their home are gradually disappearing into the past. Many years ago people used to keep cases with books at their homes, but as time passes we forget about books and turn to our smartphones. These days it’s better to download any book we want from Internet using Smartphone rather than looking for necessary book from shelves covered by dust. But even in our days of technological progress, there are happy owners of rich home libraries.   In many families, books are sacred thing. They are passed on from generation to generation. They are carefully treated and saved for descendants. If you are the kind of person who does not recognize modern technologies and loves racks with rare and valuable books, then you will certainly be useful to learn how to pack books correctly when moving so that they are not affected by shaking, temperature changes and many other side effects of moving. Do you have a large library and are you going to move soon?  Let your favorite books come to the new place unharmed! These simple rules will help you competently organize their transportation.

Before packing books make sure that you take into account their size and degree of value.  They must be sorted according to these parameters. Pay special attention to old publications, for which any changes in temperature or moisture will become really dangerous.  Do not forget also that they can easily get damages when loading or at the moment of sudden shaking or braking in the car, when there is transportation from one place to another. For such valuable editions, you need to choose a special package – an air bubble film with a layer of cardboard will be a really good choice: firstly, the bubble film prevents books from moisture and water. Secondly, air bubbles will save the temperature around the books.  Moreover, it is these bubbles that will become a kind of softener that protects books from shaking and other damages. Thirdly, the cardboard will add strength to such packaging – an additional guarantee that valuable books or magazines will get their place in perfect condition.

The best packaging for transportation of books, magazines and newspapers is strong boxes. Do not take too large boxes!  The books themselves are heavy. There will be a lot of them in the big box, but it will not be comfortable to carry. And most importantly – there is a risk that the bottom of the package will not withstand overloading, and the books in the process of carrying them will collapse on the dirty floor, and even on the ground. Lay books in a special way.  Form stacks from editions of the same format, and stack them in boxes.  Fill the voids between the piles by something soft so that the books do not move inside the box.  For this, newspapers and foam rubber, fabric products and even soft toys are suitable.

Like all antiques, rarity, rare book editions require special conditions for transportation.  When moving valuable books to a new location, avoid sudden changes in humidity and temperature.  Pack such publications with special care. And best of all, entrust the transportation of antiques to specialists. Vitesse Moving & Transfer Inc. is ready to help you with moving your home library. We offer high-class services at affordable costs. Our professional and well-trained movers will make your move easy and non-stressful.

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