What to take with yourself when moving?

Finally, it’s the day of move. Are you confident in the decency of the movers of the moving company or friends who were invited to help with the move?  Are you ready to trust them with the most valuable things? It’s fine! But still there are a number of items that should be transported with one’s own hand.  For your own peace of mind. Prepare a separate suitcase or bag for things that should not go in the truck with furniture, but in a private car – exclusively with you.  Or by hand luggage, if you get to a new place you will have public transport. Here is the list of things that should be taken with you when moving to another place.

Documentation. Do not forget that the most important and most valuable things are documents, for example, passports, car registration certificate, insurance and any other type of documents.  Loss of documents can bring many problems and inconveniences during their recovery, so take care of their personal control.  Those are important documents that can not be lost in any way.  You can send only low-value papers – old notices, recipes, receipts for payment of utilities along with the other items in boxes.

Money.  It does not matter whether it’s cash or credit cards, you should always keep them to yourself.

Medications.  If you suffer from any chronic diseases, do not forget to bring “on duty” medications.  If you are addicted to allergies you should always have an antihistamine in your pocket or purse, with hypertension – a proven means to reduce pressure, etc. It will never be superfluous, because once again it is necessary to be reinsured, rather than endure all the way from a different kind of pain, including even the most unpleasant – a runny nose or headache.

Keys. It is always necessary to carry all the keys with you.  Do not look and think from what these keys are: whether it’s from the garage, car, office or new apartment – try to always have them in your bag, because you can lose them very easily, even among the total luggage, and in the future it can entail problems.

Memorable and valuable things.  Important and memorable things are also better to take with you. Each person has his own: medals of great-grandfather or family photo albums, the first drawings of the child or shells brought from the sea, school diaries or notebooks with poems, old letters or collections of liners from chewing gum.  What is important is not for everyday life, but for spiritual comfort. It does not matter what it is in form, its integrity is important. Such things are considered to be medals for victories in competitions, cups for different achievements, valuable photos, as well as other things that you decided to keep in memory of something or someone.

It was a list of only the most necessary things that should be transported with you. Do not just dwell on this list, take with you even what you are afraid of losing or crippling, for example, a laptop.  This attitude to transportation will only help you stay calm and be sure of the safety of your own things.

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