What do you need to know about transportation of hazardous cargoes?

What is this dangerous cargo?  What objects, substances or liquids can be attributed to this category? It is a cargo that poses a danger to man and the environment.  All products of this category require special conditions for moving, storage and transportation.

Numerous investigations identified nine types of hazardous substances.  The criterion of division is the physical and chemical properties of objects, and their degree of impact on human life and health. The first type includes all explosives and materials.  The second type includes gases under pressure.  The third type involves flammable liquid cargoes.  The fourth type includes solids that are easily flammable.  The fifth type is cargo, which contains oxidants.  Toxic and bacteriological items belong to the sixth type.  The seventh type is all that has a high degree of radiation hazard.  The eighth one includes chemically active products.  And finally, the ninth type is relatively low-risk substances and materials.

If your cargo belongs to one of the categories given above, then it requires transportation, organized exclusively by specialists.  As a rule, it is recommended to contact the transport company, which deals specifically with these types of goods.  Irresponsible and negligent approach to delivery can cause death of people and even ecological disaster.

Moving company employees are obliged to mark a dangerous cargo before transportation. The mark should be durable, legible and visible at any position of a container.  Moreover, the driver needs to hang special information signs at the front and back of the car so that other drivers know about the possible danger.  In addition to the team consisting of specially trained loaders, freight forwarders and drivers, it is also necessary to have a suitable vehicle.  Cars must meet a number of requirements, such as the presence of at least one wheel chock, a fire extinguisher, a wear-resistant braking system, etc.

More and more popular in recent years are the international transport of dangerous goods in containers.  By the way, this is one of the most economical types of transportation. Special trucks and container ships are also used to move such containers on land. The consignor must clearly know the main legal document regulating the transportation of dangerous goods, it is called ADR. This European Agreement was created to maximize road safety and reduce paperwork.  In order to transport these goods, it is also necessary to obtain permission and customs clearance.  However, it is recommended to use the services of professional moving companies when transporting such a dangerous cargo.

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